How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening?

How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening

How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening? Being aware of food hygiene and best practices is essential for success in the kitchen, regardless of the type of food you are dealing with. If you have opened chicken broth, you should know how to treat it and how long it should last before it needs to be used up.

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How long does chicken broth keep after being opened? As long as the chicken broth is kept in the refrigerator at all times, it should last three to four days before going bad. Some claim it will last five days, but you should use it by the fourth day at the very latest. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening Make a note of it so you can remember when it was opened.

How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening
How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening

Is it possible for chicken broth to spoil?

Some chicken broth contains a lot of salt, which may make you worry if it actually goes bad. After all, salt is a natural and excellent preservative that aids in the preservation of food. However, once opened, chicken broth will spoil and should be used within a few days.

Because it contains meat, it is critical to treat opened chicken broth as if it were a meat product. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening If it is left for too long before being eaten, or if it is not handled properly, it may hold deadly bacteria.

Chicken broth that has not been opened should keep for several years, especially if stored in a container. It has been sealed to keep bacteria at bay, and as you are surely aware, canned food has an extraordinarily extended shelf life.

Even bottled chicken soup has the potential to spoil. However, this is uncommon unless the can has been destroyed and the seal has been ruined.

How Can You Tell If Your Chicken Broth Is Bad?

Chicken soup that has gone bad may have mold particles on the surface or smell sour or stale. You could only detect a strange odor when you heat it. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening If in doubt, taste a small amount of the soup to test if it tastes sour.

Moldy chicken broth will usually display certain indications. The color and texture of the food may vary, as well as the taste. You might also notice that it smells strange.

How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening

However, you should not rely just on your senses to determine chicken soup; bacteria might exist without causing obvious symptoms. If you are doubtful, it is best not to eat anything, even if it does not appear or taste off.

Eating moldy chicken soup could make you really ill, so proceed with caution and err on the side of caution. Even though it appears to be fine, it is recommended to throw it out if it has been in the fridge for more than five days or has been kept at room temperature.

How Should Chicken Broth Be Stored?

Chicken broth should be refrigerated as soon as it is opened. If you purchased it in a can, consider first decanting it into another container with a lid. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening Even if you purchased it in another container, it is a good idea to transfer it to an airtight container before refrigerating it.

If you haven’t opened the chicken broth yet, you can keep it in a cool, dark cabinet. If necessary, follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that it is stored properly.

As soon as you open the chicken broth, move what you aren’t using to a clean container, cover it, and store it in the fridge. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening Rather than leaving it out on the counter, keep it in there at all times.

If you keep the broth out at room temperature for too long, it will spoil and you will have to discard it.

What About Making Your Own Chicken Broth?

How long will this persist if many individuals create their own chicken broth at home? How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening? It is best to treat it as if it were opened store bought chicken broth, or even more carefully.

Although your homemade chicken broth may be fresher than a recently opened store-bought can, it does not contain as many preservatives or additives. Without these, it may not last very long when stored, thus it is critical to keep it in the fridge.

You should not keep homemade chicken broth in your pantry. It is not securely sealed, and bacteria are likely to spread throughout the soup. It should not be kept at room temperature at any time.

If you want to make homemade chicken broth last longer, you can freeze it. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening It’s best to freeze it in little pieces so you may just take out what you need at a time.

What If You Forgot About the Chicken Broth on the Counter?

If you have left chicken broth out on the counter for a few hours by accident, it is not a good idea to put it in the fridge or try to eat it. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening Bacteria will quickly spread throughout the broth at room temperature, rendering it unsafe to store or eat.

This is true even if you reheat it; reheating meat does not necessarily kill off any bacteria that has begun to spread within the dish.

Although it is possible to reheat meat properly, it is not recommended and could make you very sick. How Long Does Chicken Broth Last After Opening If you leave chicken broth out at room temperature for more than a couple of hours, it should be discarded.


After opening, chicken broth should keep in the fridge for up to four days. If the can is unbroken and stored in a cold, dark place, sealed chicken soup should survive for years. If you consume chicken broth that is over its expiration date or has visible symptoms of mold, you could become seriously ill, even if you heat it well.

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