How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes? Full Guide

How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes. Full Guide

How Much Pancake Mix Do I Need For A Large Group? (A Helpful Chart)

Are You Searching for How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes? Pancakes are truly the ideal dish for every occasion. Whether it’s a family reunion, a holiday retreat, a large Thanksgiving party, or just a random day out with friends, a pancake mix is one of the most adaptable meal options. It’s very simple to spice them up by adding some almond milk and a little coconut oil, and you’ll have the ideal pancake.

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We all know how to create a simple pancake recipe, but scaling it up for a large group of people might be difficult at times. It’s a different story when you’re making pancakes for a crowd. You will need to prepare a large amount of dry and wet components on the table. The pancake batter will also be more difficult to mix because it will be larger in amount.

How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes. Full Guide
How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes

As a result, not all recipes scale up.

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Purchasing a dry pancake mix may be the solution – and we will describe just how much you need for 10, 20, 50, or even 100 people below.

How Much Dry Pancake Mix Do You Need For A Crowd?

Pancakes are an essential component of any meal. There is no such thing as a perfect breakfast without pancakes, and this applies to every occasion. So determining the amount of Pancake Premix to purchase is critical to ensure that you do not run out. We’ll go over how many boxes of Hungry Jacks, Bisquick, and Krusteaz you’ll need to feed 1 to 100 people.

What Is the Serving Size of Pancakes?

In general, an average serving of pancakes is four 4-inch pancakes. This is over the course of a normal event of a few hours. However, if it is a breakfast with other options, intake may be slightly lower. However, pancakes are inexpensive, so it doesn’t harm to budget for four per person, and as long as you have the batter ready, it’s simple to make extra. Make a sheet pancake as a backup and keep it warm in the oven.

It is useful to know the actual number of visitors expected to attend the event. You must also remember the pancake batter measurements. This can be a bit challenging, so we’ve created sets of many popular brands of pancake mixes, as well as their own proportions for their pancakes, so you can be in charge from the start.

How Much Pancake Mix For 2 Pancakes

Also, if the measurements or serving sizes do not correspond to your preferences, such as larger pancakes, simply modify it per person.

Before preparing a pancake, make sure you have read the directions and the serving size of the pancake mix you purchased from the shop.

Dry Pancake Mix from Hungry Jack

Hungry Jack’s complete is normally a 32 oz box and is said to be capable of handling a serving quantity of 50 x 4 inch pancakes. As a result, one pack of these may serve at least 10 to 12 people.

Measurements for Krusteaz Pancake Dry Mix

Krusteaz sells their goods in a variety of sizes of boxes and bags. A 32-oz box and a large or big10 pound bag are the two primary sizes.

I haven’t tried them, but based on label reading and web research, below are the actual stated quantity of pancakes you get with Krusteaz sizings.

–> A 32-oz bag yields 32 × 4-inch pancakes.

–> A 10 pound bag yields 152 x 4-inch pancakes.

See the helpful pancake chart below to calculate the amount of ingredients and 32-oz packages of mix needed for the number of people you’re cooking for.

I prepared pancakes for four family members and added blueberries, and I still had more than 1.2 cup of mix left — so I believe their claim is correct.

Let’s have a look at the table below for more information on serving sizes.

How to Make a Lot of Homemade Pancakes

Making pancakes is a simple process. Even children can accomplish it in a matter of minutes. It’s a different situation if you’re going to make a huge amount. More preparation and testing is required, as well as ensuring that you have the proper sized kitchen dishes and tools.

Check out the recipe for fluffy pancakes below. (This may also be used to produce a sheet pan pancake.)

120 pancakes per serving

Preparation time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


  • 4 Krusteaz pancake mix boxes flour
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/8 cup baking powder (dual-action)
  • three tbsp baking soda
  • 4 teaspoons of salt
  • 8 medium eggs
  • 2 tablespoons buttermilk
  • 5 c. whole milk or half-and-half
  • 18 tbsp. softened butter
  • two tbsp vanilla extract
  • Confectioners’ sugar, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup

Recipe for homemade pancake mix

  1. Prepare a big mixing bowl or stockpot large enough to contain a substantial amount of pancake mix or batter. It should be cleaned and dried.
  2. Combine the dry ingredients, including the flour (you may use wheat flour for a richer flavor), baking powder, salt, and baking soda.
  3. In a second large mixing bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients (buttermilk, milk, melted butter, eggs, and vanilla). Mix well until smooth.
  4. Mix the wet and dry ingredients together. Stir to blend and until the mixture is reasonably smooth. Large lumps should be avoided.
  5. Set aside the pancake batter for 15 minutes to rest. Do not conceal.
  6. Heat the big griddle to 325°F-350°F.
  7. Scoop a spoonful of batter onto the pan and cook until bubbles appear on top of the pancake. Cook until golden brown on the other side.
  8. Serve right away. If necessary, reheat in the oven.

Pancakes made with Bisquick

Bisquick sells a wider range of pancake mix sizes. Their buttermilk pancake recipe is delicious. You have a choice of sizes ranging from 20 oz to 96 oz. The table below shows how many pancakes you’ll need using a 40 oz mix that yields 84 pieces of pancakes. Adding blueberries to the ingredients for a blueberry pancake will help it last longer.

The total number of persons is ten.

The amount of pancakes required is 40.

The required number of boxes is one.

The total number of persons is 30.

The amount of pancakes required is 120.

The required number of boxes is two.

The total number of persons is 50.

The amount of pancakes required is 200.

The required number of boxes is two.

The total number of persons is 100.

The amount of pancakes required is 400.

The required number of boxes is five.

What Kinds of Side Dishes Can Be Served With Pancakes?

Serve your pancakes with side dishes and coolers to complete the meal if you want your guests to enjoy the celebration without being hungry. Serve sides, match them with beverages, add toppings, and you may also add components to the pancakes such as chocolate, banana, or oatmeal to do this.

You may offer the following side dishes with your pancakes:

  • juice of lemons
  • chocolate dipped
  • sweetener ( powdered)
  • extract de vanille
  • The maple syrup
  • hot dogs and sausages
  • eggs scrambled
  • berries (banana, blueberries, strawberries)
  • hashbrowns
  • biscuits

You can also use them to create a pancake bar, similar to how we did with our waffle bar.

You may serve the following beverages with your pancakes:

  • milk
  • juice made from apples
  • the juice of oranges
  • juice made from pineapples
  • milk with chocolate
  • a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • fruit smoothies
  • milkshakes

If you don’t believe you’ll have enough handmade pancakes for your guests, serving toppings is a fantastic option. It will also undoubtedly assist them in becoming fuller in any manner. Here are some suggestions for sides:

  • berries (bananas and strawberries)
  • peanubutter
  • Whipping cream
  • Jams and jellies made from fruits
  • Nutella or chocolate syrups
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Sugar and lemon

Some folks may even add protein powder to the pancake batter!

How Far Ahead Can I Make Pancake Batter?

Pancake batter can be made the night before or up to four days ahead of time. Place it in a clean container, refrigerate it, and keep it contained. Before refrigerating, place it in a liquid-safe Ziploc bag or any other airtight container.

How Many Pancakes Can a Box of Pancake Mix Produce?

A box of pancake mix typically yields around 40 4-inch pancakes. The other pancake mix can yield more depending on the amount of oz and other ingredients used, such as milk and eggs.

How many pancakes can a 16-ounce mix make?

A 16-ounce package of pancake mix yields 20 4-inch pieces that are wonderful fried on a griddle.

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