Do You Drain Beans for Chili? How to Drain Properly?

Do You Drain Beans for Chili

Do You Drain Beans for Chili? One of the best parts about cooking is that you can make each recipe precisely how you want it. If you don’t like anything or would like it changed, you are in charge because you are the one cooking the dish. When it comes to cooking chilli, you can also choose whether or not to drain your canned beans.

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Do You Drain Beans for Chili
Do You Drain Beans for Chili

Is it necessary to drain canned beans?

While I previously stated that it is a matter of personal preference and that the decision can be made by you, some recipes take the decision out of your hands and make it for you. The water in canned beans, such as pinto or kidney beans, is a liquid, although a very watery one. As a result, adding it to your chilli may cause it to lose its consistency and texture, resulting in a very messy and watery disaster.

Beans are quite vital in a chilli since they provide a lot of protein and nutrients to the rest of the dish and also make the chilli feel more gratifying and filling – which may lead to a really hefty dinner. The other ingredients are vital as well, and will commonly include water as a liquid to assist adjust the overall consistency of the chilli.

If a recipe calls for water, you can use the water from canned beans; but, there is no way to tell how much water is in the can without emptying the beans and measuring the volume of water. This appears to be a lot of work when you could simply measure water in a jug and drain your beans without the two activities being linked. However, if you are attempting to reduce waste, this is a fantastic place to start.

How to Decide Whether to Drain Canned Beans

There are several options for deciding whether to drain chilli beans or save the water and utilise it alongside your tomato sauce for a wonderful chilli with the perfect consistency. The best approach to determine is to analyse the benefits and drawbacks of each choice and see which one best meets your current requirements.

Benefits of Not Draining Beans

There are numerous benefits to using your bean water in a chilli recipe, ranging from being more healthy to actually improving the consistency of your chilli.

Water, salt, preservatives, additions, and bean starch are all ingredients in bean water. If applied correctly, this mixture is both flavorful and will help thicken your chilli. The canned beans are simply blanched and sealed in cans before being sterilised and cooked at high temperatures during the canning and cooking phase of their life cycle. According to the Canned Food Alliance, this is a wonderful explanation for why this water is beneficial. Because the beans have been blanched, the starch from within can escape into the water and thicken it, assisting in the thickening of your chilli.

Using the water from your beans is extremely convenient and waste-free. It only asks you to measure the volume of water present, and that’s all there is to it. No trash, no problems.
When canned beans are kept in water for a while, the colouring pigments in the beans can seep into the water and naturally tint it. While the applications are limited, it may be a very lovely technique to sneak some natural colouring into your food so that you end up with a picture-perfect supper that is as pleasant on the tongue as it is on the eyes.

The Drawbacks of Not Draining Beans

The disadvantages of not draining beans are largely nutritional and health-related. This is because the water contains preservatives and other substances that some individuals do not consider before eating.

Beans include a lot of extra salt. If you are limiting your sodium intake, draining canned beans will remove a lot of the unnecessary salt, allowing you to make a healthier homemade chilli. Draining the water is said to remove approximately 30% of the salt from the beans, while rinsing the beans removes approximately 40% of the salt. Chili recipes inherently contain salt, so utilising the bean water is virtually equivalent to double the quantity of salt used.

Some beans include chemicals and preservatives that significantly alter the flavour of the water. On top of that, it isn’t always water. Some canned beans include tomato sauce and seasonings such as chilli powder, garlic powder, and additional salt. This use of calcium chloride isn’t inherently harmful in and of itself, but the tomato sauce can be way too sweet to compliment the remainder of your chilli con carne. Essentially, if you want to be precise with your chilli, it is advisable to control all of the flavours added rather than using the bean water.


Is it always a good idea to drain kidney beans?

Draining kidney beans, pinto beans, or any other beans used in chilli is always a personal preference. Even if a chilli recipe specifies drained or undrained beans, you have the option, and I’m confident you can make it work. Making chilli is enjoyable, and the cooking procedure is all about using what you want, so it doesn’t matter if you use tap water and your own salt or canning liquid from leftover beans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Draining Beans for Chili

Should I rinse the beans before adding them to the chilli?

Because the water is highly salty, you can drain the beans before adding them to the chilli if you’re attempting to limit your sodium intake. Along with this, the water must be metered before being added so that you know how much to add.

Is it necessary to rinse kidney beans before making chilli?

It is not necessary to drain kidney beans. Some people are concerned about their sodium consumption, so draining the beans will help them. Others like to use the bean water to thicken the chilli because it contains starch.

Do you rinse pinto beans before using them in chilli?

You can if you wish, but leaving the water in helps the chilli retain nutrients and taste. As well as being utilised as a thickening agent to keep your chilli from being too watery.

Is it permissible to use the liquid from canned beans?

Using the liquid from canned beans is an excellent technique to save waste. The liquid, which is largely water and salt with a few other ingredients, may really help bring a chilli together.



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