Harry Potter Cupcakes? How to Make Harry Potter Cupcakes?

Harry Potter Cupcakes

Harry Potter Cupcakes? Happily, making Harry Potter cupcakes is easier than you might have thought. Additionally, there are a tonne of alternatives you can explore or try out! There will be something in this article for you whether you’re preparing Harry Potter birthday cupcakes or Harry Potter baby shower cupcakes. Having said that, let’s ride the train to Hogwarts to look for the best cupcake inspiration!

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Harry Potter Cupcakes
Harry Potter Cupcakes

Ideas for Harry Potter Cupcakes

1) Harry Potter cake decorations

Whether they are Harry Potter-themed or not, cake toppers are perhaps the simplest method to quickly improve any cupcake. What else can you do to raise them even higher, in your opinion? Well… You can produce them on your own!

The YouTube channel Krazy Kool Cakes And Designs posted this instructional video showing how to make six different Harry Potter-inspired cake toppers. Harry Potter Cupcakes To top it all off (intentionally), these cupcake toppers are entirely edible! Although I prefer these alcoholic cupcakes, they might not be the ideal option if you’re making them for a kid’s party. Add these toppers to your favourite cupcake recipe.

Look under “Other Harry Potter DIYs” for links to pre-made cupcake toppers if you want cake toppers but don’t want to deal with the effort of making them. Even while not all of them are edible, they are more quicker and easier to use than homemade alternatives.

2) Hat Cupcake Sorting

These sorting hat cupcakes are maybe the most inventive of the bunch, and they don’t take as much time to make as all the various edible cupcake toppings. Harry Potter Cupcakes They are designed such that when you bite into one, the filling’s colour reveals your house. Again created sorting hats are used to top off the cupcakes.

You can purchase non-edible sorting hat cake toppers online if you don’t want to make these by hand. You can choose to omit the house-filling and construct only the sorting hat. You may find instructions for making Harry Potter sorting hat cupcakes in the Tastemade post I just provided a link to.

3) Butterbeer cupcakes inspired by Harry Potter

The flavours of Hogwarts are brought to you in the form of a charming miniature fairy cake by butterbeer cupcakes. The coolest part about this is that any Harry Potter-inspired decorating can be made using a butter beer cupcake recipe! Harry Potter Cupcakes There are several possibilities available to you if you wish to combine two ideas you’ve seen on the list. The finest recipe I’ve seen for butterbeer sorting hat cupcakes is this one, but there are many others, including instructions for preparing butter beer frostings. But more on that coming up!

4) Cakes from the Harry Potter houses

It’s simple to make some changes if you want to learn how to bake Harry Potter house reveal cupcakes but aren’t the greatest fan of the sorting hat cupcake ideas. Harry Potter Cupcakes Simply adhere to your preferred recipe from the list below Number 2, but omit the sorting hat. To cover the colours underneath, top with your preferred toppers or just ice.

The insides can also be changed to whatever filling you like; while it’s usual to use different-colored M&Ms, you can use any candy or icing for this.

5) Simple Harry Potter cupcake recipes

If you’re still unsure of what you want for your cupcakes, the Craft Factory video below has some novel suggestions. This even contains a fondant-covered cupcake with a mandrake theme! Look at what you can do to give your Harry Potter cupcakes some diversity.

Additional Harry Potter baking projects

If your cupcakes still seem to be lacking something, have a look at our list of additional supplies you may buy to round out your Harry Potter-themed birthday celebration. Harry Potter Cupcakes Consider these themed birthday party kits as an alternative.

1) Birthday Candles or Not!

These Harry Potter house candles are ideal for any occasion, but they will especially enhance birthday celebrations. There are many more options available if you’re seeking for something slightly different. I enjoy these adorable Cinereplica character candles.

2) Premade wafers and toppers

You’re in luck if you’d prefer to purchase pre-made cake toppers! Harry Potter Cupcakes They have the largest variety and are most likely the easiest thing to find. House wafers, cake decorations for birthdays, and even more edible movie wafers are readily available.

3) Cake wraps

Cake wrappers are a simple method to give your cake a slightly more polished appearance. Wrap this reusable ribbon cake wrapper around the side of your birthday cake to conceal the layers of filling!

There are other Harry Potter-themed ideas in addition to the multiple home one I’ve shared above, including ones for individual houses.


1) Prepare your cupcakes first.

The first stage largely depends on the materials you have available; if you’ve chosen to make your own cupcakes, I’d suggest using a Harry Potter-inspired flavouring. Harry Potter Cupcakes If you bought a pack of cupcakes, you could also choose to do this with the frosting in place of the cake. Use this butterbeer buttercream recipe to keep your cupcake frosting in character.

2) Get Ready for Snitches

Once your cupcakes are prepared and frosted, allow them to cool while you complete the next procedures. Remove the “Ferrero Rocher” stickers from each of your candies to start assembling your snitches. Then take off the brown wrappers so each bonbon is now simply a tiny golden ball.

3) Make The Wings

Take a toothpick, your preferred adhesive, the paper, and your snitch-to-be to create the wings. You don’t need to be concerned about the next step if you choose to utilise these golden snitch wings from Amazon. The paper should be folded and cut into long semicircles before the toothpicks are glued or taped into the interior fold. Keep a portion of the toothpick sticking out. After everything is in place, cut strips into the bottom half of the wings as seen in the image above. All that’s left to do is attach them!

4) Finishing Up By Attaching The Wings

The next step is to attach the wings to the bonbons, whether they are the paper version from Amazon or not. Simply insert the toothpick ends of both wings into either side of the snitch to attach the toothpick wings. If you’re using the golden wings from Amazon, attach them to the top of the Ferrero balls with some double-sided tape. Simply set your informants on the cupcakes as the last step. That’s all there is to it, really! Serve them alongside Harry Potter biscuits decorated to resemble Hogwarts admission letters.

Cupcakes Inspired by Harry Potter: What Do I Do?

Making DIY-themed cupcakes has the advantage that there is no end to your (or others’…) ingenuity. If you really want to go all out, you could even make house-reveal butter beer-flavored cupcakes with matching frosting and custom-made Harry Potter edible toppers. The ease of pre-made cake toppers, wrappers, wafers, and party packs at your disposal is fantastic if you’re too busy preparing all the other things that go along with a themed party. Either way, everyone benefits.

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