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How to Freeze Sweet Corn

How to Freeze Sweet Corn? Sweet corn Those are the two terms that, in my opinion, best describe summer. Recently harvested, ripe delicious corn. Dad would announce that the sweet corn was ripe when I was a child, on what seemed to be the muggiest day imaginable. We would pack away over 150 pints for everyone to share while grandparents assisted. Yes, that is a lot, but the reasoning was that since the mess had already been produced, why not store a lot?

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Although we obviously don’t have the same needs for preservation as our forefathers did, saving sweet corn for year-round usage is always worthwhile! This is a method rather than a complete recipe. You are free to work as hard or as little as you like.

How to Freeze Sweet Corn
How to Freeze Sweet Corn

We adore the season for sweet corn! John could have four ears of corn in one sitting! Though tasty, the gorgeous, fresh sweet corn is only available for a limited time. Using this technique, you may quickly and simply freeze sweet corn in the summer to enjoy it whenever you want with a fresh taste.

In the past, we’ve experimented with a few different ways to preserve sweet corn. We initially tried removing the corn kernels and canning the corn… That required a lot of labour, and the canned corn’s flavour didn’t exactly win me over. We experimented with freezing raw corn on the cob and freezing corn that had first been blanched. The texture wasn’t quite the same when we defrosted it. The following day, I spent the day at my friend Leah’s farm where we watched her sweet corn in action and discovered how she freezes it. Oh my goodness, that changed the game! We currently store all of our sweet corn in this manner.


You’ll wish you had known about this technique sooner because it’s so simple! Cutting the corn off the cob is the most difficult step, but I know how to do it.

The brine is the secret to this. A brine made of water, salt, and sugar will be prepared (see the printable recipe card below for the amounts). Scoop the corn kernels into a Ziploc freezer bag, add some of the brine, seal the bag, label it, and freeze after briefly heating that so the salt and sugar are dissolved.

It’s just that simple!

I don’t cut corners or use cheap materials here. I always use Ziploc freezer bags in the quart size. I’ve tried using the generic ones in the past, but I usually experience leakage. The only brand that reliably does what it should – retain the frozen items inside the bag and keep additional air and water out of the bag – is Ziploc.

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