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10 Most Cooked Mexican Cuisine

In today’s world Mexican Cuisine are evolving on a constant basis. The love for food amongst people is rising day by day. New dishes, new cooking styles, new flavors, new ingredients, new techniques they are focusing in every aspect. One of the most popular cuisine types in today’s scenario is Mexican cuisine. It is the national cuisine of Mexico. This is a very complex and ancient cuisine.

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10 Most Cooked Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisines History

History :- Mexican Cuisine came into existence in 1512. All people from different countries were available at that time of the conquest; Spanish people introduced herbs, spices there. So till the time the conquistadors Arrived there was no wheat in the Mexico, so the people available there used corn and French as well as Portugal, South America, West Africa cooking techniques and then by mixing it all they came up with a new type of cuisine that is Mexican cuisine.

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A Brief Intro & History of Mexican cuisine

Mexican Cuisine Ingredients:-

Core Ingredients of Mexican Cuisine are:-

Corn, rice, dried beans, tortillas, Chile peppers, avocado, cotija cheese, tomatoes, cilantro (green leaves of coriander plant), annatto (bright red seeds which come from the bush grown in Mexico), Mexican oregano, jicama, cumin, nopales, pumpkin seeds, garlic, citrus, pork, vanilla and chocolate.

Special Authentic Mexican Cuisine Ingredients

Few Most Cooked Mexican Cuisines

Chilaquiles :- It is a very traditional dish of Mexican cuisine in which tortillas are cut into quarters and toppings are done from fired eggs, cheese, cream, red salsa. This is basically served with fried beans.

Chilaquiles Most Famous Mexican Cuisine

Pozole :- It is a popular dish of Mexican cuisine which is basically a soup which was once used to be a part of ritual sacrifices. It is made from chicken with corns, herbs, spices, dried chilies, lettuce, onions. Toppings are done from radish and lemon juice.

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Mole :- It is a type of sauce which is very common and popular in Mexican cuisine. This sauce includes 20 or more ingredients which is prepared by stirring it over a long time. It includes chili peppers so it’s a chilly sauce which is served or poured over meat.

Mole An Authentic Mexican Dish

Tacos al pastor :- This dish is a historic dish which is amongst popular varieties of tacos. This dish is prepared by making thin strips of pork which are placed on corn tortillas. This is usually served with pineapple, onions, coriander leaves.

Tostadas :- It is a very delicious and simple dish in which corn tortillas are fried till the time they become crunchy and golden. This is served with refried beans, cheese, seafood or meat.

Tostadas A Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Drinks

Tuba :- It is a drink or juice made from coconut tree.

Tepache :- It is a drink made from pineapple.

Tequila :- It is a drink made from margaritas and lime juice.

Mezcal :- It is a drink which is a cooler sibling of tequila.

Paloma :- It is a drink made from grapefruit juice and lime.

Mexican cuisine is famous and is known for its flavors as it includes healthy and fresh ingredients like tomatoes, beans, chilies, avocado. One should explore the Mexican cuisine and should try all the dishes of it.

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