Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad?

Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad

Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad? Most items have an expiration date, but what about Pringles? Open or sealed, cold or warm atmosphere, moist or dry: all of these factors influence how long Pringles last.

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Do Pringles go bad? Pringles will expire eventually, but how quickly depends on the conditions under which they are stored. The good news is that Pringles are meant to last a long time when left unopened on shelves, and they can last between twelve and fourteen months if left unopened.

Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad
Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad

Of course, who would buy Pringles and then not eat them for so long?

There are several aspects to consider while deciding whether or not to eat your Pringles, Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad all of which we’ll go over here.

When Do Pringles Expire – What Is the Difference Between Expiration Dates and Best-By Dates?

Before you get too worked up over an expiration date on your Pringles, check to see if you actually have a “best by” date, which is not the same thing. An expiration date indicates when something is no longer safe to consume. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad A best-by date simply indicates when a product is no longer suitable.

Pringles can frequently be eaten after the best-by date has gone. They just won’t taste as wonderful as if you ate them before that date. If you haven’t opened them before, it’s fine to consume Pringles two or three weeks after the best-by date, and you probably won’t notice anything wrong.

Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad If you eat them after that, you are unlikely to incur any bad health consequences, but they may be stale and not taste as pleasant.

But this is only applicable to an unopened Pringles can, and how frequently does one have unopened Pringles cans for that long? What if you open a can but don’t finish it all at once?

How Long Can an Opened Pringles Can Last?

A can of opened Pringles can last one to two weeks in optimum conditions. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad Those perfect conditions include how you store your opened Pringles can. If you store it properly, you might get this kind of longevity out of it. If you store them incorrectly, they may only last a few days at most.

An open can of Pringles should be stored with the lid on whenever feasible and in a dark, cool environment. On the other hand, leaving the top off and storing the Pringles in warm or direct sunshine will cause them to grow stale considerably faster.

You should also take great care to keep the Pringles away from dampness. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad We’re sure you can see how moisture would quickly render your chips unfit for ingestion.

Even though proper storage can help your Pringles last longer, it’s difficult to keep them from turning stale after they’ve been exposed to air for an extended amount of time, so it’s normally best to consume your Pringles on the same day you open them.

Why do unopened Pringles last longer?

The main cause of your Pringles turning stale is the air that gets into them once the can is opened. Contrary to common belief, there isn’t much air inside a can of Pringles: it’s nitrogen, which helps keep the Pringles crisp.

This means that a can of Pringles is airtight before being opened, which means that the air that would normally soften the Pringles over time cannot enter. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad That is why an unopened can of Pringles can last months or perhaps a year, whereas an opened can cannot.

Of course, once you open a can of Pringles, it is no longer airtight, and their expiration date is substantially accelerated. They’re on a timer from that point forward. Even putting the lid back on won’t help because once the seal on the can is removed, it’s impossible to make it airtight again.

Keeping the lid on helps prevent significant amounts of air from entering the can, but it does not completely keep the air out. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad That’s why, even if you keep Pringles properly, an opened can will only last a couple of weeks.

Where Can You Find the Pringles Expiration/Best-By Date?

If you want to discover the expiration or best-by date for your Pringles can, look at the bottom of the can. Looking down there, you’ll notice a remarkable quantity of information, but the dates preceded by the letters “P” and “E” will pique your attention.

The date following the letter “P” indicates when the chips were manufactured, Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad whereas the date following the letter “E” indicates when the chips are expected to expire. Remember that the expiration date is only an estimate of when the chips will no longer taste their best; it is not a hard cut-off for when the chips are no longer edible.

You’d have to leave Pringles open for an outrageously long period for the chips to represent a health risk to you, and by then, you’d probably be able to detect something was wrong with the chips merely by looking, touching, or smelling them.


Finally, whether you leave your Pringles unopened or not determines how long they will last. An unopened can of Pringles can last up to fifteen months from the date of manufacture. Do Pringles Expire or Go Bad However, once opened, Pringles will only last a week or two in optimal conditions, and just a few days in less perfect conditions.

Taking all of this into account, it is typically recommended that you eat your Pringles on the same day that you open them. You won’t have to worry about their freshness this way!

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