Masala Dosa Recipe | How to Make Masala Dosa – Veg Recipe

Masala Dosa Recipe in English - South Indian Breakfast

Masala Dosa One of the most famous South Indian Breakfast.
Dosa is a crepe made from the fermented rice and lentil batter. This is usually served with Sambhar and coconut chutney. This crispy crepe is very addictive and delicious.
The recipe to make Masala Dosa batter is different in different states.

Masala Dosa Recipe in English - South Indian Breakfast

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Masala Dosa Recipe in Brief

Step by step recipes

Batter for Crispy Masala Dosa :-

  1. Take a bowl and add half cup of urad daal, 3 tablespoons chana daal and half teaspoon of methi seeds.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of poha, wash it and soak it for 30 minutes and then set aside.
  3. Take a bowl and add 1.5 cups of raw rice and half cup of idli rice.
  4. Wash and soak them separately for 4-5 hours
  5. Drain water from daal and add poha and daal to jar and add 1.25 cup of water and salt as needed.
  6. Blend them to batter and make sure the batter must not be very thick and not be very runny at this stage.
  7. Now blend rice with half cup of water.
  8. Pour this to the bowl with daal batter.
  9. Mix everything well.
  10. Allow it to ferment for around 6-10 hours according to temperature and climate.

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Making Potato Masala for Dosa :-

  1. Boil some potatoes.
  2. Now take a pan and let it become hot. Add 1 tbsp oil and saute half tsp of cumin, mustard seed.
  3. Now add 1 tsp of chana daal and urad daal.
  4. Now add some ginger and saute well.
  5. Add sliced onions, chopped green chillies and curry leaves.
  6. Saute until onions turn golden.
  7. Now take boiled potatoes, crumble them and add them to pan, add turmeric and salt.
  8. Saute them for 2 minutes and add chopped coriander leaves.
Crispy Masala Dosa Recipe A Veg Breakfast Recipe

Making Coconut Chutney :-

  1. Take fresh coconut, chillies, ginger, cumin and salt.
  2. Blend then well.
  3. Now temper it with some oil, mustard seeds, dried red chilli and curry leaves.
  4. Pour 1/4 cup of water and blend well to make a smooth paste.

A Final Preparation of Masala Dosa :-

  1. Heat your pan on a medium flame and apply some oil with the help of brush or a half cut onion to pan all around.
  2. When pan becomes hot pour the batter and ladle the batter. Pour it in center of hot pan.
  3. Now immediately spread the batter starting from center and moving your hand in clockwise direction.
  4. According to yoyr taste and need you can make a thick or thin Dosas.
  5. Now add half tsp of oil or butter around the edges.
  6. As soon as the batter turns slightly brown flip it and cook on the other side, flip it back and cook it until it becomes brown. Now place potato masala on half of Dosa and let it be cooked on low flame.
  7. Serve crispy hot Masala Dosa with coconut chutney.

Enjoy the hot crispy Masala Dosa and please comment your views below.
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