Healthier Alternatives Food Replacement Hacks for Better Health

Healthier Alternatives Food Replacement Hacks for Better Health

Searching for Healthier Alternatives? It can be difficult to eat healthily at every meal, but even just switching out some of your regular cupboard items with healthier ones can make a significant difference!

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When we’re hungry, we usually grab what’s around. And we position ourselves for nutritional success by always having a variety of healthful eating options.

Healthier Alternatives Food Replacement Hacks for Better Health
Healthier Alternatives Food Replacement Hacks for Better Health

Healthier Alternatives Best Food Substitutes

That does not imply that flavour must be forgone. Some of these healthier alternatives taste even better and have more flavour than the things they’ve replaced!

It also doesn’t imply that you have to completely exclude particular items out of your diet. The idea is to create healthier habits by maintaining a balanced diet and making a habit of choosing nutrient-dense foods.

These 18 meal replacement tips make it simple to consume a nutritious diet. Healthier Alternatives

1. Use Quinoa in Place of White Rice

While quinoa offers you an additional boost of fibre, protein, and minerals like iron and zinc, white rice isn’t inherently unhealthy because it has more calories and carbohydrates than quinoa.1.

Though it resembles grains, quinoa is actually a seed from the goosefoot plant, a member of the same family as beets and spinach.

It works nicely in a wide variety of recipes and is a very delicious and nutritious superfood option for rice. Healthier Alternatives An 8 oz cup of cooked quinoa provides 8 g of protein. In addition to being abundant in fiber—5 g per cup—it also contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc..

Try it in this delectable Slow Cooker Vegetarian Quinoa Soup or Quinoa Meatballs dish.

2. Use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in coconut oil metabolise quickly to provide immediate energy.2. It works well for high-temperature cooking and sautéing vegetables.

In addition, you can try it in keto coffee recipes, pop popcorn with it, put it on toast in place of butter, and add it to smoothies.

Use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil
Use coconut oil in place of butter or vegetable oil

As with any fat or oil, watch how many calories you eat overall. Healthier Alternatives However, if you’re just using coconut oil in place of your regular cooking oil, the amount of calories shouldn’t change significantly. A tablespoon of most oils and fats contains 100–140 calories.3.

See our post on 50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Better Your Life for additional fantastic uses of coconut oil, and give our 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil a try.

3. Use Greek yoghurt in place of sour cream.

We mean business! It’s surprising that you probably won’t notice if your taco has Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream on it.

Use Greek yoghurt in place of sour cream
Use Greek yoghurt in place of sour cream

Just be sure not to get the flavoured variety; always get the plain sort. Add some lemon and hot sauce to really spice it up.

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What are the advantages? Greek yoghurt has a lot of protein and probiotics, which help maintain a healthy immune system and digestive system.4

4. Popcorn in Place of Potato Chips Healthier Alternatives

Classic potato chips include 160 calories, 10 g fat, and 15 g carbs every 28 g serving.12 And that just applies to regular 1 ounce bags. Out of a larger bag of chips, how many people actually count their chips?

The amount of calories in 4.5 cups of air-popped popcorn is less than that of one serving of chips.

A cup of air-popped popcorn only has 31 calories! Popcorn is also higher in fibre and protein, and you may alter the flavour by adding your favourite seasoning.

5. Use almonds in place of croutons

What salad lover doesn’t enjoy a little crunch? We certainly get that from croutons, but not much more.

On the other hand, almonds are extremely nutrient-dense, containing 13 different vitamins and minerals, as well as fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E!

Use almonds in place of croutons
Use almonds in place of croutons

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Make it count the next time you want to give your salad a little crunch! Stale bread should be replaced with one ounce of excellent almonds.

Before adding almonds to your salad, you can give them some flavour by tossing them in your preferred seasonings.

6. Use coconut flour in place of flour Healthier Alternatives

Coconut flour is one of our favourite flour substitutes, but wheat flour alternatives are also quite beneficial even if you’re not going gluten-free. Healthier Alternatives The ingredient is finely crushed, dried coconut meat.

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Compared to other nut flours, coconut flour contains less carbohydrates and eleven times the fibre and protein of wheat flour.Thirteen Because of its airy, light texture, it works well in baking, especially for pastries.

Use coconut flour in place of flour Healthier Alternatives
Use coconut flour in place of flour Healthier Alternatives

7. Use Stevia in Place of Sugar

Unlike other artificial sweeteners, stevia is natural. It’s a plant!

Since the sixteenth century, stevia has been used to sweeten drinks; its leaves have even been used to brew tea.5.

Since stevia is 200–300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar, a small amount goes a long way and it contains almost no calories.5.

Use Stevia in Place of Sugar
Use Stevia in Place of Sugar

Use it to add sweetness to your tea, coffee, oatmeal, or any other food that you would typically sweeten with powdered sugar. Just watch how much you add until you find the right amount of sweetness. It requires very little!

It’s the ideal herbal substitute for sugar and is available in liquid form as well!

8. Use Himalayan salt instead of table salt Healthier Alternatives

Rock salt from an ancient seabed in the Himalayas is extracted to produce pink Himalayan salt.Six

Similar to table salt, pink Himalayan salt is mostly composed of sodium chloride, although it also has trace amounts of 84 other minerals and trace elements.

Use Himalayan salt instead of table salt Healthier Alternatives
Use Himalayan salt instead of table salt Healthier Alternatives

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You’ll probably need less Himalayan salt than conventional table salt because it has larger crystals, less sodium per teaspoon, and a saltier flavour.Six

Additionally, Himalayan salt is not subjected to the extensive processing that is required of most table salts.Six

Try Himalayan crystal salt and make your own conclusions. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever want to use ordinary salt again!

9. Use chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs Healthier Alternatives

When it comes to recipes like meatballs or meatloaf that require a little assistance adhering together, chia seeds are a great substitute for breadcrumbs. These superfood seeds have a 27-fold water absorption capacity!7.

They can also be ground or left whole and used as breading, either alone or in combination with other ingredients.

We enjoy using chia seeds as a breading for oven-baked fish or chicken by combining them with chopped almonds or shredded coconut.

Use chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs Healthier Alternatives
Use chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs Healthier Alternatives

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Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre, iron, calcium, and even protein are all abundant in chia seeds.

Chia seeds may also be used to smoothies as a tasty addition, so breading isn’t the only method to use them!

There is no nutritional difference between black and white chia seeds, despite their availability in different forms. You are welcome to combine them to give your dishes a unique touch.

10. Use cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips.

For a healthy option, try cocoa nibs, which are chocolate in its purest form, instead than processed, sweet chocolate chips. Healthier Alternatives The rich taste of cocoa nibs gives baked products, trail mixes, smoothies, and other foods a nuanced, mouthwatering chocolate flavour. They also make a great snack right out of the bag!

Use cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips
Use cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips

Not only are cocoa nibs a tasty treat, but they are also incredibly nutritious! They provide you with iron, magnesium, fibre, antioxidants, and even have the potential to improve your mood and cognitive function!8

11. Use Romaine in place of Iceberg Healthier Alternatives

While all leafy salad greens are low in calories, several varieties are better for you nutritionally. In the battle of nutrients, Romaine consistently outperforms Iceberg.

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With 11 times more carotenoid vitamin A than iceberg, romaine lettuce is high in nutrients.9. In addition, romaine has more than five times the concentration of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which enhance vision, than iceberg. Romaine is also a richer source of vitamin K.9.

12. Use olive oil and vinegar in place of ranch dressing

Have you ever looked at the ranch dressing bottle’s ingredients list on the back? More than 20 chemicals and preservatives—many of which most of us can’t even pronounce—are present in the majority of ranch dressing varieties.

When low-fat and fat-free choices incorporate artificial sweeteners, the situation becomes increasingly trickier.

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Instead, why not use olive oil and balsamic vinegar salad dressing to keep it easy, healthful, and tasty? For extra flavour, you can also add fresh herbs like parsley and garlic.

13. Use mustard instead of mayo

Not every dish benefits from this meal replacement trick, but mayo is known for having a lot of fat and calories. Healthier Alternatives It’s wise to choose a different condiment when you have the option.

There are many delectable varieties of mustard to sample, including honey & dill flavoured mustard and organic dijon mustard. Mustard is very low in calories and plenty of flavour!

14. Use unprocessed almond butter instead of processed peanut butter.

While the number of calories in processed peanut butter is identical, it adds additional sugars and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

On the nutritional front, almond butter still triumphs over peanut butter, even when it is all-natural and raw.

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Almond butter is a healthier alternative to an outdated pantry staple that provides more vitamins and minerals, less saturated fat, more fibre, and less sugar per serving.

15. Use almond milk in place of milk.

There is no shortage of options for plant-based milks, which are in style right now. Oat milk, rice milk, cashew milk, and more are all available.

However, almond milk’s creamy texture and delightfully mild, nutty flavour have made it a favourite.

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Almond milk without sugar has fewer calories and doesn’t have any cholesterol, saturated fat, or lactose. If you switch from cow’s milk to almond milk, be sure to obtain your calcium from other sources because almond milk, unlike cow’s milk, does not contain calcium unless it is supplemented.

Aside from the taste and calorie savings, one of our favourite things about converting to almond milk is how simple it is to prepare at home.

16. Use tea instead of soda Healthier Alternatives

You undoubtedly sense that a soda isn’t the ideal option when it comes to beverages, but do you know why? In addition to having little nutritional benefit, a 12-ounce serving of regular soda comprises 155 calories and 37 grammes of sugar. Healthier Alternatives Moreover, diet sodas aren’t any superior!

Studies have connected soda drinking to a number of health issues, including weight gain, cardiac problems, and poor teeth and bones.11

Therefore, the next time you feel like having a Coke, choose tea that is high in antioxidants instead.

You can never grow tired of tea because it comes in a plethora of flavours and kinds. You can keep decaf and caffeinated herbal teas on hand at any time of day or night, and you can drink it hot or iced and sweetened.

Try making some chai tea, then top it off with some almond milk and stevia for a tasty treat that resembles dessert!

17. Swap out sports beverages for coconut water

When it comes to sugar-filled beverages, sports drinks are a big culprit. It’s crucial to stay hydrated when exercising, but you can do it more effectively without the 34 grammes of sugar found in a bottle of the most popular sports drink.

Mother Nature’s sports drink is coconut water. In addition to magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and naturally occurring salt, a cup of coconut water contains 600 mg of potassium, an electrolyte.14

Coconut water has only 6 g of sugar and a number of other nutrients. Stock up on coconut water for a healthier method to hydrate and replace electrolytes because it is naturally sweet and delicious.

18. Use Fruit-Infused Water in Place of Fruit Juice Healthier Alternatives

Fruit juice offers benefits, so we’re not advocating that you avoid it completely. But you should monitor how much fruit juice you drink each day if you’re managing your calorie and sugar intake.

As you’ll receive more fibre and other nutrients that way, it would actually be preferable to consume the fruit whole rather than as juice.

Try substituting fruit-infused water for your fruit juice when it comes to fruity drinks. It’s incredibly simple to prepare at home and tastes just as good without the added calories and sugar of juice. For some fantastic ideas, read Water for the Win: Benefits of Water, Plus 5 Water Infusions to Try.

Final Conclusion Healthier Alternatives

In conclusion, making small changes to one’s diet can have a significant impact on overall health. By incorporating healthier food replacements, individuals can reduce their intake of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar, sodium, and saturated fats. Healthier Alternatives This can lead to improved weight management, better heart health, and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Embracing these simple food hacks can set the stage for long-term health and well-being.

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