Simple Cooking Techniques You Must Know While Cooking Food

Simple Cooking Techniques while Cooking

Cooking is a form of art with special cooking techniques. You have to be very delicate while handling the spices, herbs, and other materials during cooking. By maintaining certain cooking tips, you can be a great cook for your home. For regular cooking, we are aware of certain terms like saute, fry, broil, braising, etc. There are lots more to know about effective cooking techniques to make your recipes taste yummier. Today, we are going to discuss those cooking tips that will help you to become a good cook.

Here are Some Special Cooking Techniques & Tips

  • Saute Your Ingredients

Saute is a method of dry heat cooking where you make the pan hot and stir vegetables, spices, or meat on it very quickly. Here, you need to be cautious that the ingredients never get burnt. While you get a beautiful aroma from those, you can put off the heat. For maintaining the flavor in the food, sautéing is a very effective cooking techniques.

Saute Your Ingredients – Simple Cooking Techniques

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  • Roast Your Meat

This is one of the effective cooking techniques that you can follow every time you roast meat. Roasted turkey on the night of Thanksgiving is so fulfilling and wonderful idea, isn’t it? To make soft and juicy meat, you need to know the perfect technique of roasting. Remember, roasting means cooking your meat at high heat like 400 F or more. You should follow the recipe to know how much heat you need to provide to roast meat or vegetables.

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  • Braising Can Add Flavors to Your Food

Braising is considered as one of the most effective cooking techniques by the chefs. While making soups and stews, braising can add more flavor to your food. It is, basically, a wet cooking process where you need to stir meat or vegetables in hot oil on the pan. Once it is lightly stirred, you can add the ingredients into a bigger pan in a liquid substance like broth, stock, etc. Now, you need to keep the heat at a simmer and cover the pan. This is a slow-cooking process where meats and vegetables are cooked for an extended time to become tender, juicy, and full of flavors. You can braise lamb shank, pork shoulder, root vegetables (beets, potatoes, turnips, etc.), and legumes.

cooking techniques

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Two More Important Cooking Techniques and Most Used Tricks

  • Know the Tricks of Simmering

Simmering your vegetables can help you cook faster without making your vegetables mushy. Many of you often get confused about simmering and boiling, but these two techniques are different. While you simmer vegetables, you keep the ingredients just below the boiling. It is a liquid cooking method where all the ingredients are put into the water and simmer for a few minutes. Once it is done, you need to drain the excess water and keep it as vegetable stock.

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  • Make Thick Stew

Did you know that stewing and braising are two completely different, but effective cooking techniques? To prepare thick soup, the stewing method is followed. While in braising, you can use larger pieces of meat; in a stew, you require smaller cuts. Also, you should not submerge meat and vegetables in liquid while making stew. It is a slow cooking process where the fat and collagen of the meat melts and the fiber of vegetables breaks down. Thus, you get thick, smooth, and creamy stew.

So, these are some of the effective cooking techniques you need to know to prepare the perfect dish. Make your cooking even better by utilizing these tips and make your family and friends happy!

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