Does Corona Beer Expire? How to Check & Know?

Does Corona Beer Expire

Does Corona Beer Expire? Few beers on store shelves have received as much exposure in popular culture as Corona beer. The beer is still one of the top brands on the market, and many enthusiasts keep it in their refrigerators for a long time.

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So, does Corona beer have an expiration date? Yes, Corona Beer does have an expiration date, and you can check it by looking at the bottle. Nevertheless, Corona Beer may often be stored for an additional 6 to 9 months after that date if kept at room temperature and for up to 2 years if kept in the refrigerator.

Does Corona Beer Expire
Does Corona Beer Expire

The most frequently asked issues concerning Corona beer and its expiration date are addressed in this article. By the end, you’ll understand how to read the beer’s expiration code, how long it keeps, and some tricks for extending the shelf life of your Corona.

How Do You Read The Expiration Code On A Corona Beer Can?

Each Corona beer bottle contains an expiration date as well as what is referred to as a “expiration code.” Each alphabet and number on that code will let you know precisely when and where the bottle was made, allowing you to determine whether or not it is still valid.

A084B029. is an example of a typical expiration code. Each character in that code denotes the following:

  • The month is denoted by the first letter of the alphabet (e.g., “A” for January).
  • The two numbers that follow indicate the date of the month (for example, “08” for January 8th).
  • The year is indicated by the number that comes after that, such as “4” for 2014.
  • The following alphabet denotes the shift during which the beer was made. (For second shift, use “B”).
  • The line number is represented by the next two numbers, such as “02” for Line 2.

Fun fact: Constellation Brands, which also makes a number of other well-known beverages, makes Corona beer. When it comes to their expiration codes, they are all in the same format.

How Long Does Corona Beer Keep After Being Unopened?

If kept adequately chilled, a bottle of Corona can be kept for up to two years.

Corona beer has a shelf life of up to 180 days, or roughly six months, according to the maker. Does Corona Beer Expire However, some suggest that if stored at ambient temperature, the shelf life can really be as long as nine months overall.

Instead, one bottle of Corona might last up to two years with proper refrigeration between 53 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. After all that time, the beer might not taste exactly right, but

After opening, how long does Corona beer remain fresh?

If you’ve left an opened Corona beer in the refrigerator the entire time, it usually only keeps for approximately one day. Does Corona Beer Expire However, if you’ve left it out at room temperature, it won’t survive as long.

Let’s say you’ve uncorked a bottle of Corona and set it out on the table to warm up. If that is the case, the beer can expire much sooner.

Of fact, for some people, this response may be wholly subjective. If or whether you can tolerate significant alterations in a Corona’s flavour will determine whether it has been “spoiled” or not.

The opened bottle of Corona will gradually lose its carbonation (all the fizz) and begin to taste flat. Additionally, the flavour will keep transforming over time in a way that most people could no longer find appealing.

The best way to store Corona beer?

Corona beer should be kept out of direct sunlight and fluorescent lighting, preferably in a cool, dark place.

Your best option is to store your Corona beer in a refrigerator because the environment inside will always be chilly and dark. Does Corona Beer Expire As previously indicated, those circumstances can extend the beer’s shelf life by up to two years.

Oh, and make sure your beers are always upright. If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that each Corona beer bottle has a small amount of trapped air that contributes to oxidation.

Only the top portion of the beer will come into touch with that air as long as you keep the bottle upright. By storing it upside down, you’ll essentially let all of the beer come into contact with the air, hastening its demise.

What Takes Place When You Drink Old Corona Beer?

If you consume expired Corona beer, nothing bad will happen to you. Does Corona Beer Expire But be careful since you can be getting a drink that tastes quite bad on your tongue.

A Corona beer doesn’t transform into anything poisonous that can harm you or your stomach when it goes bad. Beer that has gone bad is often safe.

However, if you’ve allowed the Corona beer to spoil in one of two ways, your taste senses can be offended.

The bottle would have turned flat if it had been left open and lost all of its oxidation. A bland beer is disliked by everyone (usually).

Let’s say you exposed it to fluorescent lighting or the sun. Does Corona Beer Expire That beer would have either gotten “lightstruck” or “skunked,” producing a less-than-appealing Corona drink.

In conclusion? Although the old beer won’t harm you, it might cause you to grow less fond of that delicious Corona flavour.


So, what can we infer from the foregoing? Never expose your Corona beer to UV or fluorescent light, and always keep it chilled. Beer can be kept in a cool, dark place if your fridge isn’t working or is already full.

The most important thing is to always keep your Corona beer standing up so that you can enjoy it for up to two years (or longer, if you don’t).

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