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Which are the Best Feta Cheese Brands Cuisine Cravings

Which are the Best Feta Cheese Brands? If you’re a fan of feta cheese, you might be curious about which brands have the best flavour. There are many varieties of feta cheese available, but you might not know which to pick, therefore this is an often asked question.

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Since this is regarded as a speciality cheese, you need definitely make sure the brand you choose is high-quality. Even though there are many brands of feta cheese, not all of them are made equally.

Which are the Best Feta Cheese Brands Cuisine Cravings
Best Feta Cheese Brands

Certain brands will provide a more genuine taste and of a far higher calibre than others. Feta Cheese Brands Doing your homework in advance will help you identify the brands to seek for if this is something that is important to you.

Discover which feta cheese brand is the greatest and which other cheese brands have good variants by reading on.

Which Brand of Feta Cheese Is the Best?

You might not know where to begin if you love feta cheese and want to discover the best brand. Despite the fact that many feta cheese consumers adore Athenos, which is thought to be the best-selling feta cheese brand in the US.

It is well known that Athenos offers real-tasting feta cheese with the ideal balance of flavour and texture. It provides a variety of feta cheese options that are available in a large number of supermarket stores.

This is a fairly priced speciality cheese that is easy to get and manage. It is also a feta cheese. It doesn’t break the bank and offers that real texture and flavour.

Because most typical grocery stores carry at least one or two Athenos alternatives, it is also thought to be fairly accessible for individuals. Thus, you won’t have to search far to find a premium feta cheese to go with your pasta or salad.

Best Feta Cheese Brands

Boar’s Head

Boar’s Head is well-known for many other goods, but its extensive selection of deli meat cuts may be what most customers recognise about it. Many customers also like the assortment of cheese alternatives that Boar’s Head sells.

This brand is renowned for its superior quality and reputation for carrying only the best-tasting items. Feta Cheese Brands It serves crumbly and creamy feta cheeses, two distinct types of the cheese.

It more than makes up for its lack of variety and quality with Boar’s Head feta cheese, which is outstanding. Customers frequently choose these selections because they have the finest taste and texture, despite the limited selection.

Thus, this is a brand you should definitely try if you value authenticity in the flavour and texture of your feta cheese. especially considering how readily available it is in a large range of supermarket stores.


The most popular feta cheese brand in Greece, Dodoni, is a well-known and reliable brand, demonstrating the true authenticity of the product. This alternative is a truly authentic feta cheese because it is made according to traditional methods.

You can select from four distinct types of classic feta cheese offered by Dodoni. Feta Cheese Brands Even though it is not as popular as it is in Greece, many customers still choose it when they are shopping in the US.

Because all of the goat and cow milk is pasteurised, it has the flavour that many clients like. It pairs well with pasta dishes and Greek salads because of its genuine flavour and ideal crumbly texture.

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Klondike Cheese is the owner of the feta cheese-focused brand Odyssey. It offers a selection of delectable and classic feta cheese selections that are among the top sellers for those seeking this kind of cheese.

Odyssey’s authentic-tasting feta cheese helped them win the 2022 World Champion Cheese Contest. demonstrating the deliciousness and customer popularity of this feta cheese choice.

This business must produce more than 120,000 pounds of cheese every day to meet consumer demand. Feta Cheese Brands It provides seven distinct varieties of feta cheese, including low-fat and spicy variations.

Embrace Your Heart

The well-known company Follow Your Heart is the maker of the veganaise product. This vegan mayonnaise is perfect for vegans or anyone who can’t eat dairy products because it is completely free of eggs and dairy.

Vegan products have been an integral part of Follow Your Heart’s business from its inception. include cheeses that are vegan and other sandwich fixings that are becoming more and more well-liked as they are introduced.

It is one of the few vegan companies that sells vegan feta cheese, which is regarded as tasting incredibly close to the original. Feta Cheese Brands It is completely free of dairy, gluten, and soy, which makes it perfect for vegans and others with dietary restrictions.

Follow Your Heart goods can be found in many grocery stores and health food stores, albeit not all of them may have the feta cheese choice.

Awesome Feta Cheese Brands


The most well-known product that Litehouse manufactures is its original blue cheese dressing. This brand includes salad dressings, cheese spreads, and other cheese-based goods.

Although there is just one feta cheese option available, it is thought to be a highly well-liked one by patrons. Many people rely on the well-respected brand Litehouse for their cheese products, spreads, sauces, and dips.

The feta cheese from this brand will be available in most grocery stores due to its widespread recognition and esteem. And because they know this business and are confident in its quality, a lot of clients consistently reach for it.

Litehouse only has one feta cheese option, which is artisanal feta cheese crumbles.

Valley of Organics

Among the top-selling organic brands in the US is Organic Valley. In addition to feta cheese, Organic Valley offers a variety of cheeses, eggs, milk, and other animal products for sale.

It serves only one variety of feta cheese, which is a classic variety devoid of flavourings. For those searching for a clean feta cheese, it is a highly healthy alternative because it is non-GMO and certified organic.

Since this is a well-known brand, you may get this feta cheese alternative in almost any type of grocery store.


A French brand of feta cheese manufactured from sheep’s milk is called Valbreso. It is regarded as a speciality feta cheese with a highly distinctive flavour that is easy to identify.

If you’re looking for a feta cheese with a distinctive flavour and texture, this one is thought to be more artisanal and is highly creamy. However, because it’s a French brand, you might not be able to get it at any grocery store.

Which Feta Cheese Brand Is the Best? Feta Cheese Brands

Athenos feta cheese is the best Feta Cheese Brands of feta cheese, therefore don’t look anywhere else. Made using ancient processes to achieve the most authentic taste and texture, this is the most popular brand of feta cheese in Greece.

To find the one you like most, you should try a variety of different feta cheese brands as well. including companies such as Organic Valley, Boar’s Head, Odyssey, and Litehouse.

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