Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster

Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster

Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster? If you like Dairy Queen, you might be curious about the Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster burger. Because this is a popular burger that many customers have tried and appreciated.

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Dairy Queen is well-known for its food, and it has had a same menu for a long time. Though it does have some fresh features with a more distinct flavour, providing clients additional options to test.

Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster
Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster

It provides a wonderful range of burgers that are ideal for satisfying any burger cravings. Especially when Dairy Queen frequently creates burgers with that typical flavour that so many people know and enjoy.

Continue reading to learn more about the Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch hungr-buster and its calorie count.

Dairy Queen Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster

If you eat at Dairy Queen frequently, you may have spotted the Jalitos ranch hungr-buster on the menu. This is a Dairy Queen burger that includes Jalitos for a somewhat spicy and tasty accent that sets it apart from other burgers.

This is a tasty alternative from Dairy Queen that many people love. Many people have compared it to a traditional greasy spoon burger, which many people know, enjoy, and expect when they order a burger from a fast food restaurant.

It has all of the classic burger characteristics, but with a hefty level of fattiness and oiliness that leaves you feeling full. It doesn’t have a particularly distinctive flavour, but the Jalitos add a sense of heat and flavour.

American cheese adds smoothness and richness to the finished burger, tying everything together. It also complements the rich beef patty, which has a pleasant tongue feel when you bite into it.

You may also purchase a double Jalitos ranch hungr-buster, which includes two beef patties instead of one. Making a heavier and richer burger for when you need something more.

Calories in Jalitos Ranch Hungr-Buster Burger

If you’re considering about getting a Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster, you might want to know how many calories it has. Especially when fast food restaurant burgers are typically heavy in calories.

This Dairy Queen burger has a total of 972 calories, making it relatively high in calories when compared to other burgers. Even when compared to other fast-food burgers, this burger is clearly one of the higher-calorie selections.

The majority of fast food burgers contain 400 to 600 calories, depending on the type of burger and where you purchase it. So getting a burger with more than 900 calories is unusual and indicates that this isn’t the healthiest option.

As a result, you should avoid ordering any sides or drinks while ordering a Jalitos ranch hungr-buster. As this will only increase the quantity of calories in the dish and send you over your daily calorie restriction.

This is also not a burger you should order regularly because it is high in calories and fat. Setting aside your calorie intake for the rest of the day due to its high calorie content.

Ingredients for Dairy Queen Jalitos Hungr-Buster

You may be wondering what ingredients go into the Dairy Queen to Jalitos hungr-buster burger now that you know a little bit more about it. Because this affects the overall flavour and texture of the burger.

Depending on your own preferences, you may also choose to request substitutes or that specific ingredients be left out of your burger. So it’s a good idea to know what components go into each burger.

Beef Patties

This Dairy Queen burger, like the others on the menu, is made with a standard quarter-pound beef patty. This is a thick and fatty beef patty that is full of flavour and has a delicious meaty texture.

This patty isn’t very noteworthy, but it does lend the burger a classic greasy spoon burger flavour. In addition to keeping the burger moist and fully cooked all the way through.

You could even order a double beef patty if you want, but this will considerably boost the calories in that burger. With just one beef patty, it’s already high in calories.

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American Cheddar

This burger also includes slices of American cheese for flavour and gooeyness, which adds to the richness. The familiar and comforting flavour of American cheese complements the beef patty.

The meat and the cheese are the two flavours that will stand out the most, creating a satisfying burger alternative.


This burger also includes jalitos, hence the name, which give a lot of flavour. Jalitos are thin pieces of fresh jalapeo that have been deep-fried till crispy.

These crispy strips have a great jalapeo flavour as well as a perceptible dose of heat to them. This also lends a lot of crunchiness to the burger, which elevates it by providing texture and intrigue.

Along with the Jalitos, a little bit of fresh lettuce is added to this burger for extra freshness and crunch.

Dressing from the ranch

Ranch dressing is also added to the Dairy Queen Jalitos ranch hungr-buster, but many customers say it is barely perceptible. So, unless you specifically request it, don’t expect to taste too much ranch.



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