French Cuisines History – A Brief Introduction to French Food, Dishes

French Cuisine Delicious Recipies

French cuisine is considered to be national cuisine of France. There are various variations in this French cuisine. It is popular among all over the world. Cheese and wine are the major part of the cuisine. Moreover they used heavily mustard flavored in their dishes. French Cuisine is 90% Different and also Delicious in Comparison to Other Countries and also A French Cuisine is Preferred by Every Country.

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French Cuisine Delicious Recipies

History of French Cuisine

History – French cuisine was developed centuries ago by combining the culture of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium. In the last 17th century various movements held that shifted french cooking from its foreigners and then France developed its own style.

A Brief Guide History of French Cuisine

Now French cuisine has evolved over centuries. Dishes and ingredients vary by region. Wide range if diversity and styles define French regional cuisine. French food is famous for finesse and flavor all over the world.

Few Popular Dishes of French Cuisine, Food

There are some popular dishes :-

Soupe à l’oignon :- It is a very Popular and Traditional dish of French Cuisine. It is a famous French soup made from beef and onion. This is made by Caramelization of onions into which brandy is added during slow cooking process. A garlic and Mayonnaise is placed on the top.

Soupe à l’oignon Tasty French Cuisine

Cassoulet :- This is a very peasant dish which is originated from southern France. It is a dish made from white beans which is slowly cooked with meat and meat includes pork of duck. This dish is usually consumed in the winter season.

Cassoulet A Famous French Cuisine

Coq au vin :- This is a very common dish in every part of France. This is a dish made from chicken which is cooked with wine, a small drop of brandy, garlic, onions, mushrooms and salty pork.

This dish is considered as a signature dish of France.

Chocolate soufflé :- It is a sweet dish which is very popular among French people. This dish of French cuisine is liked by every tourist and people of France. This dish has a crispy chocolaty crust which makes it a delicious one.

Confit de canard :- This is a dish prepared by using some ancient cooking techniques like preservation method and slow cooking process. This dish is made from duck which js marinated for around 3 days and then cooked slowly. There are various variations of this dish.

Ratatouille :- This is one of the iconic dishes of French cuisine. This dish is prepared from vegetables which are fried first and after that it is baked in oven. This dish is served as a side dish or with a red wine.

In France food is considered to be important part of rituals and culture , food is not about only  flavor  and function. Wine is favorite aspect of French cuisine. French cuisine is completely unlike any other so one must try once in their lifetime.

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