How to Freeze Blackberries?

How to Freeze Blackberries

How to Freeze Blackberries? Every summer, our blackberry plants produce an abundance of fresh blackberries that we are unable to consume. Blackberries can be quickly and easily frozen for later use, whether you produce your own or bought some when they were on sale.

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How to Freeze Blackberries
How to Freeze Blackberries

Make sure all the stems and leaves are removed from your blackberries before freezing them, and then wash them under cool running water (get more tips on washing blackberries here). Start with blackberries that are ripe and fresh if possible. Blackberries that have been overripe or are beginning to spoil will be of inferior quality when you try to use them later.


Blackberries may be frozen most effectively via flash freezing. Instead of freezing the berries in one big clump, flash freezing does it individually.

Using parchment paper, line a sizable baking pan. How to Freeze Blackberries On the paper, arrange the cleaned blackberries in a single layer. Wrap some plastic wrap loosely around the baking pan. The pan should be put in the freezer. Overnight freeze the berries. They should be able to be removed from the parchment paper with ease after frozen. Put the frozen blackberries in freezer-safe Ziploc bags. Put the bags back in the freezer and label them with the date and contents for a rainy day!

You don’t have to flash freeze the blackberries if your freezer doesn’t have room for a baking pan. Clean the blackberries, then spread them out on paper towels to air dry. Fill Ziploc freezer bags with the berries and mark the bags with the date and contents. How to Freeze Blackberries The berries will keep just as well, but instead of lovely, individually-frozen blackberries, they might freeze into a big clump.

Blackberries should store well in the freezer for up to a year if they are properly frozen (keeping as much air and moisture out as possible).

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