Does White Claw Expire? How to Know?

Does White Claw Expire

Does White Claw Expire? White Claw is a malt beverage available in tangerine, watermelon, mango, natural lime, ruby grapefruit, and raspberry burst tastes. It is the fourth most well-known and one of the top three most popular liquors.

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The majority of people laud it for its quality, sincerity, and refreshing character. While most people appreciate this drink, many frequently wonder if it expires or goes bad when stored.

Does White Claw Expire
Does White Claw Expire

Is White Claw still available? No, if you keep it unopened, White Claw will not expire. The date on the bottle usually indicates when it was manufactured. Does White Claw Expire This date has no effect on the drink later on, though it may lose part of its attractiveness due to the lack of carbonation.

Our article answers any queries you may have about White Claw. It also teaches you important storage ideas and how to interpret its code. Let’s get started.

How Should You Interpret the White Claw Expiration Code?

The surface of White Claw does not have a simple date format printed on it. It instead has an expiration code that can help you. Does White Claw Expire This code assists you in determining the freshness of the drink. It displays the year and month of manufacture.

How does the White Claw expiration code look? If necessary, use a magnifying lens/glass to inspect and read it behind the cap. Because some of the letters and numerals may appear pixilated, it is critical that you protect your eyes from strain. You will need to interpret the code after reading it.

For example, if the code says ‘A0119XXXX XX:XX FL,’ it signifies your bottle was brewed on January 1st, 2019. FL is an abbreviation for the production facility, which in this case is located in Florida. Does White Claw Expire This code assists you in determining the bottling time and how well it will serve you.

Add one year to this date to determine the drink’s expiration date. In this situation, the beverage’s quality would begin to deteriorate on January 1, 2020.

How Long Does an Unopened White Claw Last?

When cleaning out your pantry, you can come into a White Claw that has been there for a while. You’ve probably heard and perhaps experienced the fact that wine improves with age, and you’re certainly wondering Does White Claw Expire if the same is true for other spirits and beers.

How long will an unopened White Claw keep? White Claw does not spoil when left unopened. This drink’s alcohol content aids in the prevention of microbiological infection. Consider how alcohol is used for hand washing, preserving laboratory specimens, and having an antiseptic impact on wounds to further grasp this.

Although infinity may be an exaggeration, it is reported that unopened White Claw can persist for many years without expiring. The main drawback is that its color and flavor may begin to alter after 9 months due to the gradual release of carbon dioxide via the seal. Does White Claw Expire White Claw, unlike wine, does not mature.

How long does White Claw last once opened?

Because it contains little sugar, White Claw has a nearly limitless shelf life when closed (2g per 12 ounces). Opening it, on the other hand, exposes it to oxidation, which affects its flavor and color.

How long does White Claw last once opened? Does White Claw Expire Between two and four days. 4 days after opening, your drink will still taste wonderful. After this time, the quality will begin to deteriorate.

The seal will be weaker, accelerating the oxidation process and potentially causing the drink to go flat. You might not like it at this point.

How Should I Keep My White Claw?

For convenient access, storing drinks for yourself is a terrific idea. It also enables you to take them whenever you choose. Unlike going to the bar every time you want some Does White Claw Expire White Claw, storing it is so convenient that you will find it difficult to refuse.

Learning how to preserve White Claw correctly can save you from the frustration of drinking a bland drink. It will assist you in retaining its flavor and color, providing you with a refreshing experience throughout.

Temperature fluctuations, like any other malt beverage, can impact the quality of White Claw. The one universal rule regarding malt beverages is that they should not be refrigerated, allowed to warm up, and then refrigerated again.

If you do not refrigerate White Claw, it will not spoil. If your fridge is full, refrigerate one or two and replace from the dozen pack as needed. Does White Claw Expire Most customers say it’s delicious to drink once it’s been refrigerated. Nonetheless, this is a personal preference.

If you purchase this drink when it is already cooled, it must be refrigerated. When it’s already chilled, allowing it to return to room temperature and then attempting to chill it again will change the flavor and quality.

What Happens When You Drink Old White Claw?

The majority of individuals are anxious about what might happen if they consume outdated alcohol. You may have a variety of impacts depending on the sort of alcohol you consume. Does White Claw Expire However, expiring White Claw will not make you sick.

If your White Claw has been open for more than a year, you may have to accept its duller flavor. In the worst-case situation, you risk getting a severe hangover the next day. You may also have stomach discomfort. So, for a terrific experience, consume your alcohol within the prescribed time frame.


  • When kept unopened, White Claw does not expire. When you open it, however, the quality and flavor are affected.
  • White Claw contains a batch identifier that shows the month and year the drink was brewed. A0119XXXX XX:XX FL, for example, indicates that the manufacturer created this drink on January 1st, 2020, in Florida.
  • When closed, White Claw can persist for many years. You should consume it within 2 to 4 days of opening it. Otherwise, you risk being dissatisfied with the bland flavor.
  • How you keep your White Claw influences how much you enjoy it. Does White Claw Expire If you buy it chilled, it is critical to keep it refrigerated so that the flavor and quality remain consistent. Remember the normal malt beverage rule: do not refrigerate, then allow it to return to room temperature before chilling again.
  • If someone consumes expired alcohol, they may get a severe hangover or stomach discomfort the next day. Does White Claw Expire Some people, however, may only tolerate the bland flavor.

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