How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date?

How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date

How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date? Have you ever wondered how long you can keep chicken after its expiration date? This date does not necessarily indicate that it is time to discard your chicken, so in order to reduce food waste and save money, let’s look at how long it should be safe to consume for.

How long is chicken good once it has passed its sell-by date? According to the FDA, chicken can be kept for up to one or two days after its sell-by date. Using chicken that is one or two days over its sell-by date is a conservative estimate; you may be able to preserve chicken for longer, but be cautious. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Make sure to follow the use-by date listed on the box.

How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date
How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date

What Is the Meaning of the Sell-By Date?

The sell-by date on chicken, like all other sell-by dates, refers to the date when the store must discontinue exhibiting the meat for sale. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Retailers are not permitted to stock chicken after this date and may face severe fines if they do.

The likely date that the chicken will go bad determines the sell-by date. The objective is to keep the chicken from spoiling before you can eat it — to give the customer a sufficient period of time to safely use the chicken.

Food will usually outlast its sell-by date since a margin has been built into this date. However, you should still utilize it immediately because it will not last long and the sell-by date will be close to the expiry date.

Is it necessary to keep chicken in the refrigerator after it has passed its sell-by date?

Yes, whether it’s past its sell-by date or not, chicken should always be kept in the fridge. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Never keep chicken out at room temperature for more than two hours, or an hour if the temperature is above 90 degrees F. Bacteria will easily spread through meat, no matter how fresh it is.

As soon as you arrive home, put the chicken in the fridge. You should also try to pick it up near the conclusion of your supermarket excursion to prevent running extra errands afterwards. This reduces the amount of time the bird spends in a heated environment, which should help it keep better.

If you leave chicken at room temperature, it will spoil within hours and will not even make it to the expiration date. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Proper storage is essential if you want the chicken to survive as long as possible while remaining safe to eat. This is true for both raw and cooked chicken; it must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Is it possible to freeze chicken that has beyond its sell-by date?

You can, but you should do so as soon as possible. If the chicken is much past its sell-by date, it is no longer safe to freeze. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Freezing works by slowing bacterial growth, which it can do virtually forever, but it can not reverse bacterial growth.

The closer the chicken gets to its expiration date, the worse it will keep when frozen and thawed. If you freeze the chicken when it is about to expire, the time it takes to freeze and thaw the meat may make it dangerous to eat.

Ideally, you should freeze chicken before or on its expiration date. This means you’ll have greater flexibility when thawing it. Thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator or in cold water, never at room temperature, as it will go bad before it has thoroughly defrosted.

Whether you can’t use the sell-by date, how can you tell if the chicken has gone bad?

The sell-by date should not be used to verify chicken freshness; How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date however, if your chicken does not have a use-by date, you should evaluate its texture, appearance, and smell. As germs multiply in the meat, they begin to change its composition, affecting how it feels, looks, and smells.

Chicken that has gone bad often has a slimy texture, so lightly touch the skin and see how it feels. It should be solid and dry, rather than wet and sticky.

Smell the chicken as well. Fresh chicken should have a light scent, however aged chicken may have a sour, disagreeable odor. You may need to bring the chicken to room temperature before determining if it smells rotten or not.

Another clue is the appearance of the bird. It should be pink, with no black blotches or green, blue, or white patches. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date Mold flecks on the surface clearly indicate that the chicken has gone bad and should not be consumed.

How Reliable Are Sell-By Dates?

Sell-by dates are widely accepted as a “safe guess” rather than a scientific measure. They are designed to be a date when the meat is still safe to eat and will be safe to consume for at least another day or two.

Although a sell-by date is useful, you may also use your own discretion when it comes to chicken. How Long is Chicken Good For After Sell-By Date A later sell-by date should suggest that the meat will keep longer, but otherwise, sell-by dates are more relevant to the manufacturer than the consumer.


Chicken should be consumed within one or two days of its expiration date. Do not keep chicken for much longer, as this date indicates that it is nearing expiry and should be used up.

If you can’t use the chicken right away, freeze it as soon as possible after purchasing it, rather than waiting until it’s practically gone bad. When you thaw it, it will be fresher because you frozen it sooner.

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