High Altitude Banana Bread Recipe | Easy Banana Bread Recipe

High Altitude Banana Bread Recipe

Hello Everyone Today we are going to share banana bread recipe and this is my one of the favourite high altitude banana bread recipe which I going to share with all of you, and one I have cherished for many years. It’s the only which comes in my mind first when I have leftover bananas at my home which are going to be spoil in few day like we can say spotty bananas and with this bread which going to be expire soon. This is best ever high altitude banana bread recipe you must try this at your home.

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High Altitude Banana Bread Recipe
High Altitude Bread Recipe

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Easy Banana Bread Recipe

I’ve tried many different high altitude banana bread recipe but this is one of my favourite recipe with my own trick to prepare this recipe which makes this too delicious. All Readers have fallen in love with this awesome and easy banana bread recipe. 2 Cups of mashed bananas which you can say about 4 large bananas is enough but if you want to add more you can do it as it will add more flavour to yummy finished product.

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Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Start with High Altitude Banana Bread Recipe

If you don’t want to mash bananas manually you can also use mixer to mash bananas. Break or cut the spotty bananas into pieces (4 to 5 slices of 1 banana) and place it into bowl of your mixer – or you can use your daily use mixer bowl and mash bananas manually with hand mixer too as per your convenience. Begin Beating from low speed and the increase speed gradually bananas breaked down into mashed banana which you need for your banana bread recipe. Transfer the mashed bananas into another bowl and use that same mixing for banana bread recipe ingredients. ( Don’t need to clean mashed bananas remnants is ok)

All Banana Bread Recipe Ingredients

  • Spotty Bananas
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt

Butter :- User room temperature  Softened butter for easy making and soft texture and good butter flavour.

Brown Sugar:- to make this banana bread sweet use all brown sugar no need to add another sugar. Brown Sugar Make it too Soft and it also adds wonderful flavour to banana bread recipe.

Eggs:- Mostly  Cakes are prepared with eggs. For this you will need 2 eggs for this easy banana bread recipe.

Yogurt:- Yogurt will add more moisture to this easy banana bread recipe I like to use yogurt as much as possible in  most of the baking recipes. Sour Cream is the best substitution for the plain yogurt.

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How to Freeze Banana Bread

We all wants to know that how to store this banana bread because sometimes it may happens that we don’t eat full bread in single time and we need to store it for day or 2 to consume it with full taste. For this you can store banana bread by using these instructions to preserve it flavourful and fresh and fully textured for months.

  1. Cook Banana Bread completely don’t be so fast while making easy high altitude banana bread recipe.
  2. Tightly wrap the slices or pieces as you want in 2-3 layers of plastic wrap or you can wrap it with aluminum foil too.
  3. Now Place the wrapped banana breads in the freezer friendly storage bags or in the containers.
  4. Seel the bag and freeze for upto 3-4 months and enjoy this easy high altitude banana bread recipe for long time.

If you want some nutty or crunchy flavour in this you can also add some chopped nuts to it whatever you want in nuts while making barter or you can also add when it is half baked.

So this is the full banana bread recipe hope you enjoy please share if your friends or family members help them to enjoy this delicious banana bread at home and if you have any query please comment below.

Thank you.

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