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Happy Fathers Day 2021 Dinner Ideas

Happy Fathers Day 2021. This Father’s Day surprise your dad with homemade special recipes. If your father is not aware of your culinary skill, then this is the best occasion to cook something delicious for him. What fathers want is to spend quality time with their families and have some special time. You can make it more amazing by planning a gala dinner with homemade recipes that will taste ‘finger-licking good’.

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happy fathers day 2021

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What special can you prepare for Happy Fathers Day dinner? We are here today to share some of the exciting and yummiest recipes that you can cook at home on Father Day. Takes from these and make everyone happy, especially your dad.

Special Happy Fathers Day 2021 Lunch Ideas

  • Lamb/Mutton Curry

When the aroma of onion, ginger, and garlic are mixed up with the richness of mutton, you get the most authentic lamb/mutton curry. You can prepare the dish with both types of meat. If you use the boneless meat and marinate it in spices and curd for an hour or so, the rich and saucy meat will leave an incredible taste on your palette. Serve it hot with plain rice or flatbread to your father and he will love it the most.

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Lamb/Mutton Curry happy fathers day 2021
  • Pizza with Twist

A family-sized authentic pizza with a glass of wine can set the mood for the perfect Happy Fathers Day dinner. But, you can make it even more unique by adding some twist to the recipe. How about preparing tandoori chicken pizza? Marinade the chicken with spices, lemon juice, etc. and prepare the tandoori chicken first. You can also prepare this recipe with tandoori paneer or soya if your father is a vegetarian. The aroma will make him hungry!

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Pizza With Twist Fathers Day 2021
  • Hara Bhara Kebab

You will find lots of kebab recipes and can prepare those at home. But, today we are sharing this vegetarian kebab for people who think kebabs are only for the non-vegetarians. Prepare it at home and serve your father as the starter in dinner. There won’t be anything better than this to commence the wonderful dinner on this occasion. You will require soaked chana dal, garlic, ginger, green chillies, and other spices to prepare it. To add more creaminess to it, you can add paneer. Happy Fathers Day.

Hara Bhara Kebab

Few More Happy Fathers Day 2021 Dinner Ideas

  • Rava Dosa

Want to have something different on Father’s Day? Why don’t you try Rava dosa? While preparing a special dinner on Father’s Day, you should also take care of your dad’s health. Prepare something light and tasty for him. Rava dosa can be the perfect recipe. Pair it with coconut chutney and hot sambar and make your dad happy.

Rava Dosa Happy Fathers Day 2021
  • Restaurant-style Steak at Home

Are you confused about preparing Happy Fathers Day? Surprise him with a perfect restaurant-style steak at home. Follow the right recipe to prepare a perfect steak, crispy from the outside and juicy from inside. If you have a cast-iron pan, cooking a steak will be easy. Go for a sirloin steak as it can be cooked in little oil, butter to grease, and aromatic seasonings. Your dad will forget his favourite steakhouse if you prepare it at home.

Restaurant-style Steak at Home Happy Fathers Day

One Speciality for Fathers Day 2021

  • Triple Schezwan Rice

Do you want to make a one-pot preparation for your father for Happy Fathers Day dinner? This is the best recipe you can prepare if you have a shortage of time. This is an Indo-Chinese dish where noodles and rice are cooked in Schezwan sauce, vegetables, different types of spices, and served piping hot. You won’t need any side dish with this wholesome recipe.

Triple Schezwan Rice

So, here are some of the exciting Happy Fathers Day dinner ideas that you can try this year. You can also be creative and prepare experimental dishes to make your old man happy.

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