Frozen Chicken Legs in Air Fryer? Complete Guide

Frozen Chicken Legs in Air Fryer

Frozen Chicken Legs in Air Fryer? Is it possible to cook frozen chicken legs in an air fryer? Yes, it turns out! Using frozen chicken legs in an air fryer is a terrific way to have supper on the table quickly without having to do much prep work. Putting frozen chicken legs in an air fryer may provide a great supper in virtually no time, whether you forgot to thaw the chicken beforehand or you simply need something quick and easy to cook. Are you eager to learn how? Then let’s get started!

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Frozen Chicken Legs in Air Fryer
Frozen Chicken Legs in Air Fryer

Can I cook frozen chicken drumsticks?

You might be surprised to learn that you can use frozen food in your air fryer. But you certainly can! And chicken drumsticks are no exception.

Chicken drumsticks are a low-cost alternative that may be spiced up with sauce or a flavorful spice blend. It is classified as dark meat because it includes around 50% red fibres and is more juicy and tasty than white chicken flesh.

Chicken legs can be boiled, fried, baked, grilled, or roasted…

yes, you guessed it, air fried – even from frozen!

Can Frozen Chicken Be Cooked in an Air Fryer?

It is simple to cook frozen chicken in an air fryer. However, there are a few measures you should take to ensure that your air-fried chicken legs taste just like you want them to.

To begin, make sure that all pieces of chicken are separated before placing them in the frying basket. Chicken legs placed in “clumps” in the air fryer will not cook evenly.

The second thing you should do is deglaze your chicken if it has too much ice on it before cooking it. This will allow them to cook more quickly and evenly. Simply run your frozen chicken legs under a warm tap until the large chunks of ice begin to melt. Remember that you are not yet thawing the chicken. So, only do this for a few minutes at most, and only do it if absolutely necessary.

Frozen Drumsticks in the Air Fryer

The last thing you’ll want to do is make sure your air fryer frozen drumsticks have enough taste to make them worthwhile.

This can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Not only is your chicken solidly frozen, but most seasonings will not adhere to frozen chicken.

As a result, you have the following four options:

Leave the Chicken Plain: If you don’t mind plain chicken, or if you want to utilise the chicken leg flesh in another dish (like chicken noodle soup), skipping the seasoning step may be unnecessary for you.

Add the Seasoning in the Middle: This is a frequent approach used when cooking seasoned chicken legs from frozen in the air fryer. To use this method, apply your seasoning after you’ve turned the chicken over. This is because the chicken will thaw on one side after being turned over. Seasonings added at this moment may adhere better than before. However, it is ideal to use chicken seasoning in conjunction with lemon juice, oil, or butter, as these ingredients will assist the seasoning stick to the meat better.

Use a Marinade: This is by far our favourite method. You can save time by making a tasty marinade and rubbing it on your deglazed chicken ahead of time. Not only will the seasoning cling better to the chicken, but you won’t have to adjust the seasonings midway through cooking the chicken legs. (If you do prefer to use oil to smear your seasonings on with, opt for olive oil, vegetable oil, or canola. These oils will aid in the crisping of the chicken in the air fryer. Later in this piece, we’ll go through one of our favourite marinades for frozen chicken legs in the air fryer. So keep an eye out for updates!)

Finally, you may add flavour to your air-fried chicken legs by using a tasty chicken sauce. Simply apply the sauce around 5 minutes before the chicken legs are done cooking before returning them to the air fryer to finish. The reason you don’t want to air fry chicken that is completely covered in sauce is because it may burn. This may result in a sticky, burned, and unappealing mess on your chicken legs as well as within your air fryer. To avoid this, add the sauce at the end.

Note: You can add sauce to plain chicken legs or seasoned or marinated chicken legs. Which you choose will depend on how much taste you want.

Air Fryer Frozen Breaded Chicken Drumsticks?

Can you use an air fryer to cook frozen breaded chicken drumsticks? Both yes and no.

The answer is no if you intend to bread your chicken while it is still frozen.

If, on the other hand, you’ve previously breaded the chicken and frozen it in that state, then absolutely! You can use an air fryer to cook your breaded chicken.

Continue reading to find out how!

Chicken Legs in the Air Fryer

So, how long will all of this take? It didn’t take long!

However, because frozen chicken legs are, well, frozen, it may take a bit longer to cook them in the air fryer.

In this section, we’ll go through how long it will take your chicken legs to cook in the air fryer at a certain temperature.

So, let’s get started.

Is it a “Thing” to cook frozen chicken legs in the air fryer? Totally!

So, now that you know how easy it is to make a chicken leg dinner with little to no effort, we hope you’ll consider trying our recipe. When you don’t have anything scheduled, this quick and easy air fryer chicken leg dinner is a lifesaver. Just remember to season or marinate your frozen chicken legs to bring out the taste!

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How long does it take to cook frozen chicken legs in an air fryer?

In the air fryer, cook the chicken legs for 30-40 minutes at 360F/180C. You must turn them halfway through. Use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of your chicken legs to ensure they are properly done.

What foods pair well with chicken legs?

Because chicken legs are so adaptable, they can be matched with a wide variety of side dishes. Fresh lemon asparagus, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, a snappy salad, or creamy potato salad are all good options. The possibilities are nearly limitless!



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