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A Thai Cuisine- North Eastern Cuisine

Thai Cuisine is considered to be National Cuisine of Thailand. People usually plan a trip to Thailand to explore the world famous Thai cuisine. Uff the tasty curries, use of fresh herbs, hot fries all these attract the tourist towards it. Thai people loves to eat due to that if someone visit Thailand then he will see restaurant, street food vendors and people eating all around everywhere you go. Thai cuisine is mostly depending on the spiciness.

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An Introduction to Thai Cuisine
A Brief Intro to Thai Cuisine

History – A Thai Cuisine

History – Thai food is considered to be one of the most popular cuisines all over the world. This food was originated centuries ago from southern Chinese provinces. Many other also affected the thai food like Buddhist monk, Portuguese missionaries and Dutch traders. Thai cuisine wad influenced by European Cuisine.

A Thailand History of Thai Cuisine
A Brief History of Thai Cuisine

About Different Thai Cuisines Below:-

Northern Thai Cuisine :-

Northern Thai cuisine is generally less spicy than other parts of Thailand. In this usually sticky rice is preferred and it is kneaded into small balls with fingers. It is influenced by Burmese Cuisine.

There are four different food regions of Thailand.

Some of the famous dishes are-

Khao soi – A creamy noodle soup or curry.

Hang lae – It is a tamarind flavoured chiang mai stew  with pork belly.

Nam Prik ong – This is a dip made from chillies and Tomatoes and served with cabbage leaves.

Thai Dishes Special Northern Thai Cuisines
Speciality of Northern Thai Cuisine

North Eastern Thai Cuisine :-

This is most interesting Thai food influenced by Laos. This food is highly spiced and rice is preferred staple of these dishes. This is a seasoned dish with lots of chilies, garlic, herb, raw veggies. It is a widely popular cuisine one can’t live without it if he gets used to it. These dishes are fermented to increase their shelf life.

Some of famous dishes are-

Som Tum – it is a papaya salad made from unripe papaya, carrots, tomato and lots of chilies.

Laab – It is a meat salad served with chicken.

Sai krok Isaan – These are grilled fermented sausages.

A Thai Cuisine- North Eastern Cuisine
Delicious North Eastern Thai Cuisine

Central Thai Cuisine :-

This cuisine is midway between north and south. This cuisine is most common among all over Thailand. This cuisine is less spicy and is loved by tourist. It uses some complex techniques to elaborate meals. Despite of cooking it is an art form.

Some of famous dishes are-

Tom yum goong – it is a popular sour spicy food.

Tom ka kai – it is coconut milk based chicken soup which is less spicy.

Pad kra pao – It is a crispy fried prok belly, minced meat and seafood.

Delicious Central Thailand Cuisine
Central Thai Cuisine- Delicious Cuisines Ever

Southern Thai Cuisine :-

In this type of cuisine there is a much more use of coconut milk in its dishes. There is also use of heavy seafood in dishes. This cuisine is influenced by Malaysian food.

Some of famous dishes are-

Phanaeng Curry – It is a red, mild, creamy curry topped with lemongrass.

Khao Mok – A Thai biryani usually served with chicken drumstick and spicy dipping sausages.

Moo hong – It is a dish of sweet taste made with pork belly, garlic, peppercorns.

Southern Cuisine Delicious Thai Cuisine

So Thai cuisine is one of the tempting cuisine and one should visit this beautiful country of Thailand and taste all the dishes.

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