Boost Immunity with Healthy Recipes in this Corona Pandemic

Boost immunity as Soon as Possible the time is difficult. The whole world is fighting with the unseen enemy- Coronavirus. Words like ‘quarantine’, ‘self-isolation’, ‘lockdown’, etc. have become quite familiar to us. Though the war is for all, you have to fight your battle. You have to make yourself strong enough to defeat this deadly virus and get back to your life. And that is only possible when you boost immunity system.

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Boosting your immunity system can only be possible only when you include healthy recipes in your regular diet. Forget the oily and spicy food and depend more on healthy foods to stay strong and healthy. What are the best recipes to increase your immune system?

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Read on to know more about Boost Immunity

  • Green Peach Smoothies

Adding lots of greens to your diet can be the best way to boost immunity. The green peach smoothie can do justice to your taste buds and also keep you full for longer. This smoothie is rich in lots of fruits and vegetables like bananas, spinach, peaches, etc. To make it, you will require honey, almond milk, and Greek yogurt. Blend all the ingredients and your smoothie is ready. Enjoy your evenings with this smoothie and boost your immunity.

Green peach Soothies

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  • Carrot-Ginger Soup

If you are suffering from cough and cold, whatever the reason is, you can include this soup in your diet. This is a yummy soup, so you don’t need to have anything blunt when you have issues with your taste. As this recipe is made of two healthy spices, like turmeric and ginger, it helps to increase your immunity. Besides, carrot is a rich source of vitamin A that also works for your immunity. Onions are also used in this recipe which contains probiotics and keeps your gut healthy.

Carrot-Ginger Soup
  • Kale, Pepita, and Tangerine Salad

Do you have the thing for a salad? Do you like to try different types of salads? If so, you will love to have this particular salad which is a great immunity booster. This salad is made with tangerines and its juice for dressing. As all the ingredients of this salad are full of vitamin C, this is a must recipe if someone is suffering from Covid-19.

Kale, Pepita, and Tangerine Salad

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Some More Recipes to Boost Immunity Instantlly

  • Salmon Kale Wraps

Including protein in your diet is very important during this time. Salmon can meet the requirement of protein in your body. Both of these foods are considered superfoods, so you can have these tasty wraps in your lunch or dinner. Kale is the rich source of vitamin C, A, zinc, and iron which all are contributing to your immunity system. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid that reduces any kind of inflammation.

Salmon Wraps
  • Cucumber-Yogurt Soup

This is another tasty and refreshing soup that can strengthen the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut and also boost immunity system. Due to the presence of probiotics in yogurt, it can build strong immunity in you and help you to fight against any kind of viral infections and other diseases.

Cucumber Yogurt Soup

So, here are some of the amazing recipes that you can try to boost immunity system during the attack of Coronavirus. Whether you are suffering from the illness or not, you can have any of these items in your regular diet and stay hale and hearty.

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