How to Freeze Cabbage?

How to Freeze Cabbage

How to Freeze Cabbage? Let’s face it, using a whole head of cabbage is challenging! You might still have half a head of cabbage after using it in a few dishes. Try freezing cabbage for later use rather than allowing it to rot in your refrigerator. Easy to accomplish.

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How to Freeze Cabbage
How to Freeze Cabbage


Remove any exterior leaves that are harmed or wilted. The cabbage should be washed and dried using cold running water.

For freezing, cut the cabbage into the required size and shape. It can be cut into wedges or pieces. How to Freeze Cabbage Since this is the most frequent type of cabbage I cook with, I like to freeze it in shredded form to be added to recipes. See the tutorial on How to Cut Cabbage for advice on how to cut these shapes.


Bring water in a big pot to a boil. Ice water should be ready in a sizable mixing bowl.

In the boiling water, add the cabbage. Cook for 30 to 60 seconds if using shredded cabbage when the water returns to a boil. Cook cabbage wedges for one to two minutes if using.

Use a colander or a slotted spoon to quickly remove the cabbage from the boiling water. How to Freeze Cabbage Reposition in the frozen water.

Allow the cabbage to chill in the ice water. This puts an end to cooking.

After draining, pat the cabbage dry. Place on a sizable parchment-lined baking sheet. It should be spread out in one layer. If there is any moisture left, pat it dry once more (freezer burn is not an option).

Place the baking sheet in a flat, vibration-free area of the freezer. Frozen solid after roughly one hour of freezing.


Remove the cabbage from the freezer once it has frozen solidly on the baking sheet.

Transfer to bags or containers that can be frozen. How to Freeze Cabbage Eliminate as much air as you can by sealing securely. I adore using reusable 1 1/2-gallon Stasher bags for this.

If desired, mark the bags.

Keep frozen for up to six months.


Vegetables should be blanched before freezing. It assists in maintaining quality and taste while extending shelf life. How to Freeze Cabbage Cabbage can be frozen without being blanched, but it won’t keep as long.

To accomplish this, simply prepare and chop the cabbage, omit the blanching step, and place it straight into a freezer bag. Use within a month after being placed in the freezer.


Cooked cabbage dishes benefit most from the usage of frozen cabbage. There is no need to thaw it before using it in casseroles, stir fries, or soups. How to Freeze Cabbage Use frozen shredded cabbage in dishes like my Coconut Cabbage Chicken Soup and Stewed Cabbage, Apples, and White Beans.

The short answer is no if you want to freeze cabbage for cole slaw. You might try letting frozen cabbage defrost in the refrigerator before using it in salads and other raw dishes. However, I’ve discovered that defrosted cabbage loses its crisp quality and becomes overly soggy, which is what you want in a coleslaw.

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