German Cuisine – Overview of Traditional German Food History

Traditional German Cuisine German Food

German cuisine is the national cuisine of Germany. It is a combination of different regional and local cuisines. Germany is a part of central Europe and is a part of cultural regions with some neighbouring countries like Bavaria, Swabia, Swiss.

Traditional German Cuisine German Food
A Traditional German Cuisine

Germany is a country full of delights. Its cuisine is generally considered as fatty and stodgy. German cuisine varies by regions on the basis of mountains, seas, plains, transportation etc.

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German Cuisines History

German cuisines in previous time –

There were some techniques used in ancient time to preserve food like salting, curing, pickling. Ancient spices which were majorly used earlier were parsley,  celery, dill. Oats and rye were veru common at that time. Some traditional German dishes were roasted meats, roastes pork, braised pork. One of the popular dishes at that time was Schnitzel which is usually a German technique of preparing meat in the form of cutlets.

German cuisine in modern time –

In present scenario also Germany uses some of the ancient techniques for preparing meat, beef, lamb and pork. Some of the popular spices in modern time are junipers berry, mustard, horseradish etc.

German Cuisine History Delicious Cuisine

Structure of Meal :-

Germany people usually prefer to have toast, bread, jam, cheese, butter in their breakfast. Common drinks are tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice. Commonly people here used to present their dish with hearty toppings at breakfast made from ham, meat, meat based spreads.

Lunch are their main meal while at the time of dinner they used to prefer a light diet just like meat, sausages, breads, some vegetables, sandwiches.

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Few German Cuisine Below

Some Common Foods :-

Meat :- German people loved to consume meat as a result annual meat consumption is around 59.7 kg which is usually in the forms of poultry, pork and beefs. Various methods they use to cook meat like braising meat, marinating meat, storing meat for several days in vinegar or wine vinegar.

Sausages are very famous in German cuisine and there are around 1500 varieties of sausage.

German Meat

Fish :- Various sea fish like fresh herring, salmon, sardines are used all over the country. Alaska pollock one of the salt water fish is very common in German.

Delicious Fish in Germany

Vegetables :- Vegetables in Germany is usually used as soup or stews. These are served as side dish. Some common vegetables are carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, spinach, peas, broccoli and beans.

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Spices :- Some common spices are parsley, thyme, laurel, black peppers, mustard, juniper berries, nutmeg, cardamom, basil, sage, oregano, hot chili peppers, horseradish, garlic, onions.

German Herbs and Spices

Some Famous German Cuisines

Königsberger klopse :- It is a very delicious dish made from meatballs dipped in white sauce.

Königsberger klopse Delicious German Cuisine

Meatballs are made from minced veal, onions, eggs, spices and anchovies.

Maultaschen :- It is a dish just like ravioli but bigger in size. It is a square pocket of dough with filling made from minced meat, bread crumbs, onions, spinach.

Maultaschensuppe Spicy German Dish

Döner kebab :- It is a dish made from meat, onions, salads, vegetables and variety of sauces.

Döner kebab Tasty Recipie

Rouladen :- It is a dish made from a combination of bacon, onions, mustard, pickles which are wrapped together in slices beef.

Rouladen An Authentic German Cuisine

Himmel un ääd :- It is a dish made from fried onions, black pudding, mashed potatoes and apple sauce.

Saumagen :- It is dish made from the stomach of pig. This stomach of pig is used as a casing for stuffing of carrots, onions, potatoes, nutmeg, white pepper, pork.

Reibekuchen :-This is a very popular dish of German cuisine generally made in the form of pancakes from fried potatoes. These are known by many different names like reibeplätzchen, reiberdatschi, grumbeerpannekuche, kartoffelpuffer etc.

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