KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued?

KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued

KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued? If you like KFC Beyond Chicken, you might be wondering if it has been removed from the menu. Customers have noted that this menu item is no longer available, thus this is a fairly frequent question.

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KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued
KFC Beyond Chicken Discontinued

When a fast food restaurant secretly removes a menu item, many consumers find this to be rather disturbing. Despite the fact that it frequently causes a commotion among clients, this is relatively common.

Restaurants have the freedom to withdraw menu items, even though these are typically moves that cause a lot of consumer angst. Even if the menu item is well-liked, the restaurant might no longer serve it for a variety of reasons.

Whether or not KFC’s Beyond Chicken has been withdrawn, and if so, why, can be found in the following paragraphs.

Is KFC Beyond Chicken still available?

You might be wondering if KFC beyond chicken has been discontinued if you’ve noticed that it’s no longer available on the KFC menu. Unfortunately, KFC’s beyond chicken is now no longer available on the menu.

When they saw that the KFC Beyond Chicken was no longer listed on the menu, many consumers were outraged. Aside from that, KFC’s food delivery services are no longer accessible.

Without providing any form of advance notification to any customers, this menu item was simply deleted. Because of this, a lot of people ended up being very angry about the choice that was made without their involvement.

The well-known vegan meat company Beyond Meat created a special product called the Beyond Chicken just for KFC. The fact that this was only a test run was something that many customers were unaware of.

Unlike other new menu options, the Beyond Chicken was never permanently introduced to the KFC menu. This was only intended to be a test run to evaluate how KFC patrons would react if a meat substitute appeared on the menu.

For a brief period of time, several fast food restaurants release a special meal item to accomplish this. This is typically provided up until the point at which the fast food restaurant decides not to refill that particular item.

The Beyond Meat at KFC experienced the same situation; it eventually sold out and was not refilled.

Will KFC Beyond Chicken ever be offered again?

You might be wondering if KFC‘s Beyond Chicken will be returning now that you know it has been cancelled. There is always a potential that my new products will come back, therefore this is a fair question to ask.

It was always going to be dropped from the menu because this was just a test run for this new item. However, it is yet unknown whether it will be returned to KFC.

Regarding the future of Beyond Chicken on the menu, KFC has not yet made any official announcements. Everything relies on whether the recipe needs to be modified and whether it is favourably received by clients.

There were some problems with the KFC Beyond Chicken, and the formula might be altered as a result. If this is the case, it is highly possible that KFC would reintroduce this chicken to test the new recipe once more.

This is due to customer complaints that the texture of the chicken became really nasty as it cooled. KFC might be attempting to remedy this recipe problem as a result of these concerns before re-releasing it.

These kinds of trials are also used to determine whether consumers like the product. They are also utilised to identify any problems that patrons might have with a menu item.

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Was KFC Beyond Chicken suitable for vegans?

Being a meat substitute was one of KFC Beyond Chicken’s main marketing strategies. KFC has been attempting to achieve this since it currently doesn’t provide any meatless options that aren’t sides.

A vegan company called Beyond Meat makes extremely lifelike meat substitutes. To give vegans a menu option at this fast food restaurant, this brand collaborated with KFC to develop this item.

Customers were not entirely responsive to this item, thus it kind of backfired. There were a few criticisms of the Beyond Chicken, including:

  • contaminating one another in the kitchen
  • using the same oil

Since so much of the food at KFC contains meat, many vegans were worried about cross-contamination in the kitchen. However, the fact that the Beyond Chicken was fried in the same oil as the other chicken raised the most red flags.

The fact that this menu item was fried in the same oil as meat meant that it was not vegan-friendly, which caused quite a stir.

Is the KFC Beyond Chicken Still Available?

As far as we know, KFC’s Beyond Chicken has been withdrawn temporarily. The Beyond Chicken was only ever partially introduced to the menu in order to gauge customer reaction.

The chicken substitute had some drawbacks, and there were some complaints. All of these factors could have an impact on whether KFC adds this item back to its menu so that it can have a permanent presence.

There have been rumours that KFC is refining its recipe before conducting another trial run.

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