Do Capers Go Bad?

Do Capers Go Bad

Do Capers Go Bad? Capers are tasty flowers that grow on the caper shrub. Capers can be eaten as both a spice and a fruit, in addition to the flower.

Do capers spoil? Yes, capers may spoil. If you have an unopened jar of capers in your home, they will keep for up to two years if properly preserved. Once the capers have been opened, they must be refrigerated. An open jar of capers can last for a year if refrigerated.

Do Capers Go Bad
Do Capers Go Bad

When capers have beyond their expiration date, they will gradually become a dark brown. They will then emit a foul and repulsive odor.

Capers: How Long Do They Last?

In an unopened container – A jar of capers will keep for several years if it is kept sealed and stored in the pantry. They can even last for years after they have passed their expiration date. The expiration date printed on the jar typically lasts one year after it is made.

However, as long as there are no symptoms of the capers getting old and rotting, they should be acceptable. Pickled foods have a long shelf life because they are created in an antimicrobial manner and contain a preservative that extends shelf life.

In an unsealed container – Once a jar of capers has been opened, it must be refrigerated promptly after the first usage. An open jar of capers can keep in the refrigerator for up to two years. However, for maximum freshness and flavor, keep the capers in the fridge for the first year.

Do Capers Ever Go Bad?

Capers go bad, and they go bad whether the container is opened or not. You eat capers after their expiration date at your own risk. Capers can live for a long time depending on how they are stored and whether or not their doors are open. Capers will only stay a long time if they are cooked and produced by a well-known food company.

If you undertake the monumental chore of creating your own fresh capers, they will not last as long. As a result, it’s possible that the extra effort isn’t worth it. Rather than preparing capers from scratch, select a brand that you enjoy.

Do Capers Go Bad

How Can You Tell if Capers Have Gone Bad?

We occasionally find a jar of Capers in the back of the pantry. Unfortunately, there is no expiration date on the jar, and you have no idea how long they have been in the cupboard. You’re apprehensive to eat the Capers since you’re afraid you’ll become sick if you do.

But you don’t have to be concerned about determining whether capers are still safe to eat. Capers’ color begins to shift and darken as they age. This is the first clue that a caper is rotting. If you detect dark spots appearing, you may be able to consume the ones in the jar that haven’t changed color.

The second indication that a caper has gone bad is if the liquid or caper acquires a horrible decaying odor. If the capers have, do not attempt to eat them. You are very prone to become ill as a result of food poisoning. This is the most obvious indication that your capers have gone bad. There is no way to save them once they develop a foul odor. Don’t try to identify capers that aren’t dark or “still look excellent.”

When discarding a jar of capers, we recommend placing the capers in a tiny bag and tossing the bag in the garbage. Then, place the glass or plastic container in the recycle bin.

How to Keep Capers

To keep a jar of capers for as long as possible, store them appropriately and avoid allowing germs to grow in the jar.

Unopened — Store your new jar of capers in the back of the pantry or cabinet, away from sunshine and temperature changes caused by opening the pantry door. If the temperature in the pantry or closet consistently rises beyond 75 degrees Fahrenheit/23.9 degrees Celsius, place them in the refrigerator instead.

Opened — Once a jar of capers has been opened, store it in the refrigerator with the other condiments and sauces. Because capers contain antibacterial characteristics, they can be stored in the pantry, but storing them in the fridge is just safer.

So you’ve taken on the mammoth task of producing your own capers? Congratulations, and I hope they’re tasty. Let us now ensure that they last as long as possible. Allow newly prepared capers to sit out for three days to pickle properly before storing them for at least two weeks. Then, put them in the fridge to keep them from going sour. Pickled foods typically have a shelf life of two weeks.


  • Capers are the tasty buds of the Caper Bush. The Flinders Rose is another name for it.
  • Capers are created by pickling edible flower buds with many components such as salt, vinegar, water, and a few more spices for flavor.
  • Capers can be stored for years after their expiration date if there are no signs of decomposition or rotting.
  • If kept unopened in the pantry, a jar of capers has a two-year shelf life.
  • If the jar of capers is opened and refrigerated, they will be at their freshest for the first year. They can, however, last for two years.
  • There are two warning signals that capers are going bad: 1. Their color is fading, and 2. They have a nasty rotting stench.
  • If you produce your own homemade fresh capers, they must be let to ferment for three days in the cupboard or a dark spot to ferment appropriately.
  • Once the three days have elapsed, then place it in the fridge in an airtight container.

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