Is Starburst Halal? {Complete Guide} In 2022

Is Starburst Halal Complete Guide

is starburst halal? Starburst is a well-known candy that can be bought in nearly every convenience or supermarket shop. It is a little box-shaped fruit-flavored candy made by the Wrigley Company, which is owned by Mars Incorporated (source).

We were informed by Mars Wrigley that Starburst is not Halal certified. While they utilize vegetarian-friendly whey, they are unable to ensure that no alcohol is created during the flavoring’s manufacturing process.

Is Starburst Halal Complete Guide
Is Starburst Halal Complete Guide

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Is Starburst Halal? Interesting Facts

We emailed Mars Wringley to find out if Starburst Candy is halal, and this is what we asked:


I hope you’re having a good day.

I was wondering if Starburst candy is halal. If not, what is the element that prevents it from becoming halal?

Thank you very much, greatly appreciated!!

Team HalalGuidance

They responded to us by writing:


Thank you for contacting Mars Wrigley with your inquiry about Halal or vegetarian-friendly goods.

We would like to reaffirm that our confectionary goods sold in the United States have always contained vegetarian-friendly whey and will continue to do so.

We understand that there are many different methods to adopting vegetarianism, thus we urge that consumers check the labels of our confectionary items because milk and eggs may be included.

In terms of alcohol, while we do not include it as an ingredient to our goods, we cannot ensure that it is not present through flavoring.

You may also look at the Islamic Services of America (ISA) for a list of approved Mars items.

We hope this information is useful.

Representative of Mars Wrigley

We were relieved to see that they use vegetarian-friendly whey, but we wanted to check the ingredients list to see if any alcohol was used and if there was anything to be wary about.

Check out our approved selection of halal gummies if you’re wanting to add additional sweet treats to your grocery list.

Are the ingredients used to make Starburst Halal?

We checked into the Starburst candy ingredient list and discovered the following (source):


While we are not food scientists at HalalGuidance, we were unable to identify any alcohol-containing ingredients. The Gelatin, on the other hand, stood out to us.

What type of gelatin is used in Starburst?

Pork products, as many Muslims are aware, are not acceptable to ingest in Islam and are not halal. As a result, we needed to determine if the Gelatin utilized was produced from pork or not in order to determine whether Starburst is halal or not.

Following considerable investigation, we discovered these two sources verifying that the gelatin used in Starburst is sourced from beef.

1- SpoonUniversity received confirmation from Mars Wrigley on the use of beef gelatin in Starburst.

SpoonUniversity was on a quest similar to ours, but theirs was to determine whether Starburst candy was vegan. Nonetheless, they went ahead and contacted Mars Wrigley to find out. They reacted by reminding SpoonUniversity that the gelatin used in Starburst products is beef-derived (source).

While this prevented it from being vegan, it is a little triumph for the halal community (but not a total victory)!

2- CandyClub confirmed that the gelatin used in Starburst is gelatin-derived.

CandyClub just published a blog aimed at the vegan community, advising them about the sweets that their group should embrace or avoid. They discuss starburst candy in this post, notably stating that the gelatin used in Starburst is sourced from cattle (source).

Thoughts on the Presence of Alcohol in Starburst

The culmination of the alcohol in the flavoring throughout the candy’s production step was the key issue that threw us off when it came to whether Starburst was halal or not. We were unable to obtain confirmation of the amount of alcohol discovered, and the alcohol levels were confusing.

We discussed this when debating whether vanilla extract is halal or not, because some manufacturers contain a small proportion of alcohol in their goods during the manufacturing process.

We did discover, however, that Islamic scholars came to the opinion that the fine line is drunkenness. If a product contains enough alcohol to intoxicate you, it is not acceptable to ingest and hence is not halal.

In this situation, there isn’t enough alcohol in Starburst to intoxicate somebody, thus the existence of alcohol in Starburst isn’t a cause for concern.

Some people refuse to drink any product containing any trace of alcohol, regardless of whether or not it intoxicates them. Others, on the other hand, choose to eat items that contain only trace levels of non-intoxicating alcohol (like vanilla extract).

The final decision is yours to make, and we strongly advise you to conduct more study before reaching your own conclusion.

We recognize that everyone has their own threshold, and this is a contentious subject. We’re only giving the facts we discovered to assist you in making your own conclusion.

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