Ina Garten Corn Pudding. How to Make Delicious Corn Pudding?

How to Make Ina Garten Corn Pudding Easily

I’m excited to show you how to make Ina Garten corn pudding in this post. This recipe for corn pudding comes from the barefoot contessa cookbook. Furthermore, I made every effort to present as much information as possible in order to address any queries you may have regarding corn pudding. Please let me know if you have any questions.

How to Make Ina Garten Corn Pudding Easily
Making of Ina Garten Corn Pudding

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What Exactly Is Corn Pudding?

Corn pudding, a popular dish in the Southeastern United States, is made with sweet corn as the main component. It is also available in select restaurants on the East Coast. This savory corn pudding with eggs and milk is satisfyingly creamy, sweet, and salty, and a lovely take on your typical corn meal. Corn pudding can be served as a dessert, but I prefer it for breakfast special Ina Garten corn pudding.

Is Corn Pudding Only Found in the South?

The South may not have originated corn pudding (but that’s a topic for another day), but they are proud to claim ownership of it. My online research on corn pudding led me to the conclusion that it is a southern meal and that all Southerners adore corn pudding. Southerners, in general, enjoy any recipe that includes corn. More information about Why Southerners Love Corn Pudding may be found here.

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Corn Pudding by Ina Garten

Butter, fresh yellow corn, egg, milk, cream, cheese, and onions are used in Ina Garten’s corn pudding recipe, along with seasonings such as salt, sugar, black pepper, and basil. It’s a delectable corn pudding recipe that strikes the ideal balance of sweetness and salty. Ina Garten corn pudding The recipe below is from the barefoot contessa cookbook.

What Is the Distinction Between Cornbread and Corn Pudding?

Corn pudding is a creamier and more moist variant of cornbread. Spoonbread is defined as cornbread that is soft enough to eat with a spoon and is made from cornmeal. Ina Garten corn pudding Corn pudding is essentially an egg-and-dairy pudding studded with corn kernels.

Ingredients for Ina Garten’s Corn Pudding

  • 1 stick (1/4 pound) unsalted butter
  • 5 cups fresh yellow corn kernels, trimmed from the cob (6 to 8 ears)
  • 1 cup yellow onion, chopped (1 onion)
  • 4 eggs (extra-large)
  • 1 quart milk
  • 1 cup of half-and-half
  • a half cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1 pound ricotta cheese
  • 3 tbsp. chopped fresh basil leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • a third of a teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 3/4 cup (6 ounces) shredded extra-sharp cheddar, plus additional for topping

Ina Garten Corn Pudding Recipe

  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Grease the inside of an 8 to 10 cup baking dish.
  3. Melt the butter in a large saute pan over medium-high heat and sauté the corn and onion for about 4 minutes.
  4. Allow to cool.
  5. Combine the eggs, milk, and half-and-half in a large mixing dish.
  6. Gradually add the cornmeal, followed by the ricotta.
  7. Combine the basil, sugar, salt, and pepper in a mixing bowl.
  8. Layer the cooked corn mixture and grated cheddar cheese in the baking dish.
  9. Top with more shredded cheddar cheese.
  10. Place the dish in a bigger pan half-filled with hot water halfway up the sides.
  11. Bake the corn pudding for 40 to 45 minutes, or until the top is brown and a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.
    12 Serve the pudding hot.

What’s the Deal With My Watery Corn Pudding?

The corn pudding becomes very liquid, while the corn kernels have much too much moisture. Ina Garten corn pudding To avoid watery pudding, sauté the corn for a few minutes on the stovetop before adding it to the pudding. You should also properly drain the corn.

How Should Leftover Corn Pudding Be Stored?

Allow corn pudding to cool to room temperature after baking. After it has cooled, cover each corn pudding cap in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator. Ina Garten corn pudding This can keep leftover corn pudding in the fridge for 5 days or more. You can also choose to freeze if you want.

How to Keep Corn Pudding Fresh in the Fridge

Corn pudding can be kept in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days if properly refrigerated. Allow it to cool until it reaches room temperature after baking. Ina Garten corn pudding Then, wrap each cup in plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator.

Is it possible to freeze cooked corn pudding?

There’s no need to be concerned about shelf life; corn pudding can be frozen for up to 3 months. To freeze the pudding, first allow it to cool before pouring it into glass containers. This method makes reheating quick and simple. Make a note of the storage date so you don’t forget it.

Is it possible to reheat corn pudding in the microwave?

Individual servings of corn pudding can be reheated in the microwave, but the entire dish can be reheated by wrapping it in foil and placing it in a 325-degree oven for about 5 minutes.

What Goes With Ina Garten’s Corn Pudding?

Corn pudding goes well with a variety of foods, including roasted vegetables, poultry, beef stew, and even rice and pasta. It can be served as a dessert with any meal. Ina Garten corn pudding You may also serve corn pudding hot or cold with a side dish, whichever you like, though I prefer cold.

Nutritional Information for Ina Garten’s Corn Pudding

  • 1 cup serving size (214g)
  • 170 Calories from Fat
  • 287 calories
  • 19g Total Fat
  • 10g Saturated Fat
  • 0g Trans Fat
  • 169mg cholesterol
  • 477mg sodium
  • 278mg potassium
  • 24g Total Carbohydrates
  • 1.8g dietary fiber
  • 4.1g sugars
  • 8.5g protein
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