Big Flats Beer Discontinued? Which One is the Best?

Big Flats Beer Discontinued? Which One is the Best?

Big Flats Beer Discontinued? If you enjoy purchasing beer from Walgreens, you might be wondering if this retailer no longer carries Big Flats. This is a frequently requested query because it appears that many individuals are having trouble locating this particular brand of beer.

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Popular retailer Walgreens is renowned for launching lines of its own products. The Big Flats beer is only one of the many products that Walgreens has made available for its clients under the Walgreens brand.

Big Flats Beer Discontinued? Which One is the Best?
Big Flats Beer Discontinued? Which One is the Best?

In addition to offering a huge selection of its own goods, Walgreens frequently sells them at very reasonable prices. This helps to explain why Big Flats beer was so well-liked; in addition, the cost per unit of beer was extremely low.

Continue reading to learn if Big Flats beer was withdrawn and, if so, why Walgreens decided to stop carrying it.

Big Flats Beer: Is it Still Available?

It’s bad that you can no longer get Big Flats beer at Walgreens because it has been discontinued. Shortly after it was first made available in stores, this beer was discontinued.

The Big Flats beer did not last very long compared to other inexpensive brews before it was taken off the stores. Walgreens designed this particular beer with the intention of selling it at all of its locations.

This was probably a test run to determine how well Walgreens’ own brand of beer would perform in its retail locations. To be fair, for the brief period that it was available, this particular brand of beer did seem to be fairly popular with many Walgreens consumers.

In fact, when it was announced that Big Flats beer had been removed from all Walgreen stores, a lot of people were dissatisfied. It wasn’t just a popular choice among many clients; everyone could unquestionably afford it.

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Six beer cans of this beer were typically offered for $2.99 each. The fact that this was a complete steal for the amount of beer you would get could not be disputed, regardless of what the customer thought of the drink.

Unfortunately, one of the main criticisms of this beer was that it tasted bad in addition to being inexpensive. It was subsequently pulled from the Walgreens shops for this reason, among others.

The opinions for this beer are incredibly conflicting; some consumers thought it was fantastic, while others were considerably less enthusiastic. Despite the unfavourable reviews, it cannot be denied that this beer did sell reasonably well.

Why Did Big Flats Beer Stop Being Sold?

You might be asking why it was decided to remove Big Flats beer from Walgreens now that you are aware of this. It is difficult to see why a retailer would stop offering a product that, all things considered, was selling reasonably well.

Walgreens made no official statements regarding the reasons for its decision to stop selling this beer. Because of this, we can only speculate as to the rationale behind the decision to stop selling this product.

This beer received a lot of unfavourable reviews from consumers who thought it tasted cheap. Although consumers weren’t expecting much because this beer was so inexpensive.

The following were some of the most typical criticisms of Big Flats beer:

  • Watery
  • Bland
  • Yeasty

When drinking the beer, many people complain that it has a very watery mouthfeel. Additionally, if the beer was lukewarm or at room temperature, this got noticeably worse.

Although this is very typical for beer, it also had an initial yeasty taste that many consumers did not appreciate. Given that it was a less expensive variety of beer, it might have been stronger or more disagreeable.

Has Big Flats Beer been discontinued by Walgreens?

Big Flats beer has unfortunately been discontinued, therefore you cannot purchase it at Walgreens. Shortly after it had been introduced across all Walgreens locations, it was discontinued.

For Walgreens consumers who appreciate this inexpensive beer, this is sad news. The taste was excellent for the price, and many people found it to be very inexpensive.

Although it was probably withdrawn as a result of the numerous unfavourable reviews it also received, where consumers complained that it tasted poor.

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