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Top Delicious Italian Cuisines

Italy being a popular vacation spot for its museums and lots of histories, now it has become a popular spot of food.

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Ohh the food!!!  Of course tourist loves the tempting and yummy food.

Each regions of Italy has its own food and specialties.

Italian cuisine is considered to be one of the best cuisines in the world.

Top Delicious Italian Cuisines

Italian menu is typically same in all over Italy including dishes like pasta, pizza, appetizers, risotto, soups and some delicious meat and fish dishes. It is a combination of seasonal ingredients and regional flavors as well as a combination of fruits, grains, vegetables and seafood, fish, olive oil.

Italian cuisine offers varieties of unique dishes.

Pasta – it is a true symbol of Italian cuisine and a reason to enjoy Italian cuisine. It comes in various shapes and sizes just like short or long, plain or stuffed. Despite of this, each shape of pasta is offered with different sauce depending on its ability to hold that sauce.

Italian Red Sauce Pasta

Pasta is made from wheat flour and water, with or without eggs.

Pizza – One of the famous Italian dish all over world. It is a flat, round shaped and oven baked bread with different ingredients like cheese, tomato sauce, olive oil, and other toppings.

Italian Veggie Cheesy Pizza

Pizza is made from a highly superior type of a wheat flour and baked in brick oven. Pizzas is usually made in round shape and takes away in a rectangular shape box and are cut into triangular slices.

Lasagna – it is one of the most loved Italian homemade dish which consists of layers of sheet shaped pasta with different ingredients and sauces. It consists of various meats, cheese, sauce and vegetables. Vegetarian lasagna is prepared from zucchini and spinach irrespective of meat. White lasagna is prepared without tomato sauce.

Classic Veg Italian Lasagna

Risotto – it i a rice dish which can be flavored in number of different ways. In this the rice is first coated and toasted in butter and then cooked to bring a creamy consistency. It includes cheese, butter, onion, saffron. It may be prepared as a meat based or a fish based. It can be served with white truffle, seafood, saffron.

Veggie Mushroom Risotto

Polenta – it is a dish made from boiled cornmeal. It is serves as solid loafs or mashed potatoes which can be baked, fried, or grilled.

Focaccia – It is same as the pizza just like a kind of flat bread which is seasoned witb vegetable, olive oil, herbs. It is of very thin texture.

Arancini – It is a fried dish which is usually made from minced meat, fish, potatoes, rice and this is then mixed in egg yolk after that fried in oil or butter pan.

Grissini – It is a type of a breadstick which is long, thin and crispy. It is served in Italian restaurants with a bread basket. It is flavored with various spices, herbs, sesame seeds. It is common everywhere around the world.

Italian food is best in the world due to its unique dishes, extraordinary chefs, different variety.

One should go for it and try different dishes of Italian cuisine.

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