Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? Is This Information Correct?

Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? Is This Information Correct?

Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? One of the most well-known drinks on the market is Pepsi, and PepsiCo has other sub-brands. The largest coffee business, Starbucks, sells a wide variety of beverages.

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You might be curious as to whether Starbucks is a PepsiCo product. Whether you like Pepsi or Starbucks coffee, think about how the two companies are related.

Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? Is This Information Correct?
Does Pepsi Own Starbucks? Is This Information Correct?

Starbucks Is Included in PepsiCo?

Starbucks isn’t listed as a sub-brand by PepsiCo. Nevertheless, the two businesses collaborate through the North American Coffee Partnership (NACP). Over twenty years ago, they introduced the first Ready-to-Drink Frappuccino.

Starbucks now holds a 97% market dominance in the ready-to-drink coffee segment thanks to the collaboration. You might not be able to find Starbucks in the drinks section of your grocery store without the partnership.

Starbucks and Pepsi Partnership

In 1994, Pepsi and Starbucks joined together. According to the agreement, Starbucks provides PepsiCo with advice, and PepsiCo produces Starbucks Ready-to-Drink (RTD) coffee. They provide the coffee and a few particular energy drinks to well-known supermarkets.

The collaboration grew to be a $2 billion+ company in 2016. It controlled 97% of the RTD market and 76% of the markets for chilled coffee drinks, coffee energy drinks, and RTD coffee.

They began by giving customers of the grocery shop bottles of Frappuccinos. Since then, they’ve introduced iced coffee, energy drinks, and Refresher beverages, among other things.

What Is the Category of Ready-to-Drink Products?

Coffees and other Starbucks beverages that may be purchased directly from the grocery store fall under the Ready-to-Drink category. There are Starbucks inside numerous grocery stores, but this is unique.

RTD coffee is typically located beside the milk and other cold drinks. You don’t need to prepare the coffee yourself, unlike other types of coffee you might buy at the supermarket.

Instead, you pick up a bottle or can just as you would a Coke or other beverage. After that, you can leave the grocery shop while sipping on a Starbucks.

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RTD Coffee: Pros and Cons

Think about the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing RTD coffee at the store. This field is expanding and has advantages. There are issues, though, that you should be aware of as well.

Quick and practical

The ease of RTD coffee is one of its main benefits. You can purchase coffee from a grocery shop. If you already need to get groceries or other products from the store, that is really nice.

There will be just one checkout queue for you to wait in. Because you have to purchase from the Starbucks store individually even if your grocery store has one.

Shopping Rewards

Additionally, purchasing RTD coffee gives you access to grocery rewards. When the RTD coffee is on sale, you might be able to get a lower price if you’re a member of a loyalty club.

After making a sufficient amount of purchases, many stores additionally give prizes and discounts. So, for instance, you might receive a $5 off voucher. Then, instead of using those coupons at your neighbourhood Starbucks, you may use the money to buy RTD coffee.

Perhaps Expensive

Regrettably, RTD coffee may get pricey. The price of the coffee may be comparable to a serving that you would purchase directly from Starbucks. You could believe that you are saving money because it might cost less.

RTD coffee is convenient, but it may also be expensive. You might find that you purchase RTD coffee as frequently as you frequent Starbucks, if not more. If you buy coffee that you can prepare at home, you can wind up spending a lot more money over time.

Not All Drinks

RTD coffee is widely available at Starbucks. It’s possible that not all of the drinks they sell are available on the shelves of your local grocery shop. This is especially true of teas, certain Refreshers, and other seasonal and speciality drinks.

The tastes of Refreshers may not always be the same in the RTD grocery department as they are at your neighbourhood Starbucks. Therefore, if you’re seeking for something specific, a bottle might not contain it.

Twenty years after PepsiCo and Starbucks teamed together, Coca-Cola and Dunkin Donuts also collaborated. Coca-Cola now produces, sells, and distributes Dunkin Donuts RTD coffee in numerous well-known supermarkets.

This connection, like the other one, does not imply that Coca-Cola is the owner of Dunkin Donuts. Both are independent brands and companies that cooperate to boost sales and profits.

Naturally, the Starbucks beverages are far more well-liked—at least as of a few years ago. Drinks from Dunkin Donuts have gained popularity more lately. However, Starbucks RTD coffee continues to be the best.

Final Conclusion

Despite not being owned by Pepsi, the two companies have a great relationship. We wouldn’t have Starbucks’ range of ready-to-drink coffee today if they hadn’t joined together. The next time you go grocery shopping, pay attention to the choices in your store near the other chilled drinks.

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