Apple Butter Brands? Which Apple Butter is Better?

Apple Butter Brands? Which Apple Butter is Better?

Apple Butter Brands. Try apple butter if you prefer peanut butter but can’t eat nuts any more. Although it’s not quite the same, in some circumstances it can serve as a good substitute.

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But you might wish to think about the top manufacturers of apple butter. In this manner, you can avoid wasting money on things you won’t like.

Apple Butter Brands? Which Apple Butter is Better?
Apple Butter Brands? Which Apple Butter is Better?

What Are the Top Brands of Apple Butter?

The top apple butter brands are Louisburg Cider Mill, Smucker’s, and Musselman’s. Apple butter from Tennessee’s Best and Eden Foods is also excellent. Don’t forget to think about the product’s price and availability.

Consider contrasting apple butter with applesauce as well. Although they are similar, the two have quite different functions.

Best Brands of Apple Butter

Although apple butter may not be the most well-known product, numerous brands still produce it. Because of this, picking a reliable brand to try out might be challenging.

Fortunately, certain brands excel in terms of quality and other aspects. If you’ve never had apple butter before, have a look at the brands below.


The apple butter from Musselman’s is a great option. Depending on where you buy, you can get it online and possibly locate it in your local grocery store. Cinnamon, cloves, and apples are the sole ingredients.

It has a very conventional flavour, making it an excellent apple butter to try for the first time. Some individuals do, however, find the spices to be excessively strong. Additionally, because there are no preservatives, you must consume it right away or store it right away after opening.


Another great option is Smucker’s Apple Butter. You may locate the brand in many locations because it is well-known for a wide variety of spreads. Spiced apple butter and cider apple butter are both options.

To ensure that you can find exactly what you need, the company also produces jars in various sizes. Additionally, they offer the single-use packs that you could discover in a breakfast restaurant. Try this version out immediately, especially if you enjoy Smucker’s products.

Miller Cider Louisburg

The Louisburg Cider Mill, located just outside of Kansas City, produces wonderful apple butter. To achieve a robust apple flavour, they use locally grown apples. The butter complements a variety of breads and other dishes well and has a slightly tangy apple flavour.

If you visit the mill in person, you can purchase the apple butter there. They can ship it to you, but they also sell it online. You may also search for nearby cider mills and purchase the apple butter there.

Foods Eden

Apples and concentrated apple juice are the only components of Eden Foods’ organic apple butter. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about corn syrup or other issues. However, as it lacks preservatives, you must store it securely.

The apple butter has a tart flavour and goes well with many other dishes. It is also kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and low in calories. Because of this, it’s an excellent option for practically everyone who wants to taste apple butter.

Nashville’s Finest

Tennessee’s Best Apple Butter costs slightly more than its rivals. Though it comes in a bigger jar, you can afford that expense. Additionally, it has a few extra ingredients like sugar and spices.

However, it might taste different as a result, and you might prefer it to other brands. It’s good that there are still no preservatives. Naturally, in order to keep the apple butter fresh, you should put it in the refrigerator.

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Applesauce vs. Apple Butter

Both apple butter and applesauce begin the same way. If an organisation wants to use apples in any product, they must grind, purée, or chop the apples. The apples are then cooked to create applesauce or apple butter.

However, cooking apple butter takes more time. This makes it possible to obtain a dark brown product that is simple to spread on toast or pancakes. Applesauce can be more liquid and lighter in colour because it cooks faster.

Apple Butter: Is it vegan?

The majority of apple butters are vegan, particularly considering that many manufacturers simply use apples to make them. Even brands that use sugar or spices ought to be vegan.

However, some brands could also include dairy products in their ingredient lists. The companies on this list all avoid using animal products.

Any brand you choose to test, though, should have a label you can read. You can then confirm that it is vegan or otherwise satisfies your dietary requirements.

Apple Butter: A Nut Butter Alternative?

In some cases, apple butter can be used in place of nut butters. If you want anything to spread on your toast or pancakes, this is especially true. Even an apple butter sandwich may be possible.

Additionally, apple butter tastes great on a charcuterie board and in other dishes. It probably won’t be a perfect replacement, though. It might have a slightly different consistency, and it might not go as well with your preferred jelly.

Nevertheless, you might experiment with it in some of your preferred dishes or recipes. If you’re allergic to nuts, you can still eat food.

Does Apple Butter Come in Grocery Stores?

Apple butter is available at numerous nearby supermarkets. It is located near the nut butters, jams, and jellies. You can check out various grocery stores in your area because the exact selection will vary from store to store.

You can order apple butter online if you can’t find any or the right brand locally. The apple butter will then be delivered to your door by the company.

Final Conclusion

The top apple butter manufacturers include Musselman’s, Smucker’s, and Eden Foods. Great apple butter is also produced by the Louisburg Cider Mill and other nearby cider mills. When preparing your next dish, be sure to take into account how the product differs from apple sauce and how you can substitute it for nut butter.

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