Did You Know. Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?

Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?

Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits? When I was little, I recall going to restaurants and seeing words like alcohol and spirits. But I’ve never understood why those were compared. Continue reading if this issue interests you.

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Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?
Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?

How Do Spirits Work?

A spirit is a square if alcohol is a rectangle. As a result, all alcoholic beverages are spirits, but the opposite is untrue.

Alcohol must meet a few criteria in order to be classified as a spirit. It has to:

  • contain ethanol and water
  • strong distillation
  • be produced using a mash or an alcoholic drink.

Meanwhile, regular alcohol is just a volatile, colourless liquid. It is produced by fermenting sugar or another product containing sugar. However, alcohol is present in spirits, which is why you might get intoxicated quickly.

Spirits as an alcohol term has a long history. Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?

The term “spirits” derives from the Arabic word “Al-Kuhl,” which means “body-eating spirit” in English.

Some individuals think that the discovery of alcohol was made possible by magical experiments. Drinking alcohol, according to this belief system, gives the alcohol dominion over your body. This is somewhat true, especially if you consume enough alcohol to become intoxicated.

However, other people think that spirits go further and actually remove the soul from the body. You allegedly become inebriated to the point of blackout by this technique.

Common Spirits Types

If you want to drink alcohol, think about what constitutes a spirit. Spirits are among the most consumed alcoholic beverages.

The next time you enjoy a drink at home, a pub, or a friend’s house, try the following.


Tequila comes to me as the basis when I envision a shot. I don’t know about you, but I immediately think of the well-known Tequila shot with lime and salt.

This alcoholic beverage, named after the Mexican city of Tequila, is produced by fermenting blue agave plants. The plant’s fluids are naturally then distilled to create a spirit.

I was shocked to discover that the only authentic tequila is that which originates in Mexico. The blue agave plant may be used to create alcohol abroad, but it wouldn’t bear the Tequila brand name.

Some people adore the drink’s earthy flavour, while others find it repulsive. Although I’m not sure if I’d enjoy tequila, I’ll always be open to trying it.


The potato, which is the most popular vodka basis, is one of my favourite foods. Would I enjoy consuming vodka? Possibly or not.

Vodka is one of the more adaptable spirits because of its potato basis. Since other ingredients would cover up the flavour of the alcohol, I would definitely try it in a cocktail.

It’s not as earthy as tequila or as sweet as rum. Vodka is a perfect spirit for beverages with regional inspiration from all over the world, although I know I like to link it with Russia.

Vodka has the benefit of being able to be kept cool in the freezer. Even in those freezing temperatures, it won’t freeze.


You might like wine but wish to try a spirit. Since brandy is made from grapes, if I had to sample a spirit, I would definitely start with that.

The grape juice is distilled, unlike wine, making it a form of spirit. You might say that brandy is the “wine” of spirits, I suppose.

Though I haven’t looked into brandies, I guess there are plenty to choose from and experiment with until you discover one you enjoy. With so many variations, brandy can range in proof from 70 to 120 and alcohol concentration from 35% to 60%.

The majority of brandies are matured for a few years or more. I discovered that the range often ranges from three to more than 20 years.


Rum could be a good choice as your basis if you prefer sweeter beverages. Rum initially tastes like sugar, but distillation can somewhat alter the flavour.

Rum that comes from the Caribbean is most common. The majority of rum is made in the region, and any that is made elsewhere will have a different name.

Rum cakes are another option in addition to rum itself. If you don’t want to consume alcohol straight up or in a cocktail, these cakes have a sweet flavour and can be a decent alternative.

Rum contains between 40% and 80% alcohol. The precise percentages differ across manufacturers and sometimes from batch to batch.


Gin, a dry spirit, is an excellent alternative and a key ingredient in the well-known gin and tonic. If you don’t like rum, it can be a decent substitute because it has more savoury than sweet flavours.

Gin’s well-known flavour comes from juniper berries. It’s not quite as alcoholic as certain spirits because the alcohol concentration fluctuates from 40% to 47%. In the meantime, the proof runs from 80 to 94.

Gin is made through the distillation of rye, barley and corn. Sadly, this means that anyone following a gluten-free diet should avoid it.

Gin, on the other hand, is not aged, and there are no laws limiting the locations in which it can be made.


One or more grains are distilled to create whisky. Whisky can be produced in a variety of ways, changing the flavour.

Of course, if you can’t ingest gluten, whisky isn’t a good option because it contains grains. However, it’s a typical cocktail basis, so make sure to enquire about its availability before placing an order.

Whisky is traditionally aged in an oak barrel by alcohol producers. It typically has a 40% to 50% alcohol content and 80 to 100 proof when it is prepared for consumption.

How Do I Pick the Perfect Spirit? Did You Know. Why Is Alcohol Called Spirits?

You could ponder which spirit is the best when you contrast the many options. One thing to think about is whether you have to avoid gluten. If so, gin and whiskey-based beverages will be off limits.

After that, you can choose the flavour of your beverage. Rum will be a specialised option if you desire something sweeter.

Of course, you should also take your desired alcoholic intake into account. Tequila is suitable for a quick drink because it is frequently used in shots.

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