How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge? – Full Guide

How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge

Wants to Know How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge? Are you thinking of adding artichokes to your dish to give it that amazing flavour that artichokes provide? Perhaps you want to buy artichokes in quantity in order to save the hassle of having to go to the shop every time you need them.

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But how long can artichokes be stored for, and where is the best place to keep artichokes?

How long do artichokes keep in the refrigerator? Artichokes may be kept in the fridge for 5 to 7 days before turning bad if stored properly. Generally, storing artichokes after they have been cooked allows them to survive longer in the fridge than storing them raw.

How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge
How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge

The condition of the artichoke before buying is critical for preservation. Temperature, quality, and “best-by” dates are all variables in determining how long artichokes will last in storage.

If you want to keep your artichokes at room temperature, put them in a dark, out-of-the-way spot away from direct sunshine. They can be preserved this manner for about 3 to 4 days, while they can be stored in the fridge for about a week.

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How to Tell if Your Artichokes Are Bad

Artichokes are sensitive and have a short lifespan; but, if managed properly, the lifespan of an artichoke can be extended.

If you’ve been storing your artichokes for a while and are concerned about their edibility, there are certain distinguishing characteristics you may check for to determine if the artichoke is edible or not.

Artichoke Lasting life
Artichoke Lasting life

Artichoke with loose leaves or open holes in the center

Artichokes have leaves that are tight and compressed. Normally, the artichoke’s core is closed. So, if you detect loose leaves or a hole in the core of an artichoke, it might be a sign that the artichoke is rotten.

How Long Do Artichokes Last in the Fridge

Leaves that have split or shrunk at the tip

When artichokes are stored for an extended length of time, they will naturally begin to dry out. While certain plants are finest eaten when they are dried, artichokes are best eaten while they are fresh.

Experts have established methods and tactics to assure proper preservation of artichokes over the years, although artichokes will still degrade with time.

If you find that the leaves of an artichoke have shriveled, this is a frequent indicator that the artichoke has gone bad and is drying out.

Artichoke long Lasts
Artichoke long Lasts

When the Artichoke Has a Light Feeling

Artichokes are often hefty depending on their size, and they are typically damp in nature. Artichokes begin to dry up and lose weight as they age. This is a frequent symptom for cooked, oiled, and raw artichokes and indicates that the artichoke is poor.

However, an artichoke passes through many phases of drying, but when an artichoke is exceedingly light, it signals significant damage.

When Squeezing an Artichoke Feels Spongy

When you squeeze an artichoke, it should feel juicy. However, when an artichoke is crushed, the leaves should squeak a little time when dried; they will feel spongy when squeezed.

When an artichoke becomes spongy when pressed, it may be an indicator that the artichoke has gone rotten.

How Long Does Artichoke Lasts
How Long Does Artichoke Lasts

Artichoke with Severe Discoloration

It is normal for an artichoke to lose some of its coloration. When artichokes come into touch with air, they lose their color, but this does not always indicate they are no longer edible or harmful. When this symptom becomes severe, it may suggest that the artichoke has gone bad.

So, if you observe discoloration, it is strongly advised that you use a reserve technique to keep your artichoke from going bad.

How to Keep Artichokes in the Fridge for a Longer Period of Time

The lifespan of an artichoke can be extended by putting it in the refrigerator. Raw artichokes, on the other hand, might be difficult to store in the fridge because their lifespan is only slightly extended by this way.

You may, however, store your artichokes in the refrigerator by placing them in a plastic bag or other storage containers. While keeping in the fridge, a nice method is to sprinkle a little water on the artichokes to assist maintain a moist environment for proper preservation.

Artichokes can also be refrigerated in lemon ice and kept in the fridge until needed.

Before storing your artichokes in the refrigerator or freezer, consider the following:

Take out the choke and the outer leaves.

It is critical to remove the choke and outer leaves of the artichoke before storing it. This will make sufficient storage easier and encourage a longer lifespan.

Cold water should be used to wash the artichoke.

Since you prepare the reserve, it is critical that you wash the artichoke to eliminate debris and dirt, as this dirt might promote mold development. However, it is recommended to wash the artichoke in cold water because veggies are fragile and warm water might shorten their lifetime.

Artichoke should be blanched.

Blanching the artichoke is a good technique to keep it fresh. This is accomplished by sprinkling the artichoke with lemon juice and ascorbic acid. The artichoke is then removed and dried with a paper towel.

This procedure aids in the preservation of the artichoke by preventing discoloration.


When buying artichokes at the store, make sure to inspect the artichoke’s physical appearance and check the best-by date. The longevity of an artichoke is determined by the technique of preservation used.

If you plan to store your artichoke outside the fridge, keep it away from direct sunlight. In most circumstances, the cool temperatures of the fridge and freezer are ideal conditions for an artichoke to help it live longer.

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