How to Freeze Pizza Dough? Step by Step Guide

How to Freeze Pizza Dough

How to Freeze Pizza Dough? Study the freezing of pizza dough. Making a double or triple batch will allow you to freeze half the dough for the next time you crave pizza. Here are two techniques for freezing homemade pizza dough, regardless of whether you want to use Tupperware or freezer-safe zip containers.

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Any amount of pizza dough, whether it be for a large pizza or several smaller single pizzas, can be frozen. The dough can be frozen for three to four months; simply let it thaw overnight before using.

How to Freeze Pizza Dough
How to Freeze Pizza Dough

Important: The dough must have finished rising or fermenting, or be at the point of being ready for use. To allow the yeast to operate in the dough, we first let our pizza dough undergo the cold fermentation process for an entire night. It can be frozen once the cold fermentation process is complete (after bringing it to room temperature for an hour). Below is further information on cold fermentation.

Two Methods for Freezing Pizza Dough

The dough should be arranged in a deep, oiled baking pan with some room for expansion. The pan should be covered with plastic wrap and chilled overnight for cold fermentation before being frozen for 24 hours. Transfer each piece of frozen pizza dough into a separate freezer zip bag or food saver bag.

Your Tupperware containers’ bottom and sides should be lightly oiled. How to Freeze Pizza Dough Pizza dough should be placed in the containers, covered, and chilled overnight to allow for cold fermentation (there is no need to transfer it later), after which the containers should be moved to the freezer.

thawing pizza dough

If you’re using Zip Bags, take the dough balls out of the freezer and place them on a baking sheet that has been dusted with flour or semolina flour. How to Freeze Pizza Dough The tops should be dusted with flour to prevent plastic wrap from sticking to the dough, then covered and chilled overnight (8-12 hours).

If you’re using Tupperware containers, thaw them overnight in the fridge. The BEST method to thaw frozen pizza dough is through cold defrosting.

How to Use the Thawed Dough:

Before baking, let the dough rest and soften for an hour at room temperature. In order to shape the dough, follow the directions in our pizza dough recipe. Don’t miss out on our preferred red and white pizza sauce recipes.

Common Questions

How does cold fermentation work?

Pizza dough must undergo fermentation, which cannot be skipped. Overnight refrigeration gives the yeast time to weaken the proteins that create gluten in the pizza dough. How to Freeze Pizza Dough This results in a fragrant, soft crust with air pockets that bubble in the oven and makes the dough easier to stretch and shape.

How long can pizza dough be frozen?

Pizza dough can be kept in the freezer for up to three months. If vacuum-sealed, it can last for up to four months.

Can pizza dough be frozen again?

Pizza dough should not be frozen once it has been thawed and frozen.

Can pizza sauce be frozen?

Pizza sauce in the red freezes well. Our standard practise is to use half of our pizza sauce and freeze the other.

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