How Long to Microwave Asparagus? How to Microwave?

How Long to Microwave Asparagus

How Long to Microwave Asparagus? Have you ever returned from the grocery wanting to enjoy fresh spring asparagus but being so exhausted that you don’t want to deal with the effort of setting them to boil or cooking them in the oven? The best way to cook asparagus is to steam it in the microwave.

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How long should you microwave asparagus? Microwave thin and medium-sized asparagus for 3 minutes to make absolutely delicate and tasty asparagus without turning on the burner.

How Long to Microwave Asparagus
How Long to Microwave Asparagus

Despite the fact that there are numerous methods for preparing crisp spring asparagus, microwave steaming may be the best. Why bother cooking it when there is a much easier, faster, and less expensive way to make asparagus that is just as delicious as any other way to cook asparagus?

The Best Asparagus to Steam in the Microwave

Any variety of asparagus, whether green or purple, can be microwave steamed, but keep in mind that larger stalks will take longer to steam than thinner ones. How Long to Microwave Asparagus Microwaving asparagus that is medium to thin works well.

Why Should We Microwave Asparagus?

  • Aside from the fact that cooking asparagus in the microwave saves time and is faster, it also has the following advantages over cooking it on the stove or in the oven:
  • Steaming asparagus in the microwave is a time-saving and convenient method.
  • It takes less time and there is no need to clean additional dishes because it may be steamed in paper towels.
  • Microwaving asparagus requires less attention. Instead of cooking it on a burner where you have to be there virtually all of the time beside the pan to keep an eye on it, you can simply place it in the microwave, set a timer, and let it do its job.
  • One myth is that cooking in a microwave does not produce as tasty food as cooking on a stove. How Long to Microwave Asparagus It yields as soft and tender asparagus as any other approach. It even retains its nutritional value. According to research, microwaving green vegetables increases their antioxidant content.

What to Do Before Microwaving Asparagus

Always rinse your asparagus before cutting the hard end as you would with any other method.

  • The paper towel used to wrap the asparagus while steaming it should be wet rather than soaked. The additional water in the towels will only spoil the asparagus. How Long to Microwave Asparagus Soak 4 paper towels in a quarter cup of water until damp, then compress to remove excess water.
  • Asparagus should be folded into a bundle when cooking to ensure equal cooking. Asparagus cooked flat will not cook as well.
  • To remove asparagus from the microwave, always use tongs since it will be extremely hot.

Microwave Asparagus Cooking Instructions

Prepare to fall in love with asparagus all over again, because it will be even easier to cook quickly while maintaining the same tenderness and crispness.

How Long to Microwave Asparagus

Let’s have a look at the steamed asparagus process now:

Microwave Steamed Asparagus Recipe:

  • Step 1: Trim the Asparagus: Remove at least 1-1.5 inches of woody asparagus from the stem’s base. Rinse it thoroughly with water.
  • Step 2: Dampen the paper towels by soaking them in at least 14 cup of water. Squeeze to remove extra water and prevent leaking. Place them flat on top of each other. Serve with asparagus.
  • Step 3: Season the asparagus with salt to give them a salty flavor.
  • Step 4: Roll the asparagus into a bundle with a damp paper towel wrapped around it.
  • Step 5: Microwave the Asparagus: Place the bundle in the microwave and cook on high for 3 minutes, or until done. It should be delicious and soft. If this is not done. Another minute in the microwave.
  • Step 6: Remove Asparagus: Remove the asparagus from the oven with thongs because it is really hot.
  • Step 7: To serve, drizzle steamed asparagus with butter or sauce.

Nutritional Value of Steamed Asparagus:

Why should you consume this nutritious green vegetable? Here are a few compelling reasons to include steamed asparagus in your weekly diet:

Asparagus has a high fiber content.

Asparagus has high protein levels for a green vegetable, comparable to broccoli and potatoes, and proteins are important for the body’s normal functioning.

It can help with eye and hair health by improving eyesight and hair growth. It also has anti-aging properties.

How to Serve Steamed Asparagus?

Steamed asparagus is delicious with butter or a homemade sauce. Steamed asparagus is also an excellent addition to salads, terrines, and cold noodle bowls.

You can also prepare it in many ways, such as with cheese. Get some cheese, milk, and a stick of butter ready. In a microwave-safe pan, melt butter and add a cup of milk and shredded cheese. Wait until it melts and then thoroughly heat it to make an incredible sauce for dipping asparagus in.

  • Cooking with ham and cheese is another option. Wrap your steaming asparagus in a slice of cheese and ham. Microwave for another minute to allow the cheese to melt. Enjoy your steamed asparagus with ham and cheese. Mayonnaise and honey would provide some savory flavor, making it really delicious for you.
  • To add a tangy flavor to steamed asparagus, use a lemon dressing or simply top it with lemon juice.
  • To make it crispy, add silver roasted almonds.
  • Steamed Asparagus Storage
  • Steamed asparagus can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


Asparagus is a healthy food option that you can always choose. Simply because they are nutritious does not mean they cannot be delicious; they must be made so. Asparagus is quite simple to prepare, and you can even cook it in the microwave using paper towels.

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