How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge? Full Details

How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge

Did you know How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge? Do you have eggnog in your refrigerator? If so, you might be curious about how long it lasts and when you should throw it out.

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In the refrigerator, how long does eggnog last? In the refrigerator, eggnog typically keeps for around 7 days, however a number of factors, including the storage technique and the ingredients, might impact the shelf-life. Homemade eggnog might not keep as long as eggnog that you buy from a store.

How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge
How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge

How Long Lasts an Eggnog?

In the refrigerator, eggnog typically keeps for up to a week. Because some eggnog contains raw eggs, it must be properly stored below 40 degrees F to reduce the danger of salmonella illness. Many eggnog recipes also call for milk and cream. Never leave any form of eggnog out of the fridge or on the sideboard.

There are numerous varieties of eggnog, and canned eggnog has a far longer shelf life than fresh eggnog. But if you keep most eggnog out of the fridge for longer than two hours, or for an hour in warm weather, How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge it will most likely spoil.

No matter what kind of commercial eggnog you bought, the packaging should have an expiration date printed on it. Because eggnog can vary quite a bit depending on the ingredients, check this and pay more attention to it than the estimations provided here.

Preservative-infused eggnog will keep much longer, as would eggnog that hasn’t been opened. To use the eggnog by, you need therefore adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Eggnog will last longer if you store it in the rear of the refrigerator as opposed to the door. Products stored in your refrigerator door may not stay exceptionally cold because the temperature changes significantly as you open and close it. If you leave your eggnog in the entryway, How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge you can’t be sure that it will stay chilly enough to stay fresh.

What is the shelf life of homemade eggnog?

The eggnog you make at yourself will need to be consumed more quickly because it won’t have the same preservatives as eggnog from a store. However, to some extent, the alcohol determines how long it lasts. The duration will increase with the amount of alcohol added. How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge Use three days as your cutoff date for drinking low-alcohol eggnog.

Making eggnog at home involves using perishable goods, including dairy and eggs, which may easily turn into a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially problematic if you put raw egg in the beverage because there is a significant chance that salmonella bacteria will get into it.

Salmonella cannot survive in alcohol, though, so if you use a sizeable amount of alcohol in your eggnog, you should be able to avoid this risk and significantly extend the duration that you may preserve the eggnog.

As an illustration, a recipe for eggnog that calls for 1/2 cup of rum should keep in the fridge for around 3 days. Instead, substituting a full cup of rum will extend the shelf life of the identical recipe to a week or more.

For Christmas, some eggnog beverages are prepared as early as November, but if you decide to do this, be sure to find a reliable supplier for your recipe and review their storage recommendations. How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge Eggnog should not be kept longer than the recipe calls for, especially if you plan to serve it to visitors.

How Can You Tell If the Eggnog Is Bad?

You should examine the smell, consistency, colour, and taste of the eggnog if you are concerned that it has gone bad. You can decide if it is still safe to drink or not using all of these factors.

By simply looking at the eggnog, you might be able to determine whether it has expired. Check the eggnog after removing it from the refrigerator. How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge To see both the consistency and the colour, tilt the container.

It is not advised to ingest eggnog that has become grey or darker yellow. A thick, creamy tint, midway between white and beige, is what eggnog should seem like. The eggnog has spoiled if it changes colour or takes on an additional hue.

It is also obvious that the eggnog has expired if it has lumped up or split in any way. The liquid ought to be silky and smooth, just like when it was first created.

If you’re still not sure about a batch of eggnog, give it a sniff and think about giving it a taste. The eggnog has gone bad and needs to be thrown out if it has a bad taste or a sour smell. How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge Get rid of the eggnog by spitting out the drink you tasted rather than ingesting it.

Can Eggnog Be Freezed?

Unsurprisingly, eggnog can be frozen. This is a common practise that can increase the shelf-life by about 6 months. However, you must place the eggnog in a container that is tightly closed.

In order to give the eggnog room to expand and avoid the container from splitting when it freezes, you need leave about half an inch or an inch of space at the top of the container. How Long Does Eggnog Last in the Fridge Make sure to seal it to lessen the chance that the drink will suffer from freezer burn.

Eggnog should be consumed within six months of freezing, else the texture may get destroyed. Before freezing an entire batch of eggnog, test your recipe on a little amount first because it can occasionally become lumpy in the freezer.

Final Conclusion

The shelf life of eggnog varies considerably depending on the amount of alcohol it contains, however you shouldn’t keep the majority of varieties more than 7 days in the refrigerator. Low-alcohol homemade eggnog should be consumed within a few of days to avoid becoming a breeding ground for unsavoury germs.

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