Does Gum Expire? What You Need to Know About Gum

Does Gum Expire? What You Need to Know About Gum

Does Gum Expire? Many people like chewing gum as a pleasant treat to occupy their tongues and refresh their breath. While it could be pleasant at first, gradually your mouth fills with a rubbery, flavourless mass. Chewing gum falls into a strange classification where it isn’t quite considered a perishable. So, does gum have a shelf life?

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Does Gum Expire? What You Need to Know About Gum
Does Gum Expire? What You Need to Know About Gum

Can gum get old?

The question of whether chewing gum can expire or not is hazy. There are many nations where it is not necessary to print the expiration date on the packaging of gum.

This is so because gum is a relatively stable and non-reactive substance. Moisture content is the primary cause of why a lot of food spoils because it creates the most favourable environment for bacterial reproduction. Even edible items found in the ocean, such sea moss, fall under this category. It is incredibly challenging to prevent food from going bad.

Gum often has no moisture, which accounts for why it won’t go bad. This does not imply that it will remain undisturbed and flawless forever, as the texture will eventually deteriorate and become brittle. In addition, the flavour of your gum will probably fade over time, regardless of how fruity or minty it was in the past.

Even though it seems like a convoluted mess, there is a solution. Chewing gum technically loses its freshness after a certain amount of time has passed because the texture and flavour change. This alteration, however slight, serves as evidence that gum continues to deteriorate over time. Compared to other foods, it only does so more slowly.

Is Old Gum Harmful to Your Health?

You can’t become sick only from chewing on expired gum. You will be safe as long as the gum has been stored securely inside the packing and container it was delivered in. It is strongly advised that you avoid chewing gum that has been packaged in a ripped, torn, or broken wrapper.

This implies that if the package is torn or open and the gum is old enough for you to be concerned about its expiration date, you definitely shouldn’t eat it. It might be filled with microorganisms that will probably get you sick.

What Takes Place If You Eat Old Gum?

You won’t notice anything crazily unusual about gum that has expired or been hidden behind a desk for a while. The flavour and texture of the gum will be most affected by the adjustments.

It is more likely that the gum will be brittle than soft and chewy. Should you attempt to chew it, it will shatter into smaller pieces. The texture will also change after this, becoming much more rubbery and less stringy and chewy.

There can still be a trace of flavour in the gum. However, except than that, nothing will resemble what it previously was. It’s likely still possible to tell what it was from the flavour. It won’t, however, be nearly as powerful as it formerly was.

Gum that has passed its expiration date poses no threat to your health compared to fresh gum. This refers to repeatedly swallowing gum. As your body tries to digest and break down chewing gum, frequent ingestion of it can cause an obstruction in your intestine. Gum swallowing can be quite harmful when done in huge volumes.

How long does gum last before it expires?

Chewing gum takes a lot longer than other foods and perishable items to be classified as having expired due to its low moisture content. Gum can be eaten safely for around two years if it is stored properly.

It’s not particularly challenging to store gum safely. Simply keep it out of direct sunlight and away from any sources of heat. This is due to the gum’s faster rate of deterioration after the tough layer melts away.

Can You Still Eat Old Gum?

You can choose to consume or not consume expired gum. The likelihood that an old packet you discovered in a desk drawer is safe to eat is quite high. However, I strongly advise not eating it if you find it on the ground and the packet is torn and dust-covered.

Even while it can seem wasteful to throw things away, it is probably for the best. Purchase a new pack and throw the old one away.

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FAQs on Expiring Gum

How long does Orbit gum last?

Although it takes a very long time, orbit gum does technically expire. There is no expiration date on the packaging because, unless the package is ripped and bacteria have begun to grow on the gum, it should be safe to eat for a very long period.

Trident gum has a shelf life.

One of the few manufacturers of gum with an expiration date on the box is Trident. This is due to a flavoured liquid-filled area in the centre of each piece of gum. Since this contains moisture, it will go bad more quickly than other bits of gum.

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