How to Freeze Yellow Squash? A Complete Guide to Freeze

How to Freeze Yellow Squash

How to Freeze Yellow Squash? Unfortunately, we chose not to plant a garden this year because our home construction project is taking up so much of our attention. (We’re crossing our fingers for a September completion.) I was disappointed to decide without planting, but I knew it would take a lot of our time to tend to a garden. I would have been even more disappointed if we had planted a lot of squash plants just to see them wither away. I’m not interested in squashing!

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How to Freeze Yellow Squash
How to Freeze Yellow Squash

How to Freeze Yellow Squash In Proper Manner?

So you can imagine my astonishment and happiness when one of our neighbors—an elderly man who plants a sizable garden every year—arrived at our door carrying a supermarket bag FULL of gorgeous yellow summer squash. How to Freeze Yellow Squash Oh, I felt such joy in my heart! I got right to work preserving about half of the crop so I could enjoy the sweet squash flavour throughout the entire year. Just in case you were unsure how to do it yourself, I thought I’d give a little guide on How to Freeze Yellow Squash. Freezing fresh squash is pretty simple to accomplish.

Steps on How to Freeze Yellow Squash.

  • Each squash should first be carefully washed and scrubbed to get rid of any dirt that may still be there. Next, use a knife to cut off the squash’s ends.
  • Slice each squash into quarter-inch-thick slices with care.
  • Large saucepan of water should be heated to a rolling boil. How to Freeze Yellow Squash Next, carefully add the squash to the pot and blanch for no more than two to three minutes.
  • Prepare your freezer bags for the squash to go into to freeze while it is in the boiling water. Remember to mark the date on your baggage!
  • Squash should be taken from the stove and drained right away. Then, to fast stop the cooking process, dump the squash into a bowl of icy water.
  • To assist drain any extra water, place the squash on a dish towel on the counter after that. How to Freeze Yellow Squash When you bag the squash, you don’t want it to be excessively wet and mushy.
  • Put the squash in bags after it has sat on the towel for a time and most of the water has evaporated.

Simple as pie, huh? There is nothing to it at all! Blanching the squash aids in some preservation, allowing you to freeze it and use it all year long. My own experience has shown that this squash is best consumed within a year of storage, but there is no need to discard it if it is a little older.

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