Did you know about the Taco Bell Potatoes?

Did you know about the Taco Bell Potatoes?

What are Taco Bell Potatoes? If you like dining at Taco Bell, you’ve probably heard about the Taco Bell potatoes and wondered how wonderful they were. This is a typical question because many people want to order Taco Bell’s seasoned potatoes.

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Despite the fact that other competitors have emerged throughout the years, Taco Bell has remained immensely popular. Despite this, Taco Bell has remained one of the most popular places to get Mexican fast food.

Did you know about the Taco Bell Potatoes?
Did you know about the Taco Bell Potatoes?

It not only has a menu of standard options from which to choose, but it also continually adds new possibilities. Making it simple to find something new and exciting whenever you visit Taco Bell for a fast dinner.

Continue reading to learn more about Taco Bell potatoes and how delicious they are.

Taco Bell Potato Evaluation

If you like potatoes, you’ve probably heard of the Taco Bell potatoes that so many customers appreciate. These are tasty small bits of potatoes that have been seasoned and fried to perfection before being added to various Taco Bell menu items.

This has been on the menu for quite some time and has maintained a high level of popularity. Many individuals enjoy eating potatoes and appreciate having this option when they visit Taco Bell.

These are tasty potato chunks that have been sliced into little bits so that they may be readily fried and crisped. They’re liberally seasoned with a taco spice that Taco Bell also employs in a variety of other dishes.

They are regarded a menu item that can be selected when making substitutes for specific types of cuisine. They are, however, an actual part of the menu and can be ordered exactly as they are to be eaten.

Taco Bell potatoes not only make a terrific side to any other Taco Bell food, but they also make a great breakfast item. If you go to Taco Bell for breakfast, you can order the seasoned potatoes for a filling breakfast.


Taco Bell potatoes taste wonderful and are precisely what you would expect when ordering them. You can taste the nicely cooked potatoes, which is quite pleasant.

Though the Mexican seasoning shines through, giving these potatoes a distinct Mexican flavour with a tinge of spiciness. If you like thick and fulfilling Mexican-style potatoes, this is the recipe for you.

This makes them delicious on their own, but they are also flavorful enough to be combined with other menu items without being overpowering.


The seasoned potatoes are not only a normal option on the Taco Bell menu, but you can also request them in additional flavours. Taco Bell has menu dishes designed particularly to include these potatoes.

Taco Bell’s spicy potato soft taco, for example, is a soft taco that mostly consists of these potatoes. Though there have been other menu items that utilised potatoes, such as the renowned cheesy fiesta potatoes.


Taco Bell’s seasoned potatoes are not only delicious, but also quite flexible. Many individuals swap these potatoes if they do not like certain items in the menu item they purchase.

For example, it is relatively simple to adapt certain menu dishes vegetarian-friendly by substituting extra seasoned potatoes for the meat. You can also do this to bulk up your food and make it more filling so that it lasts until your next meal.

You may also serve these seasoned potatoes as a side dish with your burrito or taco.

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Soft Taco with Spicy Potato

If you want to taste Taco Bell’s seasoned potatoes and other menu items, you should try the hot potato soft taco. Taco Bell has devised a wonderful vegetarian-friendly and potentially vegan-friendly combination.

This taco is made up of a soft taco shell, seasoned potatoes, and a spicy sauce, with lettuce and cheese on top. This results in a very tasty and well-balanced soft taco that is fairly enjoyable to eat.

The one drawback that several consumers have mentioned is that the potatoes soften fast and begin to break down. Depending on how carefully you eat your soft taco, it will have a mashed potato texture.

Despite the texture difficulty, this is a pretty tasty menu item that you should try if you like potatoes. This is an excellent alternative to conventional meat soft taco options, especially if you avoid meat.

Are Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes Making a Comeback?

If you like Taco Bell’s potatoes, you may have had the opportunity to try the cheesy fiesta potatoes. This implies you were probably disappointed when Taco Bell chose to remove them from the menu in 2021.

The good news is that Taco Bell quickly reversed its decision and chose to reinstate the cheesy fiesta potatoes on the menu permanently. So, in March 2021, Taco Bell added the cheesy fiesta potatoes back on the menu for good.

People enjoy the dish of seasoned potatoes topped in a cheesy sauce with sour cream on top, and it has remained a huge success. Depending on how much you like potatoes, you can make the perfect side or main dish.



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