Mustard Brands

Mustard Brands

Mustard Brands? On anything from hamburgers to hot dogs, people put mustard. Even recipes can use it to increase taste. But before you do anything, you should pick from the top mustard manufacturers. In this manner, you may be certain that the product will be high-quality.

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Mustard Brands
Mustard Brands

Which Brands of Mustard Are the Best?

The top mustard brands include French’s, Grey Poupon, and Heinz. 365, Annie’s, and Trader Joe’s are further companies that provide quality mustard. Check out Mr. Spice, Maille, and Emeril’s as well.

Consider the kind of mustard you want before selecting a brand. This will allow you to choose the proper condiment for your upcoming supper.

Best Brands of Mustard

You might notice that there are many different mustard brands available as you go grocery shopping. On the one hand, that implies that you can select the brand and variety that are best for you.

a spoon and a dish of mustard

It can, however, also make it more difficult for you to select the mustard. Thankfully, some brands are superior to others.

Although you might choose a different brand in the end, you should start your search with the following businesses.


Many people are aware that Heinz creates excellent ketchup. However, the company also produces a tasty yellow mustard and a hot brown mustard. On a variety of sandwiches, as well as traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, you can use either mustard.

Since this brand is very well-known, finding it in stores should be simple. You can also get it online if your neighbourhood supermarket ever runs out of it. You can continue to keep your own supply of mustard at home in this way.


At least when it comes to yellow mustard, French’s is likely the most well-known brand. The company produces traditional yellow mustard, a delicious condiment for a variety of dishes, including deli sandwiches and hamburgers.

If you’d like, French’s also sells organic yellow mustard. It costs a little more per ounce than normal mustard. However, in order for the product to be organic, the corporation must adhere to certain procedures that are not necessary for the other variety. That most likely makes the price by volume greater.

Blue Moon

Grey Poupon mostly sells dijon mustard, but they also have a few other varieties. You can purchase dijon mustard, a light and creamy mustard, or a country mustard. It’s excellent to use this brand of mustard on sandwiches.

Additionally, it works well for preparing dressings and sauces like honey mustard. You might not want to use mustard while serving food to children because it contains white wine. However, young children may not enjoy dijon mustard anyway. Despite being a speciality item, this is available in many supermarket stores.


Organic mustard is produced and sold under the Whole Foods house brand 365. They offer the traditional yellow mustard that goes great on hot dogs and other sandwiches, much like many other brands. If you prefer or require dijon mustard, they also sell it.

You may purchase this mustard at the grocery store because it is a product of Whole Foods. However, Amazon also lets you shop online. Any item from Whole Foods, including mustard from 365, is available to Prime customers.

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Many supermarket stores carry the top-notch organic mustard brand Annie’s. So it’s a good alternative if you can’t shop at Whole Foods. Annie’s offers both yellow and dijon mustard, much like 365.

However, this company also sells horseradish mustard and honey mustard. As a result, it ranks among the brands with the most options. You can experiment with each variety to determine which one you prefer, and you can use several mustards depending on the food you’re preparing.

Shopper Joe’s

In its retail locations, Trader Joe’s sells items under its own brand, which includes mustard. A whole grain dijon mustard is one choice that is reasonably priced. It has a lovely texture that may or may not be to your taste thanks to the whole mustard seeds.

Additionally, you can purchase some regular organic yellow mustard at your neighbourhood Trader Joe’s. It has a variety of spices and employs stone-ground mustard seeds. In this manner, you might obtain a tasty flavour to add to your subsequent hamburger, hot dog, or sandwich. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s is the only place where you can purchase it.

John Spice

Organic, salt-free honey mustard is available from Mr. Spice. It is also vegetarian, fat-free, and gluten-free. The sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders and other similar items, as well as an addition to sandwiches.

The honey mustard can also be used to top various poultry and pork recipes. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the company produces additional flavours of mustard, such as yellow or dijon. However, it’s a wonderful brand to try if you’re searching for a sweet sauce.


Consider the variety of mustards produced by Maille, another company to look at. The original dijon, whole grain, rich country, and honey dijon mustards are available in a variety pack. You’ll be able to prepare a variety of sandwiches and other meals that way.

If you want extra texture, they also create coarse dijon mustard. If you are certain of the mustard variety you want, you can get just that. The company provides mustard in jars and some varieties are also available in squeeze bottles.


A great brand to try is Emeril’s, especially if you enjoy other chef-related products. Dijon, honey, and New York Style mustard are all options. Currently, the brand is pricier than some other brands, at least in terms of the quantity of mustard you receive.

However, you can purchase a variety of mustards from them. In light of this, especially if you dislike other brands, you can try the others if you like one. If your neighbourhood grocery store does not sell the mustard you prefer, you can also find it online.

Which Mustard Is the Best to Buy?

One of the top mustard brands may stand out to you as you compare them. You can be overwhelmed by the list and find it difficult to pick one, though.

If that’s the case, when grocery shopping, you should keep the following things in mind.

beginning with the kind

You should first consider the kind of mustard you desire. You could need some traditional yellow mustard if you’re preparing a hot dog. But if you’re making chicken or a salad, honey mustard might be your preferred choice.

Obviously, not matter what they eat the mustard with, some people also have a preference. If that’s the case, you can narrow down your brand options based on which businesses sell the mustard variety you prefer. Knowing what kind of mustard you want might help you cut out a lot of brands.

Choose the dish

If you’re having problems deciding which type of mustard to use, think about the dish you’re going to prepare. Some mustards pair better than others with particular dishes. Naturally, you should follow a recipe and purchase the mustard specified therein if you have one.

However, you might wish to add some dijon mustard to a dish with meat or poultry. For a deli sandwich, you might favour yellow mustard in the interim. If you’re giving sandwiches to a large group of people, you might provide a variety of mustards so that everyone can pick the one they want. This is especially useful if you’re serving young children or those with fussy eating habits.

Think about your store

Depending on the brands that your neighbourhood grocery shop sells, you might just have a few options. The sole brand offered is Trader Joe’s, if that is where you choose to shop. You’ll need to shop elsewhere to find a different brand, at least for that particular item.

You no longer need to purchase mustard from a store. If the brand you’re looking for isn’t available locally, you can search online at sites like Amazon. When more options are available, you may be able to select the brand and variety you prefer.

Take a look at the Expiration Date.

Examine the expiration dates as you contrast your options at the grocery store. When feasible, pick mustards with an expiration date that is at least six months away. You can then prepare your next meal with the freshest possible mustard.

If you don’t use mustard much, buying it when it won’t go bad is also a good idea. If you don’t use it up by the deadline, you won’t have to toss it out in a few weeks. Of course, if you don’t use a lot of mustard, you can purchase a smaller jar to further cut down on waste and lower your grocery bill.

Final Conclusion

There are many different mustard brands available, but some shops carry more varieties than others. Think carefully about the mustard you want and how you plan to use it. After that, you can focus your search on companies that can fulfil those requirements. You will soon be able to bring home the ideal mustard for your upcoming meal.

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