How to Freeze Kale? Ways to Freeze Kale In Proper Manner?

How to Freeze Kale

How to Freeze Kale? In my garden, you can always locate one or two kale plants. They produce cheerfully for months on end and are exceedingly hardy, frequently surviving the entire winter in our region.

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You can generally find one or two bags of frozen kale in my freezer because it is so useful. For a boost of colour, flavour, and nutrition, frozen kale is simple to add to smoothies, sauces, and soups—and it freezes incredibly quickly. How to Freeze Kale When kale is in season and on sale at your neighbourhood farmers market or grocery store, even if you don’t have the space to cultivate your own kale plant, you’ll want to stock up your freezer. I’ll demonstrate how to freeze kale.

Kale Freeze Techniques

One of my absolute favourite food preservation tips is to freeze kale, whether it is planted or purchased. It prevents the greens from spoiling before we can use them and is a great technique to preserve greens so that you may use them in smoothies, muffins, soups, and other dishes.

For smoothies: Veggies

Green smoothies are a tasty and practical solution for family meals for all ages. Kale and spinach are the traditional ingredients for green smoothies, and those are also my go-to choices. How to Freeze Kale They are readily available, loaded with iron, fibre, and vitamin C, which I appreciate.

The negative? Greens can spoil rapidly in the refrigerator and frequently transform smoothies into salad-like concoctions. which nobody desires!

The answer? freezing them in place! How to Freeze Kale By completely eliminating the “green” flavour, this technique makes it almost certain that your kale smoothie won’t actually taste like kale.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

See how kale is frozen in the following video. This keeps the nutrition intact, reduces food waste, and makes it easier for you to keep a supply of greens on hand for whenever the need to make a smoothie comes.

  • Kale leaves should be washed, dried, and separated from the stems. Put them in a freezer bag with a zip top.
  • Remove as much air as you can before you seal the bag. How to Freeze Kale Freeze!
  • Unfreeze the kale that has been frozen.
  • Blow the leaves up.
  • To make your green smoothie, measure out some.

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