How Long to Microwave Corn? Perfect Way to Microwave Corn?

How Long to Microwave Corn? Perfect Way to Microwave Corn?

Did you Know How Long to Microwave Corn?

Did you know how long to microwave corn? Corn is the meal that everyone enjoys since it is nutritious and delicious. Toss some corn in your salad, simmer it in soup, or create wonderful, spicy fritters! However, many of us lack the hummingbird’s patience when it comes to food, so our escape is to look for rapid cooking methods.

What if we told you that using a microwave, you could instantly cook corn? And you did read that correctly!

When should corn be microwaved? It is preferable to microwave on high for at least 3 to 4 minutes when cooking a single ear of corn in the husk. how long to microwave corn However, it is preferable to adjust the duration based on the power of your microwave, and if you intend to cook several ears of corn at once, raise the time to two minutes per ear.

How Long to Microwave Corn? Perfect Way to Microwave Corn?
How Long to Microwave Corn? Perfect Way to Microwave Corn?

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But hold on! You can’t just throw your corn in the microwave and go about your business. You should first arm your thoughts with a few do’s and don’ts as well as some knowledge and skills.

Corn in the Microwave: What You Should Know

People like myself enjoy binge eating after settling down with their favourite television show on and a comfortable blanket. how long to microwave corn However, I would also keep an eye out for any additional calories that might be entering my body; I would prefer to keep my snack healthy. What other snack is more nourishing than an ear of corn?

But who has all the extra time to grill or stovetop cook those lovely kernels? The preferred approach is to microwave the corn.

Discover all the advantages of microwaving your corn by scrolling down!

It is really simple and convenient because no new skills need to be mastered. how long to microwave corn How difficult can it be to simply use a microwave, right? We’ve all probably used it at least once in our lives.

Get to Know how long to microwave corn?

Additionally, it spares from the inconvenience of soiled stovetops, kitchen counters, and dishes.

Even A (Sensible) Kid Can Do It: I’m not suggesting that you allow your six-year-old handle hot objects or use the microwave unattended. However, if properly educated and informed, a reasonable child (over the age of seven) may simply make their corns in the microwave while giving their mothers some “me-time”—making both their mother and stomach happy!

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Less Probability of Cooking Corn Incorrectly: You have better control over the microwave’s power, heat, and timing compared to the stove. As opposed to your stove, the microwave will automatically turn off after the predetermined time is up, allowing you to keep an eye on your corn and avoid over- or undercooking it—after all, we don’t want our kernels to burn!—while you are doing other tasks.

Lacking Time? Corn Saved by the Microwave: how long to microwave corn People with full-time jobs often find it difficult to set aside much time for cooking, therefore the microwave is frequently their preferred option. Hunger pangs cannot wait while work can!

And naturally,


You need to find out how long to microwave corn on the cob for them to be cooked to perfection now that you are absolutely certain you will microwave it!

Corn Should Be Microwaved This Way:

Corn in a can

  • Put the kernels on a plate with a little water and drain the syrup from the can.
  • 1 cup of canned corn should be heated for 1-2 minutes in the microwave.
  • For every additional cup that needs to be cooked, the cooking time should be increased by 1 minute.
  • For instance, if 1 cup was perfectly cooked in 2 minutes, 2 cups would need 3 minutes in the microwave.
  • A word of advice: put on oven mitts because the platter will be hot!

Corn in husks

  • Don’t remove the husk before you microwave one ear of corn!
  • The husk precisely cooks the corn by trapping the steam from the microwave.
  • Decide on 3–4 minutes for one ear of corn.
  • Increase the two minutes for each additional ear of corn if you wish to boil several ears of corn at once.
  • Carefully remove the corn with an oven mitt or wet cloth.
  • After allowing it to cool slightly, carefully separate the corn’s husk from the kernels.
  • And presto! The incredible tasty kernels are on your kitchen counter; you may use them in a cake or soup or just eat them straight up; both options will taste great!

Removable husk and silk from corn

  • Place the corn ear. On a dish, two are often preferred that have had their husk and silk removed.
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons of water should be added to the plate.
  • Put another dish on top of the corns.
  • Given that you have two ears of corn, you should set the microwave for five minutes rather than the single ear’s period of two to three minutes.
  • When they are finished, carefully remove the plate.

Final Reflections

In just five minutes, you can have a great plate of snacks on your plate by heating up some microwaved corn, buttering it, and then salting it.

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