Are Cashews Considered a Fruit? Is it Good or Not?

Are Cashews Considered a Fruit

Are Cashews Considered a Fruit? Undoubtedly, cashews are advertised as nuts and are offered in “nut” mixtures and among other nuts in stores. The cashew, however, treads a delicate line between nut and fruit, much like other foods that don’t easily fall into neat classifications (tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries).

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Do cashews qualify as fruit? The cashew, which comes from the fruit that grows on the evergreen cashew tree, is technically a kernel or seed. They are categorised as drupe seeds in botany.

Are Cashews Considered a Fruit
Are Cashews Considered a Fruit

Cashew Nuts

When exposed to the skin, the thick, poisonous shell of cashew apples also results in a skin rash. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit To access the kernel, or seed, that is commonly referred to as the cashew, this shell must be taken off. Usually, the fruit component is utilised to make jams.

Cashews offer another evidence that they are kernels or seeds since they must be removed from a shell inside the fruit.

Describe a Drupe.

Drupes have a fleshy exterior covering that encircles the stone or pit. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit Apricots, avocados, and peaches are some of the best examples of this. Then, a seed or kernel that is edible is inside the stone or pit.

Of course, cashews differ slightly from other drupes in that their poisonous shell develops on the exterior rather than the interior of the fruit. Additionally, as the kernel has reached maturity, the edible fruit portion develops.

Similar to a Legume, But Not

Cashews and legumes are related because both yield edible seeds, such as peas, edamame, or beans. Usually, these seeds develop in a pod with other seeds. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit Actually, peanuts are a type of bean. However, this reasoning also supports the claim that chocolate is a vegetable because it originates from a bean.

But cashews are not legumes since they are enclosed in that poisonous, hard shell.

Likenesses to Nuts

Cashews are primarily classified as nuts since they share many nutritional characteristics with other nuts like chestnuts and hazelnuts. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit They can replace other nuts in granolas, trail mixes, nut butters, and nut milks because they are high in proteins and good fats.

Fun fact: Many other “nuts,” like cashews, are actually drupes. Drupes include nuts including almonds, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

Classifications of plants

Any nut that is seen as a drupe is consequently regarded as a fruit, to clear up any ambiguity. Peanuts are regarded as a vegetable because they are a legume. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit Due to their edible seed enclosed in an inedible hard shell, tree nuts are also regarded as fruits.

But in the world of cookery, the definition of a nut is far more ambiguous. Due to their resemblance in terms of nutritional content, flavour, and practical uses, many of these drupes, legumes, and true nuts are classified as nuts.

Cashew Oddities Summary

  • grows on a tree with year-round foliage
  • has a pit similar to mangos or peaches, however the pit develops and reaches maturity separately from the fruit.
  • The pit’s acids produce a rash resembling poison ivy.
  • fruit called cashew
  • The cashew apple appears ovular or pear-shaped and is bulbous. They come in a variety of hues, ranging from golden-yellow to scarlet, Are Cashews Considered a Fruit which may be how they received their moniker “apple.”
  • The fruit is sweet and has a tropical flavour, but it won’t keep more than a day or two on the vine, so you won’t typically find it in the vegetable department; instead, you’ll find it blended into jams or juices.
  • The flavour of cashew apples is frequently compared to a concoction of mangoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and bell peppers. The fruit is indigenous to Brazil and grows all year long in tropical areas.
  • The fruit’s bottom is joined to the shell section. It has two hulls and a kidney-like form. Anacardic acid, which is what produces the skin rash, is present here.
  • Contrary to mangos and peaches, cashew fruits are referred to as false fruits or pseudo-fruits since the fruit’s shell is external to the fruit. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit However, the fruit is a fantastic source of fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and vitamin C.

Nut of Cashew

Cashews are renowned for their nearly butter-like texture and mildly salty flavour. They are simple to turn into butter. If a person has a peanut allergy but not a severe nut allergy, Are Cashews Considered a Fruit cashews are usually used in place of peanuts.

Harvesting Cashews: A Guide

Cashews are therefore rather difficult to harvest since they are covered with a poisonous shell that causes skin rashes. Cashews are unusual in that they belong to the same genus as poison ivy and sumac, which further distinguishes them from other kinds of plants.

Humans, however, can adapt to eating nearly anything. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit Using safety gear and specialised tools, cashews are extracted. The difficulties in cashew harvesting contribute to the higher price of the edible kernel.

The nuts are processed by roasting them outside in a specialised pan that is either filled with liquid or sand. The toxic liquid that heated cashew shells spew out is captured by the liquid or sand.

The shells are then cleaned in soap and water to eliminate any lingering harmful oils after being roasted. The cashew seed is then removed from the shell, roasted one last time, just in case.

Advantages of Cashews

  • No matter if cashews are classified as a fruit, nut, or seed, consuming them provides numerous health advantages.
  • Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals connected to preventing cancer and disease, as well as dietary fibre.
  • contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which research has shown to be associated with a decrease in coronary artery disease.
  • Rich in selenium, which supports your body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.
  • contain zea-xanthin, Are Cashews Considered a Fruit another antioxidant that improves eye health.
  • High iron and copper intake is necessary for the health of red blood cells.
  • contains potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that help decrease blood pressure and may also help prevent migraines.

Final Conclusion

Cashews are drupes even if they come from a fruit. Are Cashews Considered a Fruit The kernel, or seed, that originates from the drupe fruit is what we all recognise as the edible cashew “nut” and buy at the store. Cashew fruits are also considered pseudo-fruits since the seed’s protective shell develops at the fruit’s base rather than inside.

Cashews made it difficult to categorise them, but the botanical classification ultimately settled on seed. They are still a nut, though, when it comes to cooking.


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