Can You Use ‘Just Egg’ for Baking? How to Use?

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking? Making substitutes when baking is usually a difficult and nerve-racking affair, especially when attempting to prepare vegan meals. Some recipes are extremely sensitive, and any change may wreck them – can you bake with Just Egg?

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Can you bake with Just Egg? Just Egg is a terrific baking product that should perform well as a substitute for actual eggs in almost all recipes. You won’t be able to notice the difference in the finished product, so this is an excellent solution if you need to make your baked goods vegan-friendly.

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking
Can You Use Just Egg for Baking

Can You Bake with Just an Egg?

Just Egg is an extremely flexible component that may be used for a variety of egg substitutes, including baking. Can You Use Just Egg for Baking It serves all of the major functions of eggs in your recipes, such as adding structure and fat, which are the two main functions of eggs while baking.

When it comes to cooking vegan cuisine, one of the most difficult things to substitute is eggs. There aren’t many other food products that are comparable to eggs, and while you can occasionally substitute a different product, it’s rarely simple, and most substitutions are recipe-specific rather than universal.

For example, you can use apple sauce as an egg substitute in some baked items, but not in others.

Can You Use Just Egg for Baking

That’s why Just Egg has grown in popularity; it works practically every time and isn’t very dependent on your recipe. It’s well worth a shot if you’re looking to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly and want to reduce or eliminate eggs from your diet.

What Can You Make With Just an Egg?

Breads, muffins, cakes, cookies, and brownies are just a few of the things you can prepare. It is also used in many savory meals, but it is perfect for practically all types of baking, and if you’ve been missing your favorite delicacies, it will transform your cooking. Just Egg can be used in almost any baked item that calls for whisked, whole eggs.

However, because Just Egg cannot be divided into whites and yolks, it will not work if you wish to make a dish that requires one or the other. It can only be used to substitute entire eggs that are not separated.

If you’re not sure whether your recipe will work with Just Egg, make a small quantity first and see how it turns out. Although Just Egg is a solid alternative, wasting time and supplies on a dish that doesn’t work is extremely inconvenient – always test it first if possible.

How Many Eggs Do You Need?

Because Just Egg isn’t packaged in a shell, the measurements can be hard at first. As a general rule, use around 3 tablespoons of Just Egg per egg substituted. If you only need one egg, use roughly 14 cup of Just Egg. 12 cup equals 2 eggs.

If you use Just Egg frequently, you’ll probably discover that you gradually hone your recipes because you’ll have a feel for how much egg is required. One of the amazing things about this product is that you can adjust the amount of “egg” you use. It’s difficult to do this with real eggs!

You may also notice that your recipes produce more consistent outcomes because the amount of “egg” used is more consistent. When using genuine eggs, the sizes can vary greatly, which will affect the outcome of the baking to some extent. Because Just Egg allows you greater control, it’s an appealing option.

Interestingly, Just Egg has the same amount of protein as chicken eggs but no cholesterol. However, it lacks the vitamins found in genuine eggs, so keep that in mind if you plan to use it.

What Constitutes a Single Egg?

It may surprise you to realize that Just Egg is primarily composed of water and mung beans! Mung beans have a mild flavor that makes them suitable for replacing eggs in baking, and they also provide the binding capabilities that few other ingredients can.

If you’ve attempted previous vegan baking, you’ll know that baking without eggs typically results in crumbly desserts. When cooked, eggs are sticky and bond beautifully, bringing together the components in so many of our favorite delicacies. When you take them away, baking becomes much more difficult.

Exactly Egg, fortunately, overcomes this problem because it possesses the stickiness of eggs and will bind all of the ingredients together, just like actual eggs do. If you try it on its own, it is likewise creamy and has a pleasing texture.

Does only egg cook the same as egg?

Just Egg was created to be as near to actual egg as possible, and it cooks in much the same way. It can even be used to make scrambled eggs and omelets, so you shouldn’t have to make any adjustments to your baked goods recipe if you use this substitution.

It should also not alter the flavor of your baked goods, as many other egg alternatives do. If you’ve experimented with flax seeds, chia seeds, canned pumpkin, applesauce, aquafaba, and other ingredients, you may have discovered that your dish takes on an unusual flavor. This is especially problematic with baked foods.

Just Egg, on the other hand, has minimal flavor and essentially tastes like eggs. You can substitute it without worrying about your brownies taking on an odd flavor beneath the chocolaty delight.


Just Egg does not disappoint, unlike many vegan goods. It is remarkably similar to actual eggs in terms of taste, texture, and behavior, and it will work in almost any baking. You can’t use it if you need to split the eggs or utilize only the whites or yolks, but it should work OK otherwise.

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