Kenko Vs Kewpie? Which one do you like the most?

Kenko Vs Kewpie? Which one do you like the most?

Which one is better between Kenko Vs Kewpie? If you like traditional Japanese mayonnaise, you might be asking about the difference between Kenko and Kewpie. And whether these two types of mayonnaise are the same or if there are variances to be mindful of.

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These are often asked questions because these two brands are frequently compared by customers. The bulk of mayonnaise brands are relatively identical, however these two are the best-selling and stand out the most.

Kenko Vs Kewpie? Which one do you like the most?
Kenko Vs Kewpie? Which one do you like the most?

Especially when it comes to the typical flavour and other elements of Japanese mayonnaise. Making it tough for shoppers to decide whether to buy a jar of Kenko or Kewpie mayonnaise.

So, when you head to the grocery shop, you may need to conduct some research to determine which brand to purchase. Continue reading to learn more about Kenko vs Kewpie and what distinguishes these two mayonnaise brands.

Is Kenko the same as Kewpie?

If you want to experience Japanese mayonnaise, you might be wondering if Kenko and Kewpie are the same thing. There are two types of mayonnaise available in Japan, however they are fairly similar and are said to taste comparable.

Because it has the most traditional flavour, Kewpie is the original Japanese mayonnaise brand that many people know and enjoy. Kenko is a more modern mayonnaise brand imported to Japan that tastes extremely close to the original.

So, while these two Japanese mayo brands are considered quite similar, they are not the same. They are two distinct brands that sell themselves differently and appeal to various types of clients.

Kenko is a copycat brand of the original mayo brand kewpie, in our opinion.


Kenko is a counterfeit brand of Kewpie, a typical Japanese mayonnaise. It has been created to be very close in flavour and texture to the more popular mayonnaise brand, making it the ideal substitute.

Both of these mayonnaise products are even packaged similarly, making it difficult to tell them apart. Especially for customers who are unsure whether these two brands are independent or the same.

One of the most notable differences is that Kenko does not contain MSG, but Kewpie does. Making Kenko a healthier option for individuals looking to avoid the negative effects of MSG in their cuisine.

As this has become a component that an increasing number of individuals are intentionally attempting to avoid.


If you want to obtain a Japanese mayonnaise with the typical flavour you seek, you must purchase Kewpie. This is the original brand of Japanese mayonnaise, with all of the classic flavours that people enjoy.

Despite the fact that many brands have attempted to imitate this type of mayonnaise, many fall short of the flavour. Though Kenko is a close second, the flavours of these two types of mayonnaise are nearly indistinguishable.

Though Kewpie has remained the most popular choice among those seeking genuine Japanese mayonnaise. Because this brand is well-known and can be bought at every Japanese grocery store.


Kenko is less expensive.

One distinction between these two varieties of mayonnaise is that Kenko is the less expensive alternative. This makes sense given that Kenko is a Japanese knock-off brand of traditional mayonnaise.

Many folks may be asking if Kewpie is healthier than regular American mayonnaise. This is a frequently requested issue since people adore mayonnaise and are always looking for a healthier alternative that tastes just as fantastic.

Especially among those who love the distinct flavour of Japanese mayonnaise, which sticks out against American mayonnaise. Although the flavours are similar, Japanese mayonnaise has a slightly different flavour that is more fresh and powerful.

Customers should be aware that Kewpie mayonnaise is not regarded healthier than regular American mayonnaise. Because Kewpie contains more egg yolks, this mayo contains much more cholesterol per serving size.

This is a major issue for those attempting to eat healthier, as cholesterol is not thought to be very healthy in significant amounts. Mayonnaise is already a slightly unhealthy condiment option that consumers should restrict their consumption of.

If you buy Kewpie mayonnaise, you should be aware that you should consume less of it than you would American mayo.


If you like mayonnaise as a condiment, you may be wondering if Kenko and Kewpie are the same brand. Customers say these are two separate brands of Japanese mayonnaise that are quite similar and taste the same.

So Kenko is believed to be less expensive and healthier, although Kewpie has a more classic flavour.



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