Halal Gummies? 11+ List of Gummies with Amazing Facts?

Special Halal Gummies

Looking for halal gummies? If you reside in a non-muslim nation or in the west (the United States and Canada), it might be difficult to find halal candies to consume if you follow a halal diet.

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Companies in the United States and Canada frequently employ substances like hog gelatin or beef gelatin that has not been killed in line with Islamic law.

It might be difficult to browse among hundreds of candies at Walmart in search of one brand with no problematic or haram ingredients.

Special Halal Gummies
Halal Gummies

I’ve developed a list of halal gummies to assist ease some of this tension.

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It’s important to note that none of the companies listed below are halal certified, however the ingredients in the gummies listed below have been inspected for known haram substances or are halal by nature because the most of them are vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Halal Gummy Bears

Where Can I Buy Halal Gummy Brand?

List of Halal Gummies

  1. Gummy Bears from Haribo (Made in Turkey)
  2. Strawberries from Sour Patch Kids
  3. Gummy Sharks Assorted by Kervan
  4. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
  5. Vegan Red Berries by Luehders Gummi
  6. Low Sugar Sour Fruit Gummy Bears
  7. Pink Panda Gummy Bears
  8. Organic Wholesome Cinnamon Bears
  9. Sweet Fish Smart Sweets
  10. Yum Earth Organic Fruit Snack Gummies
  11. Swedish Flounder
  12. Jujyfruits
  13. Gummies with Swedish Berries from Maynards

How to Determine Whether a Gummy Brand Is Halal or Not

You may be asking how these individuals know that these Gummies are halal.

It all boils down to a few key components to keep an eye out for.

Here are the essential things to check for when determining if the pack of gummies you want to consume is halal or not.

  1. Pectin vs. Gelatin

Gummy bears and other sweets frequently include gelatin and pectin. They have no flavor or color and dissolve in warm water. It is responsible for the gummy’s jelly-like texture.

Gelatin is made from pieces of fish, hog, or cow. Companies who create gummies in the United States and Canada, on the other hand, generally utilize pig gelatin, which Muslims are not permitted to ingest.

Only if the cow or calf was slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law is beef gelatin declared halal. If you want to understand more about the process of halal slaughtering, see our latest piece, How Halal Meat Is Slaughtered and Prepared.

Kosher gelatin in gummy bears is uncommon, however it is usually halal for Muslims to ingest. If you’re curious, we created an article about whether Kosher Gelatin is halal or not!

Pectin is a naturally occurring component in jellies, jams, and gummies that performs the same function as gelatin in providing the jelly-like structure.

Pectin, unlike gelatin, is always vegan and halal because it is produced from apples and citrus fruits (source)

2. Ethanol Alcohol

Although it may not be visible, some firms utilize alcohol when making gummies.

Some Muslims do not object since they feel that little amounts of alcohol (used to prepare food or for fermentation) are permitted to eat because ingesting a large amount of it is insufficient to intoxicate you (source).

Others, though, disagree.

If you’re on the fence, it’s best to avoid it entirely.

According to the ingredients specified on the label, the halal gummies above do not contain any traces of alcohol.

  1. Vegan Gummies Without Alcohol Are Safe To Consume

This should be self-explanatory. If the Gummy bears you want to eat don’t contain any alcohol (and many gummy bears don’t), you’re fine to consume them!

  1. It is permissible for Muslims to consume fish gelatin.

The bulk of fish is halal for Muslims to eat, according to most Islamic experts from all four Islamic sects. Fish gelatin is commonly seen in gummy bears and other sweets.

So, as long as you can check that the Gummy bears only contain fish gelatin, you’re fine to go!

If you’re seeking for more halal snacks, check out our comprehensive list of halal chips to add to your snack collection!

Learn more about whether or not tuna, shrimp, and crab are considered halal.

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