Is Whataburger Only in Texas and New York? You Must Know

Is Whataburger Only in Texas and New York? Is Whataburger exclusive to Texas and New York? You might be surprised by the answer! Whataburger is a southern American fast-food restaurant founded by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. Currently, the restaurant is only available in a few states. Do you want to know which states they are in and which states might get a Whataburger soon? If that’s the case, stay tuned. We’re going to spill the beans…right now!

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What Exactly Is A Whataburger (And Why Is It So Popular)?

Whataburger is well-known for its delicious burgers and super-sized drinks. This well-known Texan burger place is usually open 24 hours a day, with several locations serving breakfast starting at 11 p.m.

The proprietor wanted to create a burger that was so large and tasty that the only thing people could say after eating one was, “Whataburger!”

Even today, a Whataburger can be ordered in any combination and is served on a 5-inch-high bun.

Anyone up for lunch?

Why is Whataburger only available in the South?

Nobody knows for certain why Whataburger is now only stationed in the south. But, if we had to guess, it’s probably because the family that used to own it was perfectly content to leave Whataburger’s outlets alone.

Whataburger began as a family-owned business in Texas and has now extended throughout the south. Despite numerous requests from people all around the world, Whataburger only has sites in the south, much to the disappointment of its northern supporters.

So, Whataburger is only available in Texas and New York? The answer is unequivocally no.

While there are still several hundred sites in Texas (over 700 to be exact), there are no stores in New York at the present.

Yankees, we’re sorry!

When did Whataburger leave Texas?

The first Whataburger fast food restaurant outside of Texas opened its doors in 1959. Whataburger, a hitherto solely Texas institution, saw fit to extend to Florida, and eventually to other southern states.

Even today, the Whataburger firm is expanding its presence in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, and several other southern states.

What to Expect from New Whataburger Locations

Hearing how much Whataburger has expanded may have you hoping for a Whataburger in your neighbourhood. We’re sorry to break the terrible news, but if you live anyplace north of the United States, don’t hold your breath!

This isn’t to say that Whataburger won’t open additional locations in the north anytime soon, but given their track record, we’d say it’s unlikely.

As of now, the newest Whataburger locations are just in Tennessee. And, as you’re well aware, Tennessee is a southern state. As a result, if you live in New York, Wisconsin, Ohio, or a similar state, know that the prospects of new sites opening near you are limited.

But, well, who doesn’t want to fantasise?

Is Whataburger just available in Texas?

Despite these facts, there is some positive news to report.

Although Whataburger began in Texas, it is no longer entirely located there. In fact, Whataburger has grown to various places around the country, with Texas being just one of several areas where customers can enjoy excellent burgers.

So, which of these countries is currently providing the goods? Continue reading to find out!

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Which states in the United States have Whataburger?

Whataburger has opened restaurants in several states across the US.

Is there a Whataburger in your area? It is feasible! See how many Whataburgers are in your area!

Please keep in mind that the number of locations in each state across the country is an approximation. Numbers are subject to change as Whataburger expands and are only current at the time of writing.

  • Numbers of Whataburger Restaurants by Location
    Texas – 716
    40. Florida
    34. Oklahoma
    34 Arizona
    Alabama (25 points)
    21. Louisiana
    Mississippi has 11 points.
    11 New Mexico
    6 Arkansas
    Tennessee (5)
    1 Georgia

Is a Whataburger available in New York?

Remember that, contrary to popular belief, the Whataburger company has not yet opened its doors in New York to serve hot and delicious burgers. While it is true that Whataburger is expanding, realise that you are unlikely to find a location anyplace in the north.

Is a Whataburger available in Las Vegas?

Whataburger lovers and consumers would probably want to see a restaurant open in Vegas, but the business has not yet extended to Vegas.

Is There a Whataburger in Tennessee?

Do you wish Whataburger franchises would come to your native state of Tennessee? If that’s the case, you’re in luck. They have already done so! Whataburger is available in various Tennessee cities, including Nashville, Hermitage, and Madison.

Is Whataburger available in Mexico?

As far as we know, there are no Whataburger restaurants in Mexico. However, there is a Mexican version of this iconic American eatery. It’s called “Weroburger” and is supposed to be the Mexican equivalent of Whataburger. It should be noted, however, that while the companies are similar, Weroburger is owned independently of Whataburger.

Psst! If you truly want to test out Whataburger within American boundaries, there are over ten restaurants in New Mexico! Yum!

Is a Whataburger available in Michigan?

Unfortunately, there are no Whataburger restaurants in Michigan right now.

Is There a Whataburger in Florida?

Florida is currently second only to Texas in terms of the number of Whataburger restaurants. That could be because Florida was the first state to be chosen for growth when Whataburger originally began expanding across the country. Destin, Pace, and Jacksonville are the current Whataburger city locations in Florida.

Is Whataburger available outside of Texas?

Yes, Whataburger restaurants can be found outside of Texas. Outside of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, Georgia, and New Mexico all have Whataburger locations.

Is there a Whataburger in Georgia?

Actually? Yes! There appears to only one Whataburger in Georgia, and it is located in Thomasville. What’s more, Whataburger just announced that it is expanding in Georgia to cover the Atlanta area.

So, if Georgia is your home state, you have reason to celebrate!

Is Whataburger available in Chicago?

Despite the fact that Whataburger was sold to a Chicago-based corporation in 2019, there is still no talk of building a Whataburger in Chicago. Or, at the very least, not yet.


Is a Whataburger available in New Jersey?

New Jersey presently has no Whataburger restaurants.

Is there a Whataburger in Colorado?

At the moment, Colorado citizens have no options for a delicious Whataburger. Sorry!

Is a Whataburger franchise coming to South Carolina?

So, how about South Carolina? Aren’t they a southern state? They certainly are! Unfortunately, Whataburger has not yet expanded to South Carolina. However, there appear to be reports circulating that this is in the works.

So keep an eye out for further information on that one!

Is Whataburger making its way to Utah?

As of right now, there are no Whataburger restaurants in Utah.

Whataburger is only available in Texas and New York. Eh…

Remember that Whataburger does not currently have any stores in New York, but there are plenty in Texas. In addition, most southern states have seen their fair share of Whataburger expansions, and those that haven’t are likely to in the near future.

Meanwhile, northerners are still holding onto a postponed fantasy of new locations opening in a city near them. There are currently no Whataburger restaurants in any of the northern states.

But who knows, maybe that will change in the future!

Whataburger is only available in Texas and New York – FAQs

Is Whataburger exclusive to Texas?

It used to be that way! However, Whataburger has subsequently grown to service several more southern states.

What company owns Whataburger?

Harmon Dubson was the initial owner of Whataburger. However, he died in an aircraft crash, and as a result, his wife Gracie took over the company. According to recent reports, the company was sold to a Chicago-based firm in 2019. Despite this rumour, there are no Whataburger outlets in Chicago at the time of writing.

What city was Whataburger founded in?

Whataburger was established in Texas.

What makes Whataburger unique to Texas?

Whataburger was founded in Texas, so it’s only natural that it’s renowned as a Texas thing. But don’t be concerned. Whataburger has now extended to other states across the country, so you can still get your fix…if you reside in the south!

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