What Is The P Setting On Pit Boss? Full Guide

What Is The P Setting On Pit Boss. Complete Guide

Are You Searching for P Setting On Pit Boss? You’ve just received your new Pit Boss barbecue and are eager to start grilling some hamburgers. But, when you look at the temperature control, your first thinking is probably, “What is the Pit Boss P Setting, and how do I use it?”

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What Is The P Setting On Pit Boss. Complete Guide
What Is The P Setting On Pit Boss. Complete Guide

What Is The Pit Boss P Preference?

The ‘P’ setting is a PAUSE function. This feature stops the time of the pellet cycling. The longer the delay, the greater the P number. This option allows you more control over the temperature and smoke produced by the grill.

This may sound perplexing, especially if you’ve never used a pellet grill. Don’t worry, we’ll go through the Pit Boss ‘P’ option in more depth below.

You’ll know precisely when and how to use it the next time you cook. See how a Pit Boss pellet grill works in this video.

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Is there a P setting on all Pit Boss grills?

No, Pit Boss has gradually phased off this setting on later models. According to the Pit Boss forum, the P setting on the newest pellet grills was removed roughly two years ago.

What Is the P Setting and How Does It Work?

The ‘P’ option is only available when using the Pit Boss on the smoke setting when the grill is set to a low temperature of around 180°F.

When you set the temperature control to’smoke,’ the default factory P setting is P4.

If you like, you may keep it at the factory settings for all of your cookers. You may start changing it if you want more or less smoke.

While I’ve never utilized this setting because I was perplexed by it. I performed a lot of research to see what other Pit Boss owners have discovered by playing with the P setting.

Here’s all I’ve learned from having a Pit Boss and reading everything I could about it.

Temperature Chart for Pit Boss P

Here’s a P setting chart to assist you understand how long the auger is on/off at various settings.

What Is the Effect of a Lower P Setting?

A P1 or P2 setting causes the auger to halt less frequently, resulting in more pellets being fed through it. As a result, the temperature rises and there is less smoke.

The temperature of your grill, the type of wood pellets you use, and the P-setting you choose will all influence how hot it runs.

Make sure your grill doesn’t become too hot while using it on a lower P setting.

What P setting produces the most smoke?

Setting your grill to a P5 or P6 stops the auger for a longer period of time, enabling the pellets to burn more thoroughly, resulting in more smoke entering the pit.

Risks of Using a High P-Selection

A greater P causes the pellets to remain paused in the auger for longer periods of time, resulting in reduced heat generation.

Just keep in mind that the longer the auger is halted, the more likely it is that your flame may go out or your grill will endure extreme temperature changes.

Some users have even reported that using a higher P setting caused the pellet grill to shut off abruptly. You may believe that all you need to do is relight your grill.

However, when your pellet grill shuts down during a cook, it leaves a large number of wood pellets in the firepot. Incorrectly turning on the grill might result in an explosion.

If the grill goes out during a cook due to a higher P setting or for any other reason, you should wipe out the burn pot before restarting the grill.

When cooking outside in the cold or seeing temperature oscillations in your barbecue, reduce the P setting. I’ve created a lesson to assist you in determining which P setting is appropriate for chilly weather.

How Do You Adjust The P Setting On A Pit Boss Grill?

The P setting is only applicable to the smoke setting. When you want additional control over the temperature and smoke production, you may utilize it.

Turn on the grill as usual, and set the temperature to smoke. The P option will be shown as the normal P4 option.

You may keep it on that setting or adjust the temperature and smoke of your pellet grill by pressing the ‘P’ setting button.

If you’ve never used this setting before, it’s best to increase it one number at a time. It will take some trial and error to figure out how the P-Setting affects the performance of your grill.

To adjust the P setting, use your finger to push the P-Setting button. The LCD panel will display the current setting as well as other information like as your planned cook temperature, actual cook temperature, and meat probe temps if you’re using them.

When Should You Use The P Mode?

If you’re cooking outside in extreme heat or cold, you’ll want to alter the grill’s P-setting. Finding the proper P setting will aid in the stabilization of your grill’s temperature and smoke production, resulting in a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Lower the P setting for cooler temperatures. This makes the grill pellets burn hotter, which is useful for cooking in cooler temperatures.

You may not want your grill to become too hot when cooking in hot or humid regions. Consider adjusting the P setting to a higher amount to avoid overheating the grill.

Examples of Pit Boss P-Setting

On an 80-degree day, I tested the P settings on my grill and ran the P4 settings for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the grill had reached a temperature of roughly 195°F.

The temperature decreased to around 175°F after 10 minutes on a P7.

When I ran it for about 10 minutes at P1, the temperature rose to 215°F. I’ll have to produce a movie the next time I use the grill so you can see how the P-setting works for yourself.

My outcomes and temps will differ from yours. As previously stated, the P-Setting is impacted by a variety of circumstances.


In brief, the P setting is a Pause option that allows you to adjust the temperature of your Pit Boss pellet grill more precisely.

When using it, keep an eye on the temperature, since lowering the P setting to the lowest level will cause your grill to shut down, resulting in a flame out.

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