Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar?

Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar

Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar? Do you have a recipe that calls for brown sugar, but all you have is demerara sugar? You might be thinking whether you can replace the brown sugar with demerara, but will this work, or do you need to purchase some brown sugar first?

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Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar
Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar

Is it possible to substitute demerara sugar for brown sugar? Brown sugar can readily be substituted for demerara sugar, albeit demerara sugar has larger granules. Because of the huge grains, it may produce a sandy texture in some recipes, but the taste should be similar, and it should work without issue most of the time.

Is Demerara Sugar a Good Substitute for Brown Sugar?

Most recipes may be made with demerara sugar instead of brown sugar, but you should be aware that there will be some variations. Demerara sugar, for example, has a stronger treacle-like flavour and a grittier texture.

The degree to which this is evident will be determined by the recipe in which the sugar is used. If the recipe calls for melting the sugar, the texture issue will almost certainly be rectified because all of the granules will have been broken down before being added to the batter.

However, you must ensure that all of the grains melt properly. Because of the bigger grain size, this may take longer with demerara sugar than with brown sugar. Before adding the sugar to your recipe, be sure it’s completely melted.

The difference in flavour is unlikely to be evident in most circumstances, but it will be noticeable in some recipes, so be cautious. If you don’t like the treacly taste of demerara sugar, it might not be a good substitute.

Demerara Sugar vs. Brown Sugar: What’s the Difference?

Demerara sugar is darker and contains larger granules than brown sugar. These give it a crunchy texture, which can make baking a little gritty at times. Demerara sugar is also moister and stickier than regular sugar, and it has a stronger flavour.

Demerara sugar is deeper in colour and larger than brown sugar since it is less refined. It can only be prepared from sugar cane, and it typically has a higher amount of molasses, which gives it a treacle-like flavour.

Is it possible to refine Demerara sugar?

If you’re concerned about the gritty texture, consider using brown sugar to break down the huge grains and make the sugar finer. Place the sugar in a food processor and pulse for a few seconds to dissolve it. Give it a good shake and process for a few more seconds.

Can You Use Demerara Sugar Instead of Brown Sugar

The granules should break apart and become a finer blend as a result of this. Some may stay huge, and you’ll have to be careful not to over-process, but this can be a decent approach to lessen grittiness.

If you’re creating a cake with demerara sugar, you might want to do this ahead of time to ensure that the cake has a smooth texture. It’s possible that you won’t need to process crunchier baked products like cookies.

Another method is to use a small amount of boiling water to slightly melt the demerara sugar before using it. However, simply add a modest amount; otherwise, your batter will become overly liquid, and your baking will fail.

Will the use of Demerara sugar alter the flavour?

Because demerara sugar contains more molasses than brown sugar, it will most likely alter the flavour of your baked goods. Many people appreciate the thick, treacle-like flavour of molasses, but it will change the overall flavour of the dish.

Because the flavour shift is inherent to demerara sugar, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. A tiny amount of white sugar, which contains less molasses than brown sugar, may help to mitigate it to some extent, although it is unlikely to totally eliminate it.

If demerara sugar is too intense for you, try white sugar as a substitute, although in general, brown sugar is preferable. This will ensure that the baked good’s flavour isn’t harmed, and you won’t have to estimate what ratios of white and demerara sugar to use.

What are the Best Foods for Demerara Sugar?

Demerara sugar enhances the flavour of several baked items. Flapjack, biscuits, and ginger snaps are examples of foods that are already crunchy. However, because of the crunchiness, baked items such as cakes may not taste as delicious when cooked with demerara sugar.

You should get decent results if you choose carefully when substituting demerara sugar in your recipes. If you’ve just ran out of brown sugar, merely adding demerara may not suffice; instead, process or melt it before adding it to the batter.

Don’t worry if you forget to do this. Often, the sugar will still work reasonably well and have only a minor textural effect. You should still be able to eat and enjoy your cake!

Is Demerara Sugar Better Than Brown Sugar for Your Health?

Because demerara sugar is slightly less processed than brown sugar, it may be slightly healthier, although the difference will be minor. You shouldn’t switch to demerara sugar just for the health benefits, as these are unlikely to be worthwhile.

If you like the flavour of demerara and the concept of using raw sugar instead of processed sugar, you can swap the two, but keep in mind that demerara is not “healthy” in any way.


Demerara sugar can be substituted for brown sugar in practically any circumstance, including baking, hot drinks, and cooking.

If you don’t melt the demerara sugar first, your end result will be a little grittier, and it won’t perform as well in delicate-textured recipes.

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